Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In case you haven't seen it - A Plug

A bunch of us had a riot lately doing the DIK thing - which books and which heroes we would take to an island with us.
Well - it went over so well and we had so much fun, a few wanted to keep it up, so they started a blog. In a flurry of emails - the extent of which was truly scary, I came home one day to over 100, I think it was Sarai and Tracy that came up with the idea and got the ball rolling.
More bloggers got involved in the original group.
If I got it right from the HUGE amount of emails, first we had a group of questions and we answered whichever ones we wanted to.
After that we each have a day to say why we picked what book and who was our favourite hero - and why.
There is also quite a list of authors who are contributing too!
(let me know if I got anything wrong!)
Anyway - it's up and running now. Sarai and Tracy had their day and it's my day up today for the grilling. *blush*
So be sure to Check It Out! You get to see a bit of the 'naughty' me.


Tracy said...

I'd love to take credit but it was really Sarai's idea with me helping out! :)

Sarai said...

Aw it was triggered by everyone! I am so excited about it. I love getting know everyone better!!!!

I can't wait until we get our first authors *g*