Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another reason I'm such an 80's

and a 70's and a 60's girl - a trip down through my memory music lane


The fun found at YouTube

I cut the grass today - early 'cause it was a hot one and I didn't have to cut the whole thing 'cause the heat with no rain has pretty much dried it up. While I cut I had a marvelous time singing along to the M3P player. (or is it MP3 - I don't know)
These are the newest songs I need to add to the M3P player for the next time.

I always loved this one - and Rick Springfield wasn't bad.....

(kind of wish I was Jessie's girl. I would have dumped Jessie for Rick in a heartbeat)

Some Stones music I really like, some I don't, but I think this is my favourite one of all. Not sure why - but it's fun to sing and dance to *g*.

You just have to love the way Mick prances though

'til later

I may be back if I find other good ones.

OK - that didn't take long

Another one I adore

(boy they had big hair didn't they??????)

And I couldn't find a "video" for this next one, but I always loved this song - even though I couldn't understand what he was singing and had to mumble through - just like he does.

And I always thought this one was hoot. I'm not sure if it's the real group or not but it's certainly wacky enough to be.

Now we're getting into the 70's a bit. We saw this next singer many (many) years ago. I remember I was pregnant with Brent and felt very odd going to a concert. This is my favourite song by him. I'm thinking Wendy might know some of his music

And last - I just have to include this priceless video! I used to love this show and was so bummed when they cancelled it. We'd watch it every week without fail.

And OMG - to all people my age!!!!!

Look at what I found. Who remember this one?? I SAW this episode!!!

For the whole song Atlantis, which I loved (and I believe we are talking the 60's here) you can catch it here

And lastly - I loved this song. This was back before they had such a thing as music videos


Lori said...

Well, there's an eclectic mix for you. I'm laughing because I had a huge crush on Rick Springfield, too. And he just came through on tour a couple months ago. The place was filled with screaming ladies in their 40s. It was a crack up!

Men at Work brings back some serious memories, as does Bob Seger.

Thanks, Kristie!

Mailyn said...

Rick used to look damn fine! I wonder what he's up to now.

Julia said...

I use to love Rick! He was fine looking....the last I have seen him, he made a guest appearance in soap opera "General Hospital" recently.