Sunday, June 03, 2007

Very Bad and Sad Book News

I was in the Walmart near me yesterday and my heart just about broke. Lisa and Nancy can confirm this.
You see, the Walmart used to be a most Excellent place to purchase books. They were always 25% off and they often carried books that they don't stock in Chapters or Coles which I can only get at 10% off with my Avid Reader Card and on a very rare occasion, 20% off. Many books in the Dorchester line for some reason aren't shelved in either Chapters or Coles and if I weren't so much a part of the internet romance community, there are many a Very Good Book I might have missed. But Walmart often came through for me and at a good price.
But they have been redoing the store and have moved the book department a couple of times. When I went there yesterday, the book department was only a quarter of the size it was two weeks ago. ONE QUARTER!!! The ONLY romance books they had were a scant few Harlequins - and that's about it. I asked a long-time employee if they were going to be adding more to it, but she said she didn't think so.
I am crushed I tell you, crushed. I don't often write letters of complaint, but I sure do plan on it this time. How dare they decimate the book department like that.
I'd better quit now before I get myself all worked up again.

'til later

I should have quit while I was ahead. When I noticed their lack of a book department, Lisa mentioned about ordering them online. I just checked out their Canadian site and they don't even HAVE books to order. If I may borrow a line from KarenS - that just bites great hairy donkey balls


CindyS said...

Our Walmart has never really been a good place to get books. The odd one here or there but nothing mind blowing. Sorry that they have ruined your fun.


Karen Scott said...

Kristie, this is how it feels to live in England. Your situation is the status quo for us. If we want a decent selection of romance books, it's either Borders or Amazon, and even then Borders over here only have 3 or 4 tiny shelves which makes up the romance section.

Kristie (J) said...

Karen: That would be a HORRID thing - not to be able to pick them up, fondle them, check out first page etc!!!! I think you romance readers across the pond should rise up in revolt! Kind of like an English Revolution.

Cindy: They used to have a HUGE selection. But now would you believe they don't even have NORA??????

nath said...

welcome to my world Kristie :( I'm sorry, but this is exactly the same as my walt-mart... doesn't it suck? Perhaps you can try a zellers if there's any near your house.

ReneeW said...

Those b*astards! Another reason to hate Walmart. You must write a letter of complaint (not that a big corporation cares about individual customers - but it's worth a try).

Mailyn said...

Our Walmarts are pretty good in the book department but, since I buy mostly Amazon, I don't really go there. It does suck that you are out of the option to get cheaper books!

C2 said...

Welcome back! And sorry about the bad luck at Walmart. They've been working on the book section at mine, isn't smaller but they have moved so much around I can't tell if the romance area itself is smaller or not (I think it is). Weasels! The children's/YA section seems to be bigger (and movie tie-in crap) and the inspirational section seems bigger, too.


Jodi_Lee said...

Our Wal-Mart selection is crappy too. I laughed so hard at your stolen that's funny! LOL