Monday, November 12, 2007

Just cause

check out the Scottish accent

and then there is this on
I'm in love with the way he pronounces squirrel

and we have plans

'til later


katiebabs said...

Hello my name is Richard!
squirell is a new dirty word when it comes from Richard's mouth :)

Giselle said...

Ohhhh Kristie. You're just fanning the flames of my obsession.I'll never think of the word squirrell as ordinary ever again.

Kristie (J) said...

Katiebabs: No, no, no - remember - it's "Hello my name is RICHard. And he could whisper squirrel or squwirwell in my ear anytime.

Giselle: ROTFL - it's a far cry from John Thornton isn't it. And it is our duty to fan those flames!

Rosie said...

How cute is he?!! But I long for something with his smoldering looks with those eyes. I caught a bit of the ROBIN HOOD series on American BBC over the weekend. He wasn't in it much.

Tumperkin said...

Woah Kristie! This Richard Armitage obsession is getting serious!

Kristie (J) said...

Tumperkin: *laughing* Yes, yes it is. I have a slightly (although my sisters would raise their eyebrows at the word slightly) obsessive personality about some things - like my book collection. But.... if you were to watch North and South, you too would understand why *g*. (she said suggestingly)

Rosie: isn't it just??? Scolding a dinasoar for wanting his ice cream - adorable. And alas!! I have searched high and low for Robin Hood - the telly, the library, the video stores - only to be met with crushing disappointment. I can't find it ANYWHERE.(why does this stupid spell checker keep telling me I'm spelling words wrong! Doesn't it know it's only 6:30 am and the brain isn't really awake yet? Now I have to use it for correcting those errors - and it hurts! I try not to get in full gear 'til I get to work)

sula said...

"Hello my name is RICHard."


The man is dangerous...just DANGEROUS, I'm telling you!

rosie, I saw two epis of RH on BBCA this Sunday and enjoyed the little glimpses of him in his black leather. *ahem*

Kristie, I think we need to start a chapter of RAAA (Richard Armitage Addicts Anonymous). lol

katiebabs said...

Well Kristie, Lisa Kleypas and Christina Dodd are joining the Richard Bandwagon.
Awww love me some Dick!

Anonymous said...

WOW Kristie'
He could read me a bedtime story anytime. What a hottie. He made bedtimes stories fun to listen and of course watch. I wonder if my husband would mind if I invited him over for a bedtime snack. Me being the snack of course.

Your sister

Kristie (J) said...

Uh - Nance - this is the same guy who was in the clip of the train station scene of North and South that I made you watch. You know - the one where he is KISSING and CARESSING the heroine's face. And *ahem* did you not say it wasn't the most romanctic scene you've ever seen? And now when he's talking about squirrels and talking to dinosours about stealing his ice cream(see I can spell it right now that the brain is wide awake) you see his hotness???????? *laughing and laughing and laughing* (and going see??) And in a case of classic spiteful sibling rivalry - YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM - HE'S MINE!!! *g* Just 'cause you give great socks, doesn't mean I'll give up my Richard.

Katiebabs: Well Lisa *g* It's good to know that the author who wrote the wonderful character that is Derek Craven approves *g*

Sula: Yep - Thud! And don't torment me with the vision of a leather clad Richard when I can't see it! That is cruel, oh so very cruel. *sobbing with disappointment* cruel, cruel, cruel.

Kristie (J) said...

I wonder what a jumper is in England because here a jumper is kind of a dress thing that you wear over top of a sweater or blouse. Every time I watch this I tend to giggle when he says he's lost his jumper.

Ana T. said...

>Thud! And don't torment me with >the vision of a leather clad >Richard when I can't see it!

Just thought I should help out and share this


The Bonz said...

I borrowed North & South from my local library AGAIN, watched it all last weekend, and have got more viewing time slated this weekend ... I know, I should just buy my own copy. But then I'd have it on the dvd constantly ... like that's a bad thing ... ;p

RICHard can read me bedtime stories ANYtime! Sigh. In my happy place right now ...

— Bonz