Monday, November 19, 2007

A sad day - with a happy ending

Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi - one of my all time favourite songs
Yes, today is rather a sad day for me. You see Bon Jovi is playing in town tonight. Since I LOVE Bon Jovi, I fully planned on getting tickets and going to see them. But then the cheap part of me figured they were just too pricey and I decided not to go for it. But then I changed my mind! How often does one get a chance to see their favourite band in person - not often.
But alas - by that time the tickets were all gone. Seems I'm not the only one who loves Bon Jovi. I heard they sold out faster than any act that has come here so far.
So I lost my chance. And what's worse, one of my close coworkers is going so tomorrow I'm going to have to listen to her rapture on about them *heavy sigh*
In order to soothe myself, I've decided I need to do something extra special. Buying a couple of books - while good, very good - just won't quite cut it.
So - I've decided to purchase something else once I get home tonight - something that would cost half of what a Bon Jovi ticket would have cost, but something that will also give me hours of entertainment, something that will make up for going the cheap route.
I give you........this

Katiebabs named this particular clip the apt title - Chest. Now I know this is from season 2 and won't be in the set I get but still, can one say yum?
You see, I've tried finding the first season of the latest version of Robin Hood all over but I can't find it - not at Blockbuster or any other video store, not at the library - nowhere. And apparently it's playing on BBC America - but I don't get that channel. So I am forced to get a copy of my very own. I think that will take the sting out of missing Bon Jovi quite well - don't you?

'til later


Marianne McA said...

Marian has no sense at all - she should use her powers for good, and seduce Guy to the light side.

Latest news from series 2 - Robin kills people! Hooray!

katiebabs said...

Aw chest... so chesty... wonderful smooth chest. If I were Marian I would have got the baby oil all ready....
BTW, my mother is now on the N&S bandwagon and Robin Hood. Saturday night I was at my parents' house wathing their digital cable and found one of the BBC channels! I was jumping for joy thinking I would see Robin Hood. But alas, it was BBC News. :(
I have seen Bon Jovi 4 times. Well he is from New Jersey and gives one hell of a show.

Kristie(J) said...

Marianne: The only glimpses I've seen so far are on YouTube - but soon - ohh yes soon - I shall see season 1. I've gathered that he kills people - hopefully only bad people - but just think of all the healing the poor soul will need. And it's obvious that Marian is so wrong for him. What an absolutely delishious aniti-hero he makes doen'st he?
And every clip I've watched, Robin is sneaking around peering through windows and doors etc like some little weasel - spying on them. What does that woman see in him????

Katiebabs: LOL - yes, Chest. And way to go getting your mother on board!! And I shall say to you what I said to Rachel when she came in and said she was so excited......Shut Up! Now I said it while I was laughing and Rachel did too so I'm also laughing while I say it to you! But - I think RA should be a good compensation for my momentary stinginess. While Jon BonJovi would only be a one night thing and long after the final refrain of Blaze of Glory has faded, I will still have Guy AND John to look forward to.

Dev said...

I'm not much of a concert goer, but I can understand how it could be disappointing not to get the tickets once you made up your mind to go. And, well, Jon just keeps getting hotter the older he gets.

Marg said...

I won't tell you that I have seen BJ in concert and they were great, but I will say that Bed of Roses is one of my favourites. It has my favourite song line ever in it:

With an iron clad fist, I wake up and French kiss the morning.

What a line!

Kristie (J) said...

Marg: Oh my I love that line too! They gave a place list in the paper of their last concert and Bed of Roses wasn't a song they sang. I don't know if that's any consolation or not.

Dev: yes he does doesn't he? I must confess to preferring their older music to their newer stuff. Hopefully their newer stuff is mostly what they play. But to add salt to my already cheapskate wounds, as I was driving home tonight, just as I was arriving, they played It's My Life - another fave - which was on the playlist. Sigh.