Sunday, November 04, 2007

As You Can See

I seem to have taken a bit of a mini break from blogging.
I haven't been doing that much - well in a way I have. I've been contemplating redesigning my living room a bit. I went to IKEA with a friend yesterday and spent (for me) mega bucks on book cases and a new entertainment shelf unit. It was so much I'm having it delivered - see we don't have an IKEA here in the city. It will be a couple of weeks for them to deliver it due to working. And then I plan to bribe the boys to help put it together with a case of beer :)
On the reading front, I've been reading some of my top 100 books that I haven't read for a number of years - and realizing quite delightedly that they did deserve to go on the list! Hopefully I'll have reviews soon!
On the television front, I've become quite obsessed with North and South and rewatched and rerewatched it.
I shall leave you with this wonderful video. A regular poster at AAR who did this sent me the link a while ago because she saw where I loved the music. I hadn't seen North and South at the time - in fact not until recently, but this is a beautiful blend of a favourite piece of music and a favourite television experience *g*

Since I'm currently obsessed with this movie - I'm going to try and do something different - a movie review. My co-blogger Katiebabs just finished watching it so maybe we can do something like a review duet or something. Then everyone who hasn't seen it yet will simply HAVE to buy/rent it :)

'til later


I checked with the person who did this video and she said it's OK to 'out' her. It's non other than Estelle - a regular poster at AAR whose name many of you might recognize. And guess what - she did another one too!

And be sure to visit Giselle. She also just recently watched this BBC production and loves it!


Dev said...

Looking forward to the reviews! I finally finished After the Night and really liked it.

We don't have an IKEA here ~ I don't think we have one anywhere close to here.

I still need to watch North and South.

Kristie (J) said...

Dev: I'm glad you enjoyed the book!! Are you planning on doing a review? And did you or did you not enjoy 'the washroom scene - heh heh!
And *g* yes - you need to watch North and South. That seems to be my new quest - to get everyone to watch it so I can talk about the movie to everyone :)

Dev said...

Kristie ~ I posted a review on it yesterday. And yes, I loved the washroom scene. And the boathouse (summerhouse) scene.

I'm going to check to see if I can find North and South ~ I'd like to watch it this weekend.

nath said...

Yep, I'm definitively looking forward to the reviews :D and prepared to hit the UBS in search of them :D

Everytime I see North and south, I think the wrong movie/series :P but at least, i know what you mean by obsession :D

and I can't wait to see your new bookcase!!!

sula said...

kristie, I know how you feel. I too am on a quest to get everyone to watch N& is THAT good. lol. My study partner has my copy right now and she's quite taken with Mr. Thornton. I just wish she'd hurry up and give me my DVDs back so I can watch them again. *g*

Did you find the clips on youtube where Richard Armitage reads children's bedtime stories? The show is called Cbeebies (I think) *sigh*

Mollie said...

That song is more deeply stirring to my blood than you can ever imagine...hehe. N&S came in for me at the library...I'm picking it up tomorrow after work! :)

Kristie (J) said...

Mollie: LOL - you know the music I see *g*. I recognized that somewhat altered quote right away! And SQQQUEEE for you on getting North and South. I hope you love it as much as I seem to :)

Sula: Noooo - I didn't see that. Well, I know what I'll be doing soon. YouTube - here I come! And I hope you get your copy back soon too!

Nath - well, I have a new mission now. To get everyone to watch the BRITISH *g* series. You too can become a participator
And I will take before and after pics - since I got myself a new digital camera when I went to visit Nance.

katiebabs said...

THE TRAIN SCENE- **SWOON DROOL DROP** The kiss they share!
I need a fan after watching it ten times on You Tube and this weekend.
I have become a North and South groupie and all blogger should unite to start the N&S craze!

Kaitlin said... what is this? First off, he's hot. Looks like Gerard Butler, but I don't think it is. Secondly, I just love that music. Please enlighten me. If it's a romance I MUST SEE IT! :) Please tell me it has a happy ending. :)

Kristie (J) said...

Katiebabs: Aaaaahhhh - the Train station kiss, *moment of rememberance* it does tend to turn one into a mushy puddle doesn't it?

Kaitlin: It's a British mini-series called North and South and has absolutely nothing to do with the US Civil War version. I ordered my copy from Chapters but I know it also available on Amazon. You can also get it through Net-flix and many libraries also have copies. The hero in question is a British actor named Richard Armitage, who IMHO is Ever So Much better than Gerard Butler - hot as he is. It's without question a romance although there are many other issues involved. The heroine Margaret Hale is the daughter of a vicar who lived in the south of England. Her family moves North to the industrial town of Milton. Richard Armitage plays the hero John Thornton, a mill owner. At first she despises him for his rough ways, but she gradually comes to see he is not what she first thought, rather instead a deeply caring man who cares very much for his workers and is honest above reproach.


Not only does it have a happy ending, it is without question one of the most moving endings I've ever seen. It builds throughout the whole movie. Although very subtle, it is also an INCREDIBLY sexy, sensual ending and when it's over and the credits run, I guarantee a loopy grin for everyone who watches - along with a huge sigh and a deep, abiding desire to be Margaret Hale ;)
The music in the first one is from the movie Last of the Mohicans, another passion of mine :), the second song - I'm not sure, but it is pretty isn't it?
They have A LOT of clips on YouTube.
He's currently starring in a British series of Robin Hood which is now in it's second season where he plays the menacing, yet Very Sexy Guy of Gisbourne. The first season has already aired and is also available here - for a rather large sum. So if your checking out YouTube - also look him up there. Hawt, hawt, hawt, hawt!!
Can you tell I've done my homework ;-)

Kaitlin said...

Cool! Have to look it up now. :)

Mollie said...

Muhahahaha! Just checked our library catalog....they have the first season of Robin Hood.It won't cost me a penny!

Jealous much? :P

Sotheara said...

I've fallen madly and obsessively in love with Mr. Richard Armitage. I watched him in North & South and thought him to be very sigh-worthy. Then I watched him play Harry in The Vicar of Dibley: A Holy Wholly Happy Ending and now I want to be the mother of his children (LOL). The whole season finale is on YouTube, and I've watched it three times already. Thanks so much for introducing him to me.

Lizp said...

Hi everyone, I'm a lurker, but I recently became obsessed with N&S as well and just want to let you know this website

This is a message board dedicated to N&S. But there are discussions about other classic BBC adaptations as well - Dickens, Austen, Elliot, etc.
One poster posts the whole movie using pictures from the DVD. There are 200 pages in that thread. There's fanfics after the trainstation scene and stuff like that.

Another really well done Gaskell adaptation by the BBC is Wives and Daughters. Personally, it's not as good as N&S but it's still pretty good. It's longer which I wished N&S had been.

lizp said...

Btw, there are clips of Wives and Daughters on youtube if anyone is interested.

katiebabs said...

Kristie, you need to remain this blog in honor of Richard :)

Kristie (J) said...

Kaitlin: ;-) Yes! You will! And trust me (us), you wont' be sorry!

Mollie: Um - I don't think that's quite fair...... You haven't even seen North & South yet! And you better post when you do 'cause I'm awaiting!

Sotheara: I've watched that on YouTube too. Wasn't that just the cutest proposal scene!!!! I loved how she thought he wanted him to someone else and then how she went around screaming and screaming and kissed his sister and then rang the church bells!! And the fact that this gorgeous, yummy, oh so hot guy went for the Plain Jane kind of girl *siiiiiggggghhhhh* And if I were still of child bearing years - I would too. But as it is - I just want to release my inner cougar.

lizp: First off - Welcome!!!! I'm oh so happy you delurked to share in the awesomeness that is North and South (and of course John Thornton aka Richard Armitage). And thanks for the link. I haven't seen that one in my exploring.
There are a few other BBC series that look very interesting too that I'm thinking of ordering - although I can't imagine any of them grabbing me quite as much as N&S. And fan fic eh? I've kind of gotten a continuation after the train scene running around in my head too! It will be interesting to see what others think. Mine includes him unleashing some of that barely held together passion after the wedding ;-0
I don't know exactly what it is about this that has me so discombobulated - but it's really got a hold on me (isn't that a song?)

Katiebabs: Wink, Wink - that's a-comin' you little imp you.

Mollie said...

Life is so not fair....:) I'll be sure to post on N&S, but I'm sure I'll love it. Even though I'm not a big Historical romance fan...I love Historical movies.....I don't wanna read it but I'll watch it..??! Go figure.

AAR Rachel said...

I saw North and South a couple of years ago and LOVED it. I got it through my library, but then bought my own copy and have watched it several times since then.

Richard Armitage is sooooo fine. Really, really fine. And the whole this is tres romantique. I blogged about it right after I watched it:

and funnily enough, this has been one of my most read bloggings ever. A couple of months ago, they must have been reshowing it in Europe because I got tons of hits then from people looking for more Richard Armitage.

Kristie (J) said...

Rachel: *laughing* did you have him? And if you did, could you send him to me? Thanks in advance. I'm late to the N&S band wagon but man am I ever firmly settled in now! I know there are other actors - such as Gerrard Butler or Hugh Jackman that seem to be adored, but oh - that brooding intensity of Richard Armitage, or that charming grin we so seldom see. *aaaaaaahhhhhh* I'll take him any day.
It's my hope and dream that he will somehow notice my little blog from Budapest where they are filming Season II and probably not hampered by the writers strike, and post on it.

Mollie: well - there is a library just a couple of blocks from where I live (and yet....I never use it - funny that) so I think I'll stop on the way home tomorrow and see if they have movies to lend. 'Cause I hear it's not that great - except for Guy of course. And there is also the fact that I ordered the older Robin Hood series from the 70's with a David Cassidyish like looking Michael Praed that I've *cough* yet to watch. Well - that's not quite right. I did watch the first episode with my sisters and they laughed at it the whole way through - damn them anyway - they spoiled it.

katiebabs said...

Richard... I keep dreaming of him....
Off to You Tube to watch the train scene for the 50th time this week!

CindyS said...

Wonderful music!! And you're back!!

Now that I know there is a HEA and that's the only part I read because I really want to see it for real I may just have to ask for this for Christmas.

Off to see how much it costs!


Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: YOU'RE back *g*. Getting less bogged down in ballots? And I do so urge you to get North & South!! It blew me away when I watched it and as you can see, I haven't landed yet *chuckle*

Katiebabs: *g*. I can't tell you how many times I've watched it - over and over and over. And I see you posted it on your MySpace page. That makes it ever so easy to find :) Of course, it's even better on the telly with his deep gravelly voice coming at me in surroundsound "Look back. Look back at me" *shiver*