Thursday, November 01, 2007

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties

I seem to have lost my internet connection at home somehow. Hopefully I can get it fixed REAL soon as I am going through serious withdrawl at the moment.
I'm posting this from work, but I dont' think they would appreciate me spending the day surfing the net *sigh*
Hopefull this technically Very challenged person will be able to figure out what's wrong shortly.

'til later


Well - it seems to be back. The cable elves must have been having one over on me 'cause I didn't even have to do anything! But I swear it wasn't working last night or this morning, yet the cable seemed just fine.
Thank goodness I managed to avoid another conversation with Cable Guy!


Jace said...

That sucks! I hate it when the computer or internet connection goes kaput on me. Hope it's a minor thing and easily fixed, and you'll be back online in no time.

sula said...

I too am going to be offline a lot more now because I'm housesitting this month for friends and they don't have internet. *cries*

Hope yours gets fixed soon!

katiebabs said...

Must have internet! Slowly dying without it.
So sad that I rather have internet hook up than tv and a bed! *G*

Anonymous said...

Them darn elves, they're sneaky little buggers. Hope they've wrought their havoc and won't be back!
Jane A.