Sunday, June 22, 2008

This next week

Now that her celebrating is done, I'm relying on Katie to take over this week. You see, I'm on vacation - the first of three different vacation weeks - all completely different.
For this first one, my sister Nancy is visiting from Massachusettes. She will be here later today - and ACK - I really need to get moving on cleaning out the bedrooms from kitchen stuff. She will be here until Wednesday, then Lisa and I are driving back with her and flying home next Saturday. I will be able to drop in from time to time - but only very briefly - so the Wing Commander will be doing solo duty.
While I loved my sisters growing up - they also drove me nuts. Being the oldest of three, I was the responsible one. Lisa, being the middle one, was the peacemaker and Nancy following up the rear was the free spirit one. I recently read an article on the different personalities of sisters based on their birth order and it fit us to a tee!
But now that we are older - and all live in different houses - we get along like gangbusters and I'm REALLY looking forward to this first week of vacation time.
So with this announcement - I leave with Ramblings on Romance, etc in Very Good Hands.
I'll be back in a week.


Marg said...

I hope you have a great time with your sisters! My sister and I could not get along at all growing up, but these days we get along pretty well.

Dev said...

Have a great vacation, Kristie! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back :-)

Carolyn Jean said...

Have fun, Kristie! Sounds like some great plans. And a road trip! I was the oldest of three girls, too, and it's great to finally get along and have fun.

little alys said...

How wonderful! Have tons of fun with your sister, Kristie! My sis and I fight like crazy, but are the best of friends. ^_^
Don't party too crazy ;) Hehehe.

C2 said...

Have a fabulous week of Sister Time! Take lots of snacks.


azteclady said...

Have a great time, kristie(j)!

We'll help katie(babs) take good care of the place.

(Please disregard cackling laughter in the background)

nath said...

Have a great time Kristie and enjoyt he vacation! Lucky you!

CindyS said...

Have fun with your sisters! Road trip indeed ;)