Sunday, June 08, 2008

OMG - I LOVE YouTube!!!

Thanks to YouTube I have been in deep procastination mode taking a tour back through my younger days.
I never listen to oldies' music stations - I prefer to go no further back than the 80's, but I found some songs I loved when I was much younger. I'm not sure how many out there will remember these ones - but oh man - did they bring back memories. And believe it or not, I could still sing (and just did) many of them word for word

Here are just a few

This was always my favourite Herman's Hermits song. It wasn't as widely popular as some of the other ones - but I loved it

(and keep in mind this was back in the days when gay meant happy)

Here's another one I loved when I was a kid. I didn't found out until much later that Ron's nickname was Hazel - cause of his long (at the time) hair

And oh wow! Did I love this one when I was young and innocent

This is the one I'm most proud of being able to sing word for word without forgetting one single word

I could go on and on - but to spare you my own personal journey down memory lane, I'll just leave a couple more. I don't how long some have been visiting, but a while back I did a post on my crushes of yesteryear. One of the BIG ones I had was on a band in the 60's - Paul Revere and the Raiders. I had posters of this group all over my room - and Mark Lindsay in particular
*sigh* ah memories

(yes - we did used to dance like that. I wasn't quite as good as the go go dancers though.

And the quality isn't as good - but this was my favourite song by them - Hungry - as in I was hungry for Mark Lindsay in my young innocent teenage girl heart.
Katie saw these last night and would you believe she laughed at them? She LAUGHED at my Mark Lindsay! Humph.
(so did I)

And finally - some will know what I'm referring to - this is NOT the pirate and crew I was referring too.


Katie(babs) said...

Davy Jones as a pirate!! *SWOON*

Kristie (J) said...

The 'other' pirate was much better ;-)

*laughing* and I see you aren't swooning over Mark Lindsay! He was Much More Swoonable for my young child of the 60's heart

Carrie Lofty said...

I met Peter Noone about 15 years ago after a concert. My mom about passed out. So cute.

Tracy said...

Ahhhh I used to watch the Monkey's all the time! lol Great post!

azteclady said...


(I lack the cultural references here--my childhood is full of black and white Mexican movies from the '40s and '50s, with great singers and --mostly--corny storylines)

Jenster said...

I never laughed so hard as when my daughter was listening to her Aly and AJ CD and they had done a remake of "Do You Believe in Magic". She was so shocked I knew the words! lol

I loved the Monkees. Seriously loved them.

Karen W. said...

I loved - and still love - the Monkees and Peter Noone. And I remember Mark Lindsay at that age, and he was definitely a cutie. My big heartthrob was Bobby Sherman, though. :-) Sigh...

Carolyn Jean said...

Oh, so sweet! This is so fun, and hey, these guys had it going on. And oh, Davy Jones! I used to love that Monkees show. It seemed so radical and forbidden!

Bev(QB) said...

*sigh* Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. How come "our" music seems so much better to me than most anything recorded since about 1973? Well, yes, there are a FEW exceptions, of course.

You know, sometimes looking back at our pre-teen crushes, they lose a bit of luster from the vantage point of an adult woman who knows what's what. But I have to say that Mark Lindsey is much more do-able than I remember from the outlook of a preteen. YUM!

And I was a complete Monkees fangirl. I remember having an oh-so-serious-and-earnest coversation with my my 5th grade BFF in which I confessed that I wanted to like Mickey the best but that I didn't want to hurt Davey's feelings. No lie.

BTW, I used to sing So Happy Together to my kids when they were little. That one and So Close Your Eyes by James Taylor were the big faves at our house, right along with more traditional kid's songs. Or were until my kids got old enough to realize that my voice was bad enough to make ears bleed.