Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Sangria Weekend in Review

This is me on Saturday night, taken with my new digital camera my wonderful parents gave me for my birthday! In my hand is a glass of sangria (one of many)! I think I look a bit drunk already, but that is waaaaay before I drank 2 pitchers with my parents. Around 10pm I was ready to say hello to my pillow.

*unfortunately, no pictures were taken of drunk Katie*

The first pictures I took with my camera were my TBR pile as you can see down below:
*Yup, a very scary sight*
**ignore the flower wallpaper circa 1970**

And finally I was given an award on Friday from one of our favorites bloggers, Lisabea!

Lisa has humbled me by giving me the award for: The Sweetest Girl in Bloglandia. I don't think Lisa realizes how much she brings to blogland and deserves her own special award.

Since my Captain Kristie has left me in charge so to speak, I will try my best to give you the best reviews, author interviews and perhaps a contest or two this week *G*

So, what did everyone do this weekend?

Katiebabs (KB)


little alys said...

You looked like you were definitely having fun *g*. (No worries, I'm bringing a camera to SF no matter what. ^_~)

Your TBR pile is very pretty and scary. And I love the picture of the book right next to it. >_<

Shall we honor humble Lisabea? How should we? *wiggles eyebrows*

Jobsearched in the heat=not fun. So the rest of the time, I ate ice cream and read. Hehehehe. Boring, but fun.

lisabea said...

A nosepicker is a worthy trophy to display!

And you are the sweetest girl in bloglandia.


Brie said...

I spy two very sought after books at the top of your TBR pile. ;)

Glad you had such a great weekend, Katie! And the award is very much deserved.:)

MaryKate said...

The good news is, Katie can still text while holding a glass of sangria! I can vouch for it! :wink:

Can't wait to see what you come up with this week.

And hey, if LB says you're sweet, well, who am I to contradict her?? You seem pretty sweet to me!


Carolyn Jean said...

Oh, don't you look lovely! And you deserve that award.

I totally agree on LB, too. Boths of yous bring all kinds of excellent to blogland. Where's your reincarnated god award? I want to steal it!

CindyS said...

Ohhhh, new camera!! Okay, that Kleypas looks like it would be an older publication but I've never heard of it so I'm assuming an ARC. You lucky woman!

It sounds like you had a wonderful night and I'm looking forward to this next week!

To The Sweetest Blogger (I think Sangrias can do that ;))


Marg said...

Oh Sangria! I was just talking to my half Spanish friend about having a Sangria party!

WE had a goddess afternoon on Saturday - facial, manicure, nail polish. Lots and lots and lots of alcohol. It's fair to say that the inner goddess was feeling a little squeamish on Sunday morning!

Mary M. said...

Hehe. Sangria=always a good choice.

Love your pics. That's the kind of sight one can witness in my own room, except there are no coveted ARCs in my piles. I wish you had taken pics of the spines. I'm nosy as hell and love rummaging through people's books (one of the first thing I do when I visit friends or relatives - check out the bookcase), even from a distance :-DDD

azteclady said...

Congrats on your well deserved Nose Picker, katie(babs)!

Ana said...

I could comment on how cute you look with your sangria glass. I could congratulate you on the prize but all my brain can process now is:

YOU GOT KING OF SWORD AND SKY????????????????????????


sula said...

awww, look like you had an awesome time. i want one of those drinks! congrats on your award. you deserve it. :)

Sarai said...

Aw cute pic! I put my exclusive review up on Heaven Scent. Oh and well you know what I did this weekend anyway *cough* so we will not share with the rest.

I think the award was well deserved and LB deserves one as well!

Katie(babs) said...

Hip Hip Hooray to LB!!
Yes Sarai you naughty, naughty girl. Many kittens died this weekend because of you!!

Ana: books placed oh so carefully for everyone to see?? Huh? *whistling*


Tracy said...

Hooray for drunkard Katie. (She actually IM's pretty well when she's downed 2 pitchers of alcohol!)

Congrats on the Nose Pickerf - you deserve it!

Ditto what Ana said!!

Ciara said...

FUN! We'll have to take lots of pictures in San Fran. My hubby took my digital camera on his climb up Mt. Saint Helens today, so I'm stuck with my pitiful camera phone to photograph Jacqueline Carey tonight. I know what I'm buying him for his next birthday! What kind of camera is it?

Aymless said...

Hey! Did I see King of Sword and Sky?!! Am so jealous.

Loved the pics! Although a drunk Katie would have been fun too.

Katie(babs) said...

Ciara: It is a Canon SD 750. My camera is so purty :D
For some reason no pictures were taken as I stumbled out of the resturant after those 2 pitchers.

Tracy: Did I IM anything I shouldn't have? the night is a bit fuzzy.