Thursday, June 14, 2007

What to do when there's nothing to do - part 2

Well, it’s another slow day at work – at least at the moment. If things don’t pick up it’s going to be a very looonnnggg day.

So – I was pondering – since I have time to do that today – about what I like in a romance hero – profession-wise (since I have time to ponder I may as well pick an interesting subject)

Not to long ago, the ladies at Let’s Gab had a poll on jobs we like our heroes to have. I voted – I always vote in their polls and the results sure didn’t match what I chose.

I think I’m yet again a bit of an odd duck when it comes to romance, but I picked the blue-collar kind of profession. But the winner was a rich business man type.

But for me – gimme a blue collar hero any time. There was a book I read a few years ago Getting What You Want by Kathy Love. The hero was pretty much an ordinary guy. He owned his own construction/restoration business and I loved that he ‘got dirty’ at work. Of course then she went on to write funny vampire stories and they just aren’t for me.

I would much rather read a book where the hero is a cop or a firefighter or a construction worker or whatever, ever so much more than a businessman or the owner of a huge corporation or a millionaire or whatever. While I know that romance is pure escapism, I still like a dose of reality.

I think when it comes to historical that’s why I prefer Westerns to English historicals. To me a cowboy, or a lawman or even a reformed outlaw just ‘works’ more than a duke or a viscount – or whatever. And I think that’s also why Dreaming of You is one of my all time favourite historicals. Derek was a ‘working man’ type much more that most of the English historicals.

Ron was a blue collar guy – a welder by trade – and I have some pictures of him in his working clothes – hard hat and everything and for me he’s just very sexy in those pictures. I used to find him much more attractive in his working clothes than in a suit. And if he hadn’t gotten home before me most days – I would have ‘proven’ just how hawt I thought he was.

I wrote the above at work – things did pick up a bit in the afternoon – thank goodness, so I didn’t get to really finish it. Then I was reading it and thought – I don’t have much more to say.

So – am I an island in preferring a less rich/titled kind of hero? Any books to recommend that have my kind of hero?

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CindyS said...

Dang, now I have to go and think but I'm with you but then Bob loves to build. I also prefer carpenters, restaurant owners, guys with a good income and can support their family. I don't need the rich board room kind of guy because I've met my fair share and in real life, they aren't all they are cracked up to be. I still enjoy the well written ones but I think it's part of the reason I never really fell for Roarke in Robb's books. He was just too rich and when you have that kind of money, I believe you can buy your way out of many things.

I also prefer working men in historicals but I'm not keen on when they are really a Duke and they are just slumming.

OH!! I also love the 'warrior' hero in the historicals. Normally he has fought for what he has and is not used to what a woman can bring to a marriage. I love those types of stories and Garwood was the queen of them.

Good Topic!


Wendy said...

That's one of the reasons I like westerns so much too - the "normal" characters. That not only extends to the heroes, but the heroines as well. They just have "bigger" issues than whether or not they're going to get an invitation to the latest ball.

As far as blue collar or working class heroes in English historicals - good luck! The only author I can think of is Lisa Kleypas. Oh, and the Judith Ivory historical, The Proposition - which you've probably already read :)

Mailyn said...

I think I’m yet again a bit of an odd duck when it comes to romance

You ain't alone there sister! I am way out of the batting field! LOL.

Rosie said...

I love ordinary guy stories, but would be a liar if I said I never read and enjoyed stories with rich guys. I loved the sports agent in MATCH ME IF YOU CAN by SEP.

I think the key is if the character seems realistic and genuine no matter what the genre the story is in.

Wouldn't you agree that not all white collar men are jerks and narcisstic just as not all blue collar guys are genuine and caring?

I think the key is believability. This topic actually made me think of Hugh in DEMON ANGEL. I loved his pathos. Yet he is really neither blue collar or rich. He's just genuine. Meljean makes us believe he's real and at the same time accessible.

I didn't really answer your question did I?

Lori said...

I also love ordinary guy stories, but like Rosie, I like 'em all *g*.

I think we all agree on the westerns - there's just something about those cowboys :)

Nikki said...

I'm with you! I prefer a cops, construction workers, fire fighters or military guys.

I love that Kathy Love book you mentioned. Don't care for her vampire books, though.

I really liked older Lori Foster temptations. Treat Her Right was about a paramedic, his pal was a fire fighter in Mr. November. Good books . Also Messing with Mac by Jill Shalvis about a contractor.

My husband is a construction guy, he started as a carpenter and now he wears a suit. I don't like the suit very much.

Great topic!

Kaitlin said...

Kristie-I prefer blue collar kind of guys too. My dad is extremely blue collar, so I have a hard time relating to the white collared professionals. They just seem too girly to me or something. LOL! So, I'm weird too. :D