Thursday, June 26, 2008

Some Fun

By now you have seen this quiz making the rounds on the blogs.

And the lovely ladies at Book Smugglers tagged me!
Here's the deal:

Get yourself to the nearest book, flip to page 123, and copy the 5th sentence out here...

I am reading Sam's Creed by Sarah McCarty:

"She licked her lips, the next words lodge in her throat as a flush burned her from toe to head"

Such a perfect sentence for the tone of this book :D

Of course I need some victims... ahem... volunteers to play along. I have tagged:

Carolyn Jean
Lisa Bea
Jen B
Wendy the Super Librarian
Jill D

Katiebabs (KB)


MaryKate said...


I want Sam's Creed.


Carolyn Jean said...

MK: you are so funny.

LB: shit! You tagged me.

Christine said...

Nice movie title. I guess you like to eat people, huh? Like maybe on the back of a horse? O_o

Sorry that was tasteless.

(pun intended)

Katie(babs) said...

Now MK, aren't you getting some wonderful books sent to you by an equally wonderful person :D
psst... you can have it after I am done and read all about the adventures of horse sex.

CJ: You gave been double tagged teamed?

Christine: You are worthy of being a perv like myself :D

little alys said...

Oh no! We're going to get eaten on DIK!


Katie(babs) said...

I am the cannibal stealing hero!!
I will take all your heroes and eat them.

Aymless said...

LOL... And I'm coming back from the grave to haunt you if you do!

JenB said...

KB - I did this. It's on my blog.

*still grounded from Hotmail*