Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lost - Help!

As Cindy pointed out, Lost was on last night. And I missed it! I totally and completely forgot it was on. That’s what I get for leaving homework to the last minute.

So, any Lost watchers out there, what happened in last night’s episode? No detail is to small and I need spoilers!!! I know I cannot rest until I know what happened!

‘til later


Poodles & Books said...

Hi Kristie. I am a lurker of your blog (sorry) and saw your post regarding Lost. Last night’s episode was okay, but I don’t think moved the story along, just answered a few back questions.

Basically, we met another couple who have been on the island since the crash (Paolo and Nikki). Nikki is an actress who slept with an older director/producer to move her career along. He’s very rich & gives Nikki gifts. Paolo is a personal chef for the old man. Ends up Paolo and Nikki know each other and poison the old man to break into his safe and take the goods. The other survivors have had some interaction with this couple, but don’t know them very well.

We see the backstory of these two (Nikki filming a TV episode. Nikki telling the old man she loves him and won’t leave Sydney, Nikki and old man having breakfast – he gives her a diamond bracelet, Paolo being introduced to Nikki as a famous chef from Brazil who has just been hired by old man. Old man being poisoned and taking the key off a necklace the old man wore and breaking into his safe, then they are at the airport and we see them talking. We see Boone & his sister talking or arguing. Replay of plane crash and some of the survivors that have been killed off.

Now time: Now, the episode starts with Hurley and Sawyer playing Ping Pong and this woman runs out of the jungle & falls over and says something, sounds like “Powerlines” to Sawyer and “Paolo lies” to Hurley and then dies. Nikki has no marks on her body, but has dirt under her nails and eyes wide open. They start trying to figure out what has happened to Nikki and where is Paolo? They find Paolo and dead in the jungle with eyes wide open. Sawyer, Hurley, Jin and Charlie start to investigate what has happened to these 2? They start to think maybe these two have been working with the others because they find a hand held walkie talkie in their hut, Artz’s bug collection, a script for a show and Nikki is listed as one of the actresses. We see Sawyer with a gun talking about going to do a perimeter sweep to make sure everything is okay. Desmond telling Hurley that Sawyer and Nikki had a fight that morning when Sawyer had told everyone he didn’t know who she was. Charlie, Sun & Hurley talking about Sawyer lying to them. Sun is convinced it is the Others who did this since she knows what they can do since they kidnapped her. We see Charlie admitting that he kidnapped Sun because he was so messed up after Locke hit him. Charlie tells Sun that Sawyer told him (Charlie) he could get even with Locke by helping and him steal the guns and made it look like the others stole them. Charlie apologizes to Sun for hurting her. Hurley, Jin, Sun, Charlie, Desmond confronting Sawyer about the gun he has. Talking to Sawyer about what happened with Nikki – why was he fighting with him and if he had killed them (Nikki & Paolo). Sawyer telling them Nikki had come to him this morning asking for the gun then later figured out that with the dirt under her nails, she must have been digging a hole to try to bury something important. Turns out it is a bag of diamonds and Sawyer found the fresh dirt mound when they found Paolo. Sawyer gives the bag to Sun. Little later, we see Sawyer digging a grave to bury the two, Sun comes up and confronts Sawyer with the information that Charlie told Sun it was his idea to kidnap Sun. Sawyer asks Sun if she’s going to tell Jin. Sun says No because then they’d have to dig another grave. Sun and gives the diamonds back to Sawyer because the bag is worthless on the island and Sun slapping Sawyer across the face. Little later we see a memorial service for Nikki & Paolo. Survivors figure they killed each other over the diamonds. Sawyer sprinkles the diamonds over Nikki & Paolo in their grave & they start to cover the bodies with sand to fill the grave.

Flashbacks from start of Plane crash: We start seeing flashbacks of these two on the island interacting with some of the other survivors. We see them talking about finding their bag because it’s worth so much. We see them talking with Ethan about finding their bag because Paolo needs his Nicotine gum. Nikki talking to Artz about trajectories (trying to figure out where the case may have landed) and about his bug collection and how he’s going to be the next Charles Darwin after finding these new species. We see Artz telling Nikki about the Medusa spider who is very dangerous and with one whiff of her pheromones, all the males of the species would be near her in seconds. We see them hiking in the jungle and finding a crashed plane up in a tree. Nikki wants Paolo to climb up and see if there’s a radio. Paolo doesn’t want to climb up and they end up finding the hatch right underneath them. Nikki & Paolo interacting with Kate about where she found the case with guns, figuring maybe their case is there also. Paolo diving into the pool near the waterfall, swimming around dead bodies and finding a case, but telling Nikki he has found nothing. Locke finding Paolo digging a hole to hide something and Locke telling Paolo to make sure whatever he’s hiding, he should dig the hole further inland to prevent high tide from taking away whatever he’s hiding. Paolo going down in the hatch, hiding something in a toilet, then spying on Ben and Juliet watching the tv screens in the hatch and having a conversation about Shepard doing the surgery and how they will get Shepard, Kate and Sawyer, using Michael. Paolo finding the Walkie Talkie. We see Locke, Desmond & Nikki talking in the hatch (pearl station) and Paolo getting something from the toilet and stuffing it down his pants. See Nikki and Paolo sitting on the beach talking about if they found the bag, they might have been torn apart, immediately after Paolo goes to get breakfast for them & Nikki finds Paolo’s Nicotine gum. Then we see these walking in the jungle. Nikki confronts Paolo about finding the bag of diamonds. She takes out the spider that she spoke to Artz about earlier and throws the spider at Paolo. She tells Paolo that one bite from the spider and he will be paralyzed for 8 hours, unable to move a muscle, his heart rate will slow down so much that a doctor won’t be able to tell he’s still alive and that she can do all sorts of nasty things to him. Paolo gets bit. He gets paralyzed. He tells her he is sorry and admits that he didn’t tell her about the diamonds because he thought once she had the diamonds she wouldn’t need him anymore. Nikki takes the diamonds off of Paolo. She’s unaware of what is going on around her. We see tons of spiders crawling through the jungle and Paolo watching, but not saying anything. We see a spider crawl on Nikki and bite her. She runs away, drops, digs a hole with her hands and buries the diamonds. She gets up and runs out to the beach where she drops down in front of Hurley and Sawyer playing ping pong and says “Para Lyzed”.

Show ends with them in the grave, Sawyer and Hurley covering them with sand. Nikki’s eyes open, a shovel full of sand drops on her & we see black. Obviously they were buried alive.

I know I’m jumping around, but you know how the show flashes forward and backward? Well, that’s how this show was.


Tara Marie said...

I think you can watch the entire episode on, but I may be wrong.

It didn't really move the story forward at all, but gave a different view to some of the other crash victims. This one featured Nikki [sp] and Paolo, showing their backstory from before the crash to different happenings on the island.

1. They poisoned a man in Australia for his stash of diamonds.

2. The diamonds were lost during the crash.

3. They search the island looking for parts of the plane and hopefully find the bag holding the diamonds. Lots of flash backs to killed off characters.

4. In the process of searching they find Mr. Ekko's brother's plane, but don't tell anyone, they find one of the hatches but never tell anyone.

5. Paolo finds the diamonds, but doesn't tell Nikki. In the process of hiding them in one of the hatches he over hears Juliette and Ben talking about taking Jack, Sawyer and Kate, but NEVER tell anyone. Paolo picks up a walkie talkie he found after Ben and Juliette leave, and Sawyer et al assume they'd been working with the Others.

6. Nikki figures out he's got the diamonds and sicks a poisonous spider on him (science teacher from first season collected?) but in the process ends up bitten also.

7. Both are thought dead, but are only paralyzed for about 8 hours.

8. Sawyer figures out she was hiding something right before she collapsed in front of him and Hurley and he then finds the diamonds. When confronted about agruing with Nikki--find out she was looking for a gun, Sawyer admits he found the diamonds. And then gives them to Sun as proof he wasn't involved with killing N & P but during the process of all this it comes out the Sawyer had Charlie grab Sun (last season remember bag over her head and everyone assumed it was the Others).

9. No one knows they're only paralyzed and it ends with them being buried alive with the diamonds.

Did I miss anything??

The coming attractions looked good. Kate and Juliette on the run in the jungle together, looks like we may get a girl fight.

Kellie said...

Oh hell yeah. Paulo aka Xerxes aka Hot brazilian dude and his lady love get their story and we find they get their just desserts- I liked the ironic ending.

And whoo hoo to next week and Juliette laying into Kate for breaking Jack's heart! mmmuuuhahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Tara is right -- you can watch Lost online here: Usually the episode goes up right after it airs.

Maria, Lover of All Things Romance said...

Okay, I'm off to that link to watch every Lost episode between where we are here and where you are in the US. I ahd no idea you could watch it online!

Kristie (J) said...

4poodles: Thank you!!! And lurkers are more than welcome. I pretty much got everything - it is hard to describe isn't it with everything jumping around so much.

And Tara: Thanks too. Between both descriptions, I think I got it. And I'm glad I didn't miss any questions being answered. I still can't believe I missed it!

JMC: Thanks for the link but alas - it doesn't work if you live outside the US. How the heck they know that and why they ban us non-Americans I do not know. I tried once before - trying to watch The Nine after it got cancelled. I don't know if all the networks do that or just ABC.

Zeek: You mean Paolo was hot and I missed it? Dang! Sounds like a real creepy ending *shudder* for the two villians.

Maria: I don't know if you can watch it or not. Maybe they are kinder to those 'cross the pond. But here in Canada *deep sad sigh* we are banned.

Poodles & Books said...

Kristie, Looks like someone uploaded the episode on YouTube. Put in Lost - Season 3 Episode 14 in the search bar and look for user haldir7245. There are a few parts, but at least you'll get to see the episode. I found this lifesaver when I missed an episode of Dirt earlier this month. Hope this helps. Michele

Kristie (J) said...

Michele: Thank you again!!! While not quite as good as watching it on surroundsound on a large TV, I watched it!!! A shirtless Saywer *heavy sigh*. I wouldn't have been able to watch a few parts of it though - spiders *ugh*. And now I know who Paolo is!! He's been in a few episodes hasn't he? I wondered if they were going to show more of his character. How rude though. Another hot guy and he turns out to be a baddy who doesn't make it. But my curiosity is now at rest *nodding head in acknowledgement*

CindyS said...

Now see, I thought Paolo loved Nikki and when the spiders come out of the forest he can't say anything because he is paralysed. I think he died in the jungle because he would have been bitten by all those spiders and the paralysis would have killed him.

I think she is the one that was buried alive and she deserved it because even after he tells her why he hid the diamonds from her she runs from the spiders without helping him so she would have absolutely left him or killed him.

What I couldn't believe was how they *must* have inserted them into the first episode as you see the plane crash from their perspective. I loved seeing Boone again!

I loved what Sun said to Sawyer about him having to dig another grave if she told Jin and I think Sawyer really likes Jin and would hate to have him hating him again.

The only thing that is weird is that Locke said to Paolo that nothing stays buried on the island and I've seen other people talk about that line - creeps me the hell out!

Next week it looks like Kate has kidnapped Juliet.

So this episode did nothing to further the storyline of the overall arc.


Kellie said...

Except now we see that Ben set out to manipulate jack from the very beginning. Could it be that Jack is the reason the plane went down in the first place?

And. Is this real or all in Jack's head as he sits in Hurly's mental institution??

Kellie said...

Could it be that Jack is the reason the plane went down in the first place?

in other words he allowed Desmond and the emi charge on happen purpose so the plane would go down and Jack would be there to save him?