Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Brand New List - *evil laugh*

It has come to my attention that there are readers out there who haven't read another one of my all time favourite books!!!

I've read a lot of Karen Robards books but none have grabbed me as much as the story of Rachel Grant - innocent school teacher and Johnny Harris - bad boy jailed for a crime he didn't commit.

This one is a romantic suspense and while the suspense part isn't all that great, the chemistry between Rachel and Johnny is off the charts! As I mentioned on Cindy's blog, this is my Numero Uno reread book. And that is some accomplishment considering the number of books I've read over the years.

This one fits into my two favourite themes - younger hero/older woman - although the age difference isn't that big and they aren't that young, and innocent hero wrongly incarcerated.

So far I have two people I can encourage (hound).


I will be watching!

'til later


Now see - that's what I get for rushing! I didn't even give the name of the book! *stupid aren't you?*
The book in question is One Summer by Karen Robards


Kailana said...

My friends read Karen Robards. I will have to see if they have read the two you recommend. :)

Devon said...

I've never read this. I know I've got a couple of Robards somewhere, but I don't think this one. Is it historical?

Marg said...

I caved real easy on Dreaming of You......this time I.Must.Resist!


Rosario said...

Oh, no Marg, don't! Don't resist, really, it's worth it. And I guess this means I'll get on your case, too.

I like your new mission, Kristie! *g*

Kristie (J) said...

Kailana: I was reading your comment and kind of scratching my head since I only mentioned one book. I went back, reread what I wrote and realized I didn't even mention the name of the book! It's only one - and as you can see by my edited post - One Summer by Karen Robards - silly me

Devon: While she has written quite a few historicals - and that's when I started reading her, this one in particular would be more RS - with not that good a suspense (at least for me) - so *g* no, not a historical

Marg: LOL I'm hoping you fold like wet tissue, cause this one really is good! Rosario says so too *g*

Ro: I knew you read and really enjoyed this one. I think we're both suckers for the same kind of storyline as in this one *huge grin*. Thanks for helping convince Those Who May Be Reluctant in giving it a try!

Karen W. said...

I loved ONE SUMMER too, but my favorite Karen Robards books are WALKING AFTER MIDNIGHT and MAGGY'S CHILD.

Kristie (J) said...

Karen: I really liked WAM and MC too - specially Maggie's Child, but there was something about OS that just got to me putting it ahead of those other two. Oddly enough - and for no particular reason I can think of, I haven't read that many of her recent ones. Beachcomber was the last book of hers that I've read. Hmmm - I'll have to fix that. I think she got kind of lost on my radar when she switched to hardcover and I read a couple of not-so-good reviews. But since I don't always pay attention to reviews anyway, that gives me some more books to find! ARRRGGGHHH
She also wrote some most excellent Historicals too. Tiger's Eye was GREAT and I really liked Nobody's Angel.

Karen W. said...

Thanks for the recommendation of TIGER'S EYE. I have it but haven't read it, so I'll dig it out. :-) I haven't read Robards's newest, but I've kept up pretty well with her books. I liked VANISHED quite a bit.

Karen Scott said...

Oh Kristie, this is going on my Amazon wishlist in preparation for this weeks order! I think we may have similar tastes in books!

Kristie (J) said...

Karen S- LOL - I'm at work here sneaking in real small so no one notices I'm on the 'net. I read your reply to the recent reads first and cackled to myself when you said you love boy toy stories - thinking - aha! another one to add to the newest list. Then before I replied I thought I'd check this one - and saw you're planning on ordering it - heh heh. Younger guy/older women stories - yummers!! I think you'll like this one too although the suspense is a bit weak - the rest of it is great!

KarenW: Oh you simply MUST read Tiger's Eye! I't an if you liked/loved Dreaming of You - you know "that" book, then you'll feel the same about Tiger's Eye. The hero in TE (and darn I forget his name) is a similar type to Mr. Craven.

Zeek said...

I *think* I've read this one- in fact I'm sure I have! It was a goodie from what I can remember. (I used to gooble her stuff up)