Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Lawman's Bride by Cheryl St. John

Amazon Blurb:

Kidnapped as a child, sold to a con man, she'd fast learned how to sweet-talk her way out of trouble. Now all Sophie wanted was to be left alone to build a new life--one that was honest and decent, based on truth, not trickery.

Clay Connor was the last man she should care about. Upright and honorable, the town's marshal deserved better than a woman with a tainted past. But if only Sophie could learn to trust again, she might find this lawman would make her new life complete.…

Ahhhhh. The Western. Thank goodness for Harlequin Historical who still publish them on a fairly regular basis. I've been reading Cheryl St. John for quite a while now and I've always enjoyed her books. There is something just - good - about them. And this is another good book. The characters are good people. Sophie had it rough growing up, no question about it. But she never lost her moral compass even while she was being forced to run cons. After finally getting away from the creep who bought her, now all she wants is to run her life her way. But she is thrown for a loop when she finds herself attracted to Clay Conner, the local sherriff. She knows she should stay away from *the law* but she just wants to give in to what she wants for a change and what she wants is Clay - if only for a short time.
Clay is another *good* character. He is an honourable man who tries to live a good life. When Sophie's past catches up with her and she finally confessess all to him, he is torn for a while and not sure what to do. But he realizes that none of it was Sophie's fault and he rallies to try and fix things.
This wasn't my favourite by Ms. St. John; that spot is still held by Joe's Wife. But it is still a very good book. And it's a Western!

Grade: 4 out of 5


Wendy said...

Like you, this wasn't my favorite St. John but it was still very good. I have yet to read a dud by her. Some I've enjoyed more than others, but nothing "below average."

And for the record, my favorite St. John (so far) is Prairie Wife.

ReneeW said...

I just got this one from PBS but I forgot where I put it :) I better start looking for it.

I think Joe's Wife is my favorite too, but Prairie Wife is a close second. She is such a wonderful author.