Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Things that annoy me

I'm feeling bitchy today. Not a whole lot of bitchy - just a bit, so I don't have a whole of things that are annoying me - but the ones that are, are really getting to me.

1) Books not on the shelves when they are supposed to be!!
I have about 5 or 6 books I've been checking daily for. I like, no - I need instant gratification when it comes to book buying and I'm just not getting it. Chapters "says" a couple of the books I'm looking for are at the Chapters at the other end of the city. But it's a half hour drive and with gas prices being what they are ($1.04.5 a litre! They have NEVER been this high in the city before) my need for instant gratification is warring with my cheapness - and my cheapness is winning damn it all!

2) Authors who don't update their websites!!
I've been waiting for Legacy of Stone to come out. It was supposed to be out in March but Chapters says "temporarily unable to order" so I checked out her website to see what I could see. And it hasn't been updated in forever. It's an awesome website, but the fact that it hasn't been updated since before last August kind of negates a good website. There is still a contest that will be drawn in August 2006 for pete's sake. And FWIW - I did find something on Amazon. It looks like the book isn't coming out now until December 2007! What gives?

3) ET and all those other "entertainment" shows!!
Entertainment if you care about the continuing saga of Anna Nicole Smith that is. Let it go Mary, I beg you LET IT GO.

So - as you can see there isn't much. That little bit sure is annoying me though.

'til later

Ooops - one more
Word Verification
Why do they have to have 13 or 14 letters in them that all look the same and are all squiggly. I don't think I got one on the first attempt tonight!


CindyS said...

1. You bet!

2. Makes me think they are no longer writing when I see something like that.

3. I swear I don't know what Larry King would be reporting on right now if Anna Nicole hadn't died - I can't believe the crazies!


Anonymous said...

1. Gas was $1.23 only about 12 to 18mths ago... in St. T and here.

2. That is a MAJOR peeve of mine.

3. DH and the boys refuse to part with the tv remote :)


Jenster said...

#1 So frustrating especially when you're in a rush.

#2 I totally agree! I think it should be a law or something.

#3 Amen!!

Kristie said...

Couldn't say it better myself... especially with the Anna Nicole. I will admit that I was interested in the court case, watching some of it on Court TV, but come on now. I am just sick of it.

C2 said...

1. Oh yeah! Isn't it bad enough that the stores near me never put anything out early?! The least they could do is put the books out on time!

2. Yup, I agree on that too. Lynn Kurland is one of my very favorite authors but she drives me crazy with this. There is nothing until about a month before a book is due out and, even then, no excerpts! Plus, apparently, they don't send ARCs of her stuff out to reviewers until about then, either. Grrrr.

3. Yikes! I just avoid that stuff. It makes my hair hurt. Why must they dwell on the ickiness?

nath said...

1. I'm so with you right now, you know? The worst is when you take all the trouble to go there and you still can't find it.

2. I hate it also... by the way, if you're talking about Legacy of Stone by Vickie Taylor, it's coming out in Dec. 2007. when Chapters can't give you a date, you go to amazon :P

3. I just stopped watching.

4. they can be so annoying! esp. when you write the write thing but they don't accept!

Tara Marie said...

1. Gas is outrageous again, I'm lucky I don't have to go 1/2 an hour to get to either of my favorite bookstores.

2. I don't visit enough author sites to worry about it.

3. I refuse to watch any of the "entertainment" shows, they're all morbidly obsessed with this crap.

4. I thought it was just me screwing up the word verifications. And why the heck does the "New Blogger" never remembers me and require me to log in all the time.

Anonymous said...

#4 and if the word verification doesn't show up... you have to close and open the post window again.

Also, sometimes it logs you in after the second try but your post vanishes.



Maria, Lover of All Things Romance said...

I NEVER get the word verification right on the first try, I don't know how I do it.

And as for number one, I totally agree. Last year my favourite author's book was supposed to come out in July. For about a week I checked daily before going up to the bookstore manager to check it out. The release date had been pushed back to October. I nearly cried.

Nikki said...

Amen to all of them!

Authors get with the program--update your websites or pay someone to. If you want to be relevent in today's world you have to!!

Anna Nicole is pathetic in life and death. What a waste!!

Anonymous said...

I've taken off the word werifier thingy on mine. I don't get Spam coming through since I changed over to the new Blogger.

C2 said...

One more TV bit (I hope I got it right this time) - from USA Today:

- James Van Der Beek is returning to series television and Scott Wolf also has a new series, so it sounds like The Nine is definitely kaput.

The linkage to the article that generated that thought: http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/article/richardson%20back%20for%20fifth%20niptuck%20season_1024074


Anonymous said...

Yes, why so much Anna! It was all they did before she died!...deb