Thursday, June 19, 2008

New to me blogger

I'm thrilled when ever I find a new reader blogger. Sometimes I forget to post about new ones - and while I always book mark them, sometimes I'm slow to add them to the side bar. But sometimes the brain is in good working order and I remember.

Say hello to Kaja of Books and Games- the newest blogger I've found! And guess what? She's also a Crusader!


Taja said...

Thanks Kristie.
After keeping the blog private for so long it's a bit scary to go more public but fun and interesting too. Thanks for mentioning my blog and for giving me crusader status. I feel honoured.

Dev said...

Yay!!! Another Crusader :-) But really, how can anybody who'd ever seen N&S not be a Crusader??? It's just excellent.

Katie(babs) said...

Yeah to new bloggers and N&S fans! :D
*richard is still mine*

Kristie (J) said...

Ah - Katie - we discussed this already - remember?. You get Richard/Guy of Gisbourne and I get Richard/John Thornton. You can't have all of him.

Dev: *g* Taja was a double delightful find - one with Most Excellent Taste!

Taja: It is scary isn't it? I remember when I first started, I was scared that people would visit - then I was also scared the wouldn't *g*.
But it's a wonderful place to play and meet friends from all over the world! It boggles my mind still - that we romance readers are scattered so far and wide - yet we all have something very special to us in common!

Katie(babs) said...

Okay, I have no problem taking Guy and having my wicked way with him.

Sarai said...

HEY Congrats on joining in!!! Oh and becoming a crusader we like them *wink*

Christine said...

Thanks for the intro Kristie.

*checking out Taja's blog*