Monday, June 30, 2008

Eve Kenin Interview and Contest!

Eve Kenin has become one of the best authors to write incredible Futuristic Speculative Romances. I already have enjoyed Eve's Gothic Historical Romances under her Eve Silver name. Last year when Driven was published I wasn't too sure what to think. To read about a desolate world where people either kill or be killed seemed a bit harsh for my tastes. But I decided to take a chance, and what a wonderful chance it was! Kristie also couldn't stop raving about Driven and we were anxiously waiting for the sequel, Hidden. And if you read our duo review last week, you can see what hardcore Eve Kenin fans we have become. And being such fans, we had to ask Eve for an interview, which she agreed to.

Kristie here. I was so excited when Kate said you would answer some questions. I was blown away by Driven. It was the first Urban Fantasy I'd read and I don't think I could have picked a better one to introduce me to the genre. I loved everything about it - the strong heroine, the unusual background of Wizard and his siblings, the post apocalyptic feel of the book just everything. And I equally loved Hidden – as you can tell.

Eve: Thanks, Kristie! I wrote DRIVEN because the book insisted on getting written. I honestly wasn't certain that it would ever find a, trans-Siberian trucker romances aren't a hugely popular sub-genre, LOL! I was blown away by the support for that book, and I really worked to make HIDDEN a worthy follow-up. Hearing that you love these stories as I do is wonderful.

Kristie: As both Kate and I have noticed, and I'm sure we aren't the only ones, your two Shomi books have almost a Mad Max feel to them. Have you seen the Mad Max movies and did they influence the stories?

Eve: I've seen the Mad Max movies, and enjoyed each one of them. But, no, they didn't influence these stories. Actually, it was Joss Whedon's amazing series Firefly that jump-started my imagination. Add to that the anime I was watching at the time--Full Metal Panic, Hellsing, GTO, GetBackers--and I was on a roll. Once the world and the history were fleshed out for DRIVEN, it was only a matter of keeping the continuity for HIDDEN. But I was worried that HIDDEN would simply be a rehash of DRIVEN, and I absolutely didn't want that to be the case. So I added twists and turns and surprises to keep the flavor and feel the same, while still offering the reader something new and fresh.

Kristie: Do you have any more storylines in mind in this setting? It may be just me, but I could see there could be quite a few tales to tell - I hope so anyway *g*

Eve: LOL! You aren't ready to let go of the Northern Waste, are you? I have a ton of stories in mind. There are so many characters clamoring to break free of my imagination and get their stories down in paper and ink.

Kristie: Do you have a story in mind for Yuriko planned and if so, any idea how long we have to wait for her story?

Eve: I'd love to have the opportunity to write Yuriko's story, as well as stories for some of the other characters we've encountered in the Northern Waste. But right now, I'm working on my next Eve Silver historical gothic, delving into the mind of a monster against the backdrop of beautiful, bucolic Cairncroft Abbey.

Kristie: What do you think of the covers you've received so far in your Shomi books? In my own case - I love them. There are quite a few romance books I won't read in public because of the covers, but I was reading Driven in the food court at the local mall one time and wasn't bothered at all.

Eve: The Shomi covers are interesting, and since the line began they have undergone an evolution. DRIVEN had a distinct feel that was reflected in all the early SHOMI releases. Then the direction of the covers changed and HIDDEN has a different feel. They both scream action, and I do feel that each accurately reflects elements of the stories.

Katie: So many post-apocalyptic stories and movies where they take place in a desert setting or where global warming has destroyed Earth with scorching temperatures. What made you decide on a frozen arctic setting for Driven and Hidden?

Eve: DRIVEN decided the setting. That might sound odd, but there's no other answer to this question. The Northern Waste popped out, fully fleshed. Maybe because I wrote DRIVEN in the winter, and, um, I really hate the cold. Maybe because the frozen setting was a reflection of the frozen and barren life that Wizard, Tatiana and Yuriko originally led. I only know that these stories needed to be set in the Waste. There was no other setting that would work.

Katie: You've been nominated and won many awards. The reviews for your books are outstanding. Do you feel you have a great deal to live up to? Does a review, good or bad influence your writing?

Eve: I feel both honored and humbled by the wonderful praise for my work, both as Eve Silver and Eve Kenin. My first release came out in late 2005, and since that time my books have received starred reviews in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal, been chosen among Library Journal's Best Books 2007, received nominations, awards and honorable mentions in AAR's Annual Reader Poll, and awards and Top Picks from Romantic Times in all three sub-genres that I write. I treasure each and every accolade. Is it a great deal to live up to? You bet. But I'm my own harshest critic. I can't put out a book that I feel isn't my very best effort, and I push myself hard with each story I tell. Good and bad reviews...Mostly, I try not to read reviews because I have been working at such a crazy pace. In addition to writing three releases for 2007 and four releases for 2008, I teach human anatomy. So my on-line reading time is limited, and I try to read and answer every email I receive because I value the time a reader puts into sending me an email. Moreover, I recognize that different books speak to different people. While some may love my stories, others may not, and they are perfectly entitled to their opinion. Not every story works for every reader or reviewer. What one reviewer hates about a particular story, another reviewer will love. If I tried to write to all the varying opinions, I'd likely freeze and never write another thing. So I just write the best book I can write.

Katie: You just updated your website recently, which looks really great! Do you think it is important for authors to have a website or blog? Is this good PR?

Eve: Thank you! I love my new website. When I made my first sale, my husband taught himself Dreamweaver and designed a website for me as a gift. I loved that original site, but it was designed for a newbie by a newbie. It wasn't designed to grow. Fast forward three years and nine books. There just wasn't room for all of them! So hubby went back to the drawing board and created a new site with the help of a buddy at MadLab. Do I think it is important for an author to have a website? Well, I can only speak for myself. I like to have that connection with readers, to offer a place that they can find information about my books and even a little bit about me (though I'm a fairly boring girl, which is why I don't have a nice, chatty blog, (LOL!)

Katie: You write for so many genres from historical romance, contemporary paranormals, and speculative futuristic. What made you decide to branch out to so many other genres instead of just writing for one?

Eve: This question's easy. I had stories to tell, so I told them. There's no guarantee that I'll stick only to these three genres. If I had a story about a wagon train that was screaming to be written, I'd write it. (But, um, there's never any guarantee that I'd find someone who'd publish it, LOL!)

Katie: If you were a character in one of you Northern Waste books, what type of character would you be? How would you survive? Urrgh! Must I answer this question?

Eve: How would I survive? *With a lot of grumbling.* I hate the cold (even though I live in a region that's cold for months and months on end). Thanks for asking these questions and giving me the chance to share this information :)

Along with a great interview, we have a great book to give away! Eve has an ARC of her September Anthology release, NATURE OF THE BEAST up for grabs! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post by Thursday. And if you have a question for Eve, ask away because she may just stop by! :D


MaryKate said...

*MK waving*

Hi Eve! Congratulations on all of your marvelous success. You know what a tremendous fan I am of your work. I actually just read Chapter 1 of Hidden today. It's wonderful,and I can already tell that Tatiana will be an intriguing character.

I'll add my voice to the chorus asking for more Northern Waste books! They're terrific and so much fun to read.

Congrats again, I can't think of anyone else in the industry who deserves such success!

Jill D. said...

Hi Eve,

I read Driven (because Kristie said it was really good) and I fell in love with Wizard. My favorite part of the book is when he decides he is going to court Raina. I love his idea of a proper compliment and his unique gift idea!

Ana said...

You had me at "Firefly" . I keep meaning to read Driven ever since the good folks at Ramblings started to rave about it. It is on my to-read list for AGES. Shame on me. No later than July I promise.

Great interview everyone!

Sarai said...

Congrats on all the success Eve I loved DRIVEN and can't wait to dive into Hidden!
I have recently gone back and bought your hold back list *g* I'm mildly obessive when I find an author I love.
I can't wait to see what you have planned for 2009!

How many books do you have coming out next year?
And do you find it hard to keep up with 3 or 4 books coming out a year?

Maered said...

Hi Eve! Congrats on your awards and great books. Haven't read any, yet, but they look really interesting. So, for a person who hasn't read any of your books, which book do you think I should start with? Help me, please! :)

Tracy said...

I have to say that I haven't read either of these...Driven or Hidden - but since all my blog friends keep gushing about them I know I will be reading them soon!

Congratulations on all of your success.

Great interview K & K!

Raonaid said...

I have yet to read your books beneath your Eve Kenin name but I have read a good deal beneath your Eve Silver.

Grr, finances, bills, food, and my kidlets come before books. Hehe.

Great interview.

Amy C said...

So this is why you (Kristie) said I needed to stop by on Monday!

Hi, Eve!

I've said it before...I love all your books and can't wait to get my hands on more! I did a review for Hidden on my blog. I'm still waiting for Dark Desires to get reprinted. It's the only one I haven't read and I don't want a used copy.
Great interview!

Bridget Locke said...

Hi, Eve! I read Driven last year and loved it! In fact, it was one of my top books from 2007. I haven't read the next one, though I just bought it the other day.

I do have a question about Driven. Obviously Wizard ended up being the hero of the story, but at first that wasn't clear. Did you do that on purpose or did it just kind of happen along the way? I'm asking, because in other Shomi books there's really no romance at all. It's usually all about the heroine. :)

And again, just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying your books. I haven't read any of your Eve Silver books (mostly b/c I didn't realize you were one and the same), but I'll look for them now.

Thanks for the great interview! :)

Eve Silver / Eve Kenin said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome :)

marykate, great to see you here!

jill d., I loved that part of Wizard, too.

ana, I'm a great fan of Firefly.

sarai, I'm currently working on a historical gothic for 2009. And I'm hoping to announce other releases soon. Writing several books a year is tough; I can't say otherwise. But the stories were screaming to be told, and I really needed to tell them.


Eve Silver / Eve Kenin said...

maered, the answer depends on the type of stories you like to read. If historicals with a strong vein of suspense and a dark tone are for you, go with one of my gothics. If you love action stories, try DRIVEN or HIDDEN. And if paranormals are your thing, go for DEMON'S KISS. I have excerpts on my website, so you can check them out and see which one appeals. Whatever you decide, happy reading :)

amy c, great to see you here. I'm still waiting for a reprint of DARK DESIRES too. I never realized it would sell out so quickly or I would have stocked up.

bridget, my stories all kind of happen along the way, lol! I open a blank page and start to type and hope like h*ck that at the end of the path a story will emerge. I'm not much one for planning and plotting. But Wizard was the hero. From the first second I saw him get out of his rig, tall and sexy and ice cole, I knew he was the hero. As for the SHOMI books...check out COUNTDOWN by Michelle Maddox. It's out in August, and it is one great SHOMI romance.

Katie(babs) said...

I think Wizard and Raina need a short story, just to see how those two crazy kids are doing. :D

kimmyl said...

Congrats!!! I love your books and would love to know what you're working on now.

Christine said...

Hi Eve!
I love your Shomi novels and am definitely hoping for more stories from you in the world you created in Driven and Hidden. I was one of the lucky recipients of an ARC of Hidden from Dorchester and it was great! I absolutely loved Tatiana. Her emotional journey in Hidden was a natural and realistic progression, and I loved her dichotomy of being strong yet vulnerable.

PLEASE write Yuriko's story! Or at least more stories in this world! Please! Oops! Am I begging? ;)

Ann M. said...

We read Driven for our Romance Readers group in Melbourne and you were kind enough to send us questions to discuss.

I still want to send you an email about your book. Just slow on getting caught up with being back in the States.

I'm so glad you did another book in the Northern Waste. Looking forward to reading Hidden.

Eve Silver / Eve Kenin said...

katie(babs), why do I feel like you've mentioned that before, LOL!?

kimmyl, I'm hard at work on my next gothic. it's so dark, I'm scaring myself.

christine, glad you enjoyed the ARC :) I am hoping to have the opportunity to write Yuriko's story.

ann m, I'm glad that DRIVEN found its way to Melbourne. Check out my interview here: to find out how the Maori Talisman ended up in the Northern Waste :)

Kristie (J) said...

Eve: I don't know if you know this or not, but a group of us bloggers all got together and picked six books we would take with us on a desert (dessert - I'm never sure which - though they could almost be interchangeable *g*) and I picked Driven as one of my six books. Then as if that wasn't fun enough, we then picked heroes - which would lead to the interchangeableness of dessert and desert - we would take with us and I picked Wizard. Some would like to lure him away - but I won't let them.
But that let's you know how much I love your books! I have your Eve Silver books - now all I have to do is read them. But I'm sure I'll love them since I adore Driven and Hidden.
For those who haven't read them yet - you really MUST!
Have I steered anyone wrong yet? heh heh.
And Eve, I didn't ask in the interview - but have you seen North and South?
Another heh heh.
(I should make that my version of 'what's your favorite Gena Showalter book)

Eve Silver / Eve Kenin said...

kristie(j), Wizard thanks you for the nomination :) He says that if it weren't for Raina, he'd love to join you on the desert island (he wonders if you realize that the temperature is quite a bit different than that of the Waste, and that the two of you would likely need very few items of clothing).

Umm...Raina is scowling and reaching for the ten inch blade.


I haven't seen North and South yet, but it is on my list of things to do.

And Gena...OMG!!!!! I LOVE Gena!!!! Her Lords of the Underworld series is so unique. And I love her and Jill on their videos.

JenB said...

Okay, I have a funny story about the DRIVEN cover. :) When I was reading that book, my husband grabbed it out of my hand and studied it for a second with a really confused look on his face for a minute, and then he said, "Who the fuck gave Michael Jackson a gun?"

I had to explain to him that no, the man isn't Michael Jackson. No, this isn't a comic book. Yes, it is a romance. Yes, there are trucks in it.

*sigh* This is exactly why men should not be allowed to touch our books. :)

I loved DRIVEN. I can't wait to read HIDDEN! Great interview, ladies.

Mina Wolf said...

Loved Driven! I'm heading out today to buy Hidden!

Heather said...

No need to enter me in the drawing--I just wanted to drop by and say kudos on a fun interview.

I'm halfway through DRIVEN right now and it totally lives up to all of the buzz. I'm enjoying it very much and look forward to HIDDEN.