Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Everod?! (Scandalous By Night)

Barbara Pierce has a new book coming out on July 29th called Scandalous By Night.
As I read the synopsis, I thought this look like a pretty good read. And the cover is pretty hot also.

"Even among that band of rakes known as les sauvages nobles, Lord Everod’s reputation is truly wicked. Countless willing partners have enjoyed his sensual prowess, but now one lovely innocent has his undivided attention. The alluring Miss Maura Keighly once lost Everod his family’s regard, and almost cost him his life. And no vengeance could be sweeter than the delicious seduction he has planned…Maura is on the verge of marrying another. Yet no sooner has she set foot among the ton than Everod makes himself known, tempting and taunting her by word and deed, filling her days and nights with illicit longing. His wanton invitation is plain, yet Maura’s passionate response blindsides them both. For the first time, Everod feels something more potent than lust. Simple surrender will never be enough; Everod must possess Maura completely. But the past cannot be so easily forgotten—and some desires are even more dangerous than revenge…"

But, then I saw the hero's name is... Everod!!

Insert your jokes here.
Katiebabs (KB)


kim said...

I think this is a series, trilogy? of hers and I'm pretty sure I read the one before this one. Is it Naughty by Nature? Anyway, I dont remember it sucking so it must have been alright.

LOL...that's quite an endorsement isn't it? She should contact me to put that quote on her next book.

Tracy said...

Everod? That's just kinda well, weird.

And it might be a good book, and I love purple...but the guys body on the cover looks like it's coming straight up intead of laying down. lol

little alys said...

No joke inserts anywhere *cough*, but definitely giggling nonstop.

Are you going to read it? *g*

Katie(babs) said...

I read the last one by Pierce and it was pretty good. I believe this is the fourth book in the series.
I also like the cover. I am a sucker for the ones with the guy and gal rolling all over satin sheets.
And when I was looking for future releases and read about this one I was very interested and then I did a double take on the hero's name.

"Oh Everod! Your rod is ever so ready for my flowery bud of woman hood!"

Ana said...

OMG! I just thought of Evinrud - from Bernardo and Bianca - the Disney cartoon. LOL. *is 12*

MaryKate said...

Is it pronounced "Ever - Odd?"

Because that would be hilarious.

Casee said...

See, weird names like that really take away from the story b/c of the sheer disbelief every time you read it.

So whatEver will he do with his rod?

I guess we have to read to find out. LOL

azteclady said...

Oh Ana, I'm so glad I'm not the only one!!!


Sarai said...

HA HA seriously? OMG wow nice name I guess and can you image he is scandalous by night?

OH well I've never read this author is she good?

Katie(babs) said...

Sarai: I have enjoyed Barbara's books in the past. The are nicely written and steamy romances. Hopefully everytime I see the name Everod on the page I won't giggle.

Dev said...

See ~ I'm pronouncing it Ever-Rod and am wondering how that could be a bad thing???