Sunday, November 11, 2007

Used Book Sales Are Like Crack!

So it seems Kristie and I have the same problem. We can't stop our book buying addiction! I was doing some major drooling this weekend, and no it wasn't because of my new obsession with Richard Armitage from North and South. It was because I went to a Used Book Sale.
Used Books Sales are my weakness, my nirvana and my heaven all rolled into one! So you can understand why, just take a look at some of my finds:

Now this is not counting the 15 other books I found. All for under $20. No joke! And as a loyal book buying and library patron my TBR is so huge that don't be surprised if you find a an article in the next coming months about young woman dead from her pile of books falling on top of her. She suffocated from not being able to come up for air!
But I am truly evil because you are all about to become jealous because I have another set of books I found for only $2 each that I grabbed as quickly as my hands could get to them. (I kept saying over in my head- MINE MINE)
Bask in my glory!

What can I say? Life is pretty good!


Don't I look evil? *wink wink*


Kristie (J) said...

Hmmm - it's been a while since I read The Scoundrel, although not so long since I read The Warlord. I think I need to do a reread.
Wait! Didn't I just buy a bunch of books? I need to be cloned or something!

Anonymous said...

You scored with the Elizabeth Elliot!
Jane A.

sula said...

yum! I went to the library yesterday and brought home a stack of books most of them by author's I've not yet read (taking a chance is easier when it doesn't cost me money).

The Outlander series are my all-time favorite books. That's awesome that you were able to get a set for such a good price. :)