Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sometimes mail can be a good thing - Update

So - it was another good mail day today. However I wasn't totally happy. I ordered some things from Chapters on Monday - to soothe the sting of not seeing Bon Jovi (which apparently was The Best Concert Ever according to my coworker *sigh*) The first of the order came yesterday - but I'm going to be mysterious over that. Today one of the books I ordered came in.

Satisfaction by Marianne Stillings. I adored her last book so I have high hopes for this one.

Now for why I'm not so happy. Over three weeks ago I ordered all the other books from Harlequin and I am not to happy with them. First of all, about a week after I ordered them I got an email saying my credit card was refused. Now I know this was not the case because for one of the rare times I had my balance down to practically zero. The same thing happened the time before that too and the guy on the phone when I called to find out what was going on, explained it must have been keyed in wrong. He reversed it then and everything was fine. But I wasn't too pleased when the same thing happened again. I sent them back a strongly worded email advising them to check again. All I got was a very brief reply saying it went through. Then a few days after that I got another email saying one of the books I ordered - The Angel and The Outlaw - was unavailable and would not be shipped. That was a load of crap as it is a December book and listed on their website, and not only that, it was listed as a special purchase, why I don't know since it's the same price as many of the other books. Again I sent a strongly worded reply back to them. Four days after that I received a notice they had shipped the books and they would take 3 to 8 days to arrive. They arrived today - on the 8th day. And since I ordered on a Friday, I received a free book. I'm not going to mention it - but I've got to say, I think it's from their bargain bin. It's a tiny little thing and according to the cover price cost $4 - Canadian!
Now it seems to me, they should have made more of an effort to keep me as a customer, but they didn't.
And that's the last time I will order anything from E-Harlequin. I'd rather pay a higher price than go through the hassles they have put me through twice in a row now. I order something from Chapters and I get it in two days. So not the case with E-Harlequin!
Regardless though, I'm happy to finally get them. Here's what I got
Bedded by Her Lord by Denise Lynn *shudder* - Terrible title
Becket's Last Stand by Kasey Michaels - now all I have to do is read the other two.
The Angel and The Outlaw by Kathryn Albright - yep they shipped this one after all
The Empath by Bonnie Vanak - I like her books and I'm curious to read this one
Lord of Scandal by Nicola Cornick - I have a bunch of her books and haven't read one yet. But the covers are all so pretty.

And to all my friends south of the border - Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and you don't get too run off you feet tomorrow :-)

And one more thing before I go. Stay tuned for Monday!! We have something very special planned for the week!!!!

'til later

Sometimes life is funny. I got home from work tonight and there was another package from Harlequin - inside - as second copy of The Angel and The Outlaw *shaking head* Not only that, but when I checked my account online - they gave me a credit for it. So now I have 2 copies and

Wasn't charged for either.

So - another book to giveaway when Name That Book resumes.
And.......I also received my copy of Lady of Light and Shadows by C.L. Wilson


Misty G said...

I hate Denise Lynn's title for her book. It gives me a guilty feeling and I'm not even a bible Something just seems wrong about it.

Dev said...

Sorry to hear about the hassles you had with eharlequin. I've never ordered from them. I sure hope the books are good since you had to wait for them! I'm looking forward to reading the Stillings book.

CindyS said...

Geez, I was going to write a funny title in response to Bedded By Her Lord and realized it could happen:

Mounted By Her Mate.

Yep. Totally gonna see that as a paranormal one of these days.


Are there any hints for Monday?

CindyS (trying to remember her avid reader roots!)

Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: Brief hint - you can be involved. There, now I bet you're even more curious - heh heh.

Dev: I've ordered from them a few times - the advantage, with some lines you can get them early and they do give a reduced price. But after the last couple of times, I don't think it's worth it *grrr*

Misty - yep - really bad title. I've noticed they've started throwing them into the Historical line more and more often. I hope it's not a trend they plan to continue.

katiebabs said...

I read Lord of Scoundrels. Um, Kristie it maybe a DNF! :(
But those books have some lovely covers! Hopefully the rest will be great reads after all the drama you have gone through.
Hopefully by Monday my stomach and head will be more clear after my Thanksgiving craziness that went down with me and to participate in the fun Monday madness. Heh heh.
But... even thought today I am feeling a bit rundown, I will be up and running for my hush hush review I am writing this weekend. :)

katiebabs said...

DUH! Lord of Scoundrel. Smacks head! Cornick is definitely NOT Like Chase's book!

Rosie said...

My SIL is crazy for Bon Jovi so I know how devastated she would be to miss them. My brother has taken her to Las Vegas twice just to see them. Her phone ring tone is a BJ song...she just loves 'em.

Wendy has mentioned that the Albright book should be good (she thinks). I'll be on the look out for that one.

Final note, that clip of RA in Robin Hood was swoon worthy. That voice just ripples down my spine. I swear. I don't know what season is currently playing, but I think I may have to break down and get the DVDs too.

Kristie (J) said...

Rosie: You mean the one we have affectionately called Chest? It is indeed swoonworthy isn't it? It's from Season 2 which isn't available here yet.
And my ring tone is Bon Jovi too *g*. Blaze of Glory it is. I guess he said he'd be back at the concert. If they do come back - no cheaping out for this fan! And what a sweet brother you have!

Katiebabs - again a smack on the head *chuckle* The Cornick book is Lord of Scandal.