Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Recent Reads

Erinsong by Diana Groe

In this addiction I seem to have to buying books there are many a time I pick one up and wonder when, where and why I bought it. Such is the case with this one. For the life of me I don't remember buying it. And I'm not sure, with so many in my TBR pile, why I even picked it to read! But I sure am glad I did.

From the back blurb:
An Irish princess. A Viking warrior. His people's raids on hter country should have made them bitter enemies. But when he washed up on her beach with no memory of his life, Brenna found herself drawn to the handsome stranger. His kind words and gentle touch helped ease memories of brutality and inflame a passion she never thought possible. She longed for his hands to caress her body the same way they ran over the gleaming wood of his ship. But even their desire can't deny the secrets of the past. And as they travel through the land of Erin on a quest that could change the course of history, long-ago betrayals and treachery threaten to destroy the haven they've found in each other's arms.

So - I obviously didn't get it because of that. I think maybe I read the DIK review at AAR. Or maybe I was tempted because it sounded different, a Viking romance by a new-to-me author. Whatever it was that prompted me to get this one though, I did good.
Jorland, the hero, is a Norseman washed up on the shore in front of Brenna the heroine and her sister, Moira. I knew I was in for a treat when Brenna stabs him in the leg when he grabs hold of her sister. And he is impressed with her use of curse words. These two together are wonderful. Although it's the old amnesia gimmick, this one really works. Jorland is a kind and compassionate hero and surprisingly Beta for all this strengths. Brenna is sharp and intelligent and she makes a great heroine. The tension between them is palatable.
And Ms. Groe throws a twist in near the end that I wasn't expecting. I like that in a book. This is the second one in a series, but it works most excellently as a stand alone - I know because I hadn't read the first one. I was delighted to find the first one on the weekend.
It's a refreshing read and it is So Nice to read a historical set in this time period and location. It's wonderful thing to find a new author who can write so well. It looks like she has another one coming out in July and I know it's now on my "gotta get it" list.
Cindy - I know you have this one. (she bought it because I told her it was good)

Grade 4 1/2 out of 5

In other news, I had the funniest conversation with my youngest son on the weekend.

Ryan: (while looking through my movies) What are you doing with this movie?

Me: What movie?

Ryan: (holding it up) Underworld. You don't watch these kinds of movies.

Me: Who says I don't?

Ryan: It's about vampires.

Me: Yea, so? It has werewolves too.

Ryan: But you don't watch those kind.

Me: Hey! I step outside of my box on occasion. I read vampire and werewolf books.

Ryan: *grunt*

Me: Have you seen it?

Ryan: Yea, a bunch of times. What? Have you got a thing for Kate Beckinsale?

Me: No, Scott Speedman (remembering Bam's crush on him before she fell tossed him in the gutter for Superman and The Green Arrow)

Ryan: *grunt*

I love it when I shock my two sons!

And no - I haven't actually seen it yet. Brent the oldest was surprised when he saw my copy of History of Violence (which I haven't watched either). They had a bin of previously viewed movies at Walmart the other day at a most excellent price and I got Underworld, The History of Violence and Libertine (with Johnny Depp) all of which I admit are outside my box.

Now back to writing. I've got two assignments due soon!

'til later


Bridget Locke said...

Hey, Kristie! :) See you got Visions of Heat. Read it yesterday. Um, can I just say WOW???? Loved it! Hope you like it too.

I hate to admit this, but I've been having a major Lisa Kleypas addiction. Just finished one...but I'm brainfarting. It was with Marcus and Lillian (I think). One of the Wallflower books. Now I've got to read Devil in Winter. I hate it when stuff like this happens to me. LOL!

Good luck on your writing!

Jennie said...

Erinsong sounds really good! I'm always on the lookout for historicals set out of the normal old timeperiods. :)

Viking warrior, hmmm.

Rosario said...

A beta viking? I HAVE to read this!

CindyS said...

You're always good for recommending books so I have this one waiting on the side lines - I'm not ready to give up on The Stranger I Married because I really should be enjoying it. So I know it's my mood.

Okay, next time you are up you have to borrow The Fifth Element - it's a sci-fi movie where Bruce Willis is to die for hot! That'll shock your boys ;) I should also give you my extra copy of Original Sin with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderos - talk about a movie that reads like an 80's romance novel - awesome and yeah, really sexy.

I really loved Underworld although the Smart Bitches call it underwear ;)


Anonymous said...

Underworld is one of my guilty pleasures. It seems to play semi-regularly on cable, and I always end up watching part of it. Scott Speedman and a heroine who kicks ass? Loved History of Violence. Libertine not so much...it just dragged, I thought.

ReneeW said...

Oh, boy, Erinsong sounds very good. It's going on my list. I love that conversation with your son. It's funny how our kids have this image of who we are and they really have no clue :)

Kyahgirl said...

Erinsong sounds great.

I love your story about chatting with the boys!! very funny.

Kristie (J) said...

kyahgirl: I do have some interesting converstations with them sometimes. The oldest one was quite surprised not long ago that I knew what YouTube was. I think they think I don't have a clue about some things.

Renee: One of the best ones I had with my sons was with Ryan not long ago when he said he just recently realized he liked me. To me that meant he liked me as a person - not just his mother - and I was so touched that he finally saw me as someone other than 'just his mom'

I tried watching Fifth Element once. We rented it on video but the video was all screwed up and only parts of it worked so I never did see that one.

Ro: Yea, it was kind of unusual and at the same time very good. He was a great character!

Jennie: I love unusual settings too so this one was a real treat!

Kaitlin: thanks! And I think you'll really enjoy DIW. Excellent book. Mind you Sebastian isn't quite as good as Derek (heh heh) but he's close.