Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Exclusive Review Coming Soon

This time woodstock has joined in on the snoopy dance because coming this weekend I have a special exclusive review about an anticapted read for 2008 that seems to be on the majority of people's TBR lists.

Now if I don't drink too much wine tomorrow on Thanksgiving and can survive my midnight trip to the outlets, (yes, I am seriously going shopping on Thursday at midnight for all the sales) by the weekend I should have this special review for everyone.

Now most of you are probably wondering what has Kate read that she is all excited about? I will give you some hints to keep you guessing:

1. An anticipated book for early 2008 release

2. It is part of a series

3. It is not a historical

4. Yes, it has sex.

Those who do know- SHHH!! No telling allowed. :)

And by the way HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (Sorry Kristie!)

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Katiebabs and her new pet turkey who needs a name.


sula said...

yippee! Can't wait to read the review. And I love that turkey pic. lol. no idea about a name tho. hrm.

happy holidays!

Rosie said...

Turkey's name? Clark Gobble...