Thursday, March 01, 2007

Innocent in Death by JD Robb

The reviews for this one are starting to pop up. Her is my little contribution.
Amazon Blurb:
Once again Lt. Eve Dallas shows why she's "New York City's top murder cop" in Roberts's 24th thriller under her Robb pseudonym set half a century into the future (after 2006's Born in Death). Dallas tries to close a case at the exclusive Sarah Child Academy, where two bright 10-year-old girls discover the body of Craig Foster, a popular history teacher who proves to have been poisoned by ricin-laced cocoa. Dallas wonders if another staff member or a parent might be involved, but after the prime suspect, a promiscuous teacher who's been harassing another employee, turns up dead, the investigation takes a shocking turn. Besides a provocative puzzler, Robb provides an intense relationship update on Dallas and Roarke, her Irish power broker hubby, whose dark past—in the form of a crooked ex-girlfriend—returns to cause trouble.

I won't say much about the mystery angle of it - except to say I was shocked that I guessed who it was.
But what makes this one one of my top 3; the others being Naked in Death and Portrait in Death is that we see a glimpse of a clueless Roarke. Usually he seems to "get" Eve better than she "gets" herself. While it's a wonderful thing that he is clued in to who she is, I have to say it was refreshing that he totally missed the boat on this one. When a woman from his past shows up; a woman who really meant something to him, he thinks Eve is jealous and acts accordingly. But he is completely off the mark on this one and can't really see Magdelana for who and what she really is. Even Summerset, Eve's arch nemesis understands what's going on. It's wonderful to see Eve so insecure for a while and needing help and advice - even from Summerset. And most of the way through I wanted to slap Roarke upside the head, anld loved that I wanted to do that to The Perfect Man - but at the end Eve does even better.
And Eve! What can I say about this character that I haven't said before. She is truly one of the most fascinating characters I've ever read. If she were a real person, she would terrify me, but I would be under her spell nonetheless. I would be Renfrew to her Dracula.
And I have to say - after reading Dear Authors recent blog on authors commenting on reader blogs, should Nora Roberts ever comment on mine little piece of the blog world, I would print it out. Then I would take it to a print shop and laminate it. The I would pay those outrageous prices and have it framed and hang it on the wall. I will never be a rabid fangirl; I'm afraid I'm a bit too cynical. But if I ever were to be, I would zero in on Nora Roberts writing as JD Robb! This book is extraordinary. I inhaled in one day - the same day I went furniture shopping (and damn it all couldn't find what I wanted in FOUR stores). I know this one I'll be reading again - very soon.
Grade: 5 out of 5


nath said...

It goes to prove that Roarke is really a man and that sometimes, yes, sometimes, he doesn't understand women as he thinks he does :D But as you say, it's fun to see him a bit clueless :D

Anonymous said...

I loved all the same things you loved. :)