Thursday, November 15, 2007

T'was a very good mail day

Guess what was waiting for me? Yippee, Yippee!

And I had no problem opening it :)

Now - which one to read first is the question. I wasn't expecting The Down Home Zombie Blues to get here so fast.

'til later


nath said...

I say the Linnea Sinclair! If it's good, let me know and I'll go buy it LOL!

Anonymous said...

I second Nath! Be sure and let us know what you think. But I know I'm going to buy it no matter what anyone sez. :)
Jane A.

katiebabs said...

You must tell me about Linnea's books is! I love her books!
Sci fi rocks :)
And I have the newest JD Robb. Just need the time to read it. Love me some Roarke

Kristie (J) said...

OK then - Zombies it is!!! And then some Eve & Raorke! I like that.

katiebabs said...

I started reading Robb book. Rubbing it and thinking MINE MINE.