Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oh maaaann!

I really have to stop this!! I stopped at the mall on the way home and of course made a quickie stop at Coles Book Store where I picked up

If You Deceive

If You Dare

If You Desire

All, of course by Kresley Cole

Night Falls Like Silk by Kathleen Eagle
(mind you this was a hardcover on sale for $5.99 - kind of hard to turn down)

Then when I got home there was an order from Amazon waiting for me at the back door. Thankfully he closed it tight this time.
Books I had ordered

Midnight Man

Midnight Run

Midnight Angel
All by Lisa Marie Rice because Rosario says they are good

And finally
The Duke's Proposal by Leslie LaFoy because I have the other two in the series and I like her writing.

And I'm still working on my thoughts on FIVE books now!

'til later


Lori said...

Quite the haul! I've read the LMR books - they were pretty good. Lots of people put them on their best of the year list - I didn't go that far, but I enjoyed them.

nath said...

LOL, Kristie! Nice haul, but you have to stop! or else, what are you going to buy in TO?

C2 said...

Impressive! :-D

I can't speak for the rest of your loot but I agree with Rosario about the Lisa Marie RIce books...they're very good (though, like Lori, not on my best of the year list).

Wendy said...

Night Falls Like Silk is a sequel of The Night Remembers. The hero in NFLS was a secondary character (a child) in TNR. I lurved TNR, which has some great gothic atmosphere. Still have to read NFLS, and don't even have it in the TBR. I keep telling myself to check out a copy from work and read the darn thing....

CindyS said...

You and me both - I have parcels winging their way to me from all parts of Canada from Chapters and I just ordered a few books from the States.

When you are in the mood, you're in the mood ;)


Mailyn said...

Well, at least you won't be bored for long with all those books! Always look on the bright side. LOL. :-P

ReneeW said...

Wow, lots of bloggers have been in a buying mood lately (i.e. Rosie). I love it. I've never tried Cole yet so I'll be waiting for your opinion (no pressure :). LMR is very good, I read one of hers and enjoyed it (very hot too). I think I need to go shopping this weekend.

Kristie (J) said...

Renee: Are you the one who posted about the LMR books at AAR? Cause that's the one that made me really want to give them a try. And when Rosario said Midnight Angel was the best - well, I just HAD to get all 3 - didn't I? And I've only ever read one Cole myself - and it was one of her paranormals.

Mailyn: LOL Nope not bored. Now I have the opposite problem. Where oh where to start and which oh which book to pick

Wendy: I'm pretty sure I have The Night Remembers. Now I'll have to check. I don't think, if I do, that I've read it yet. I really am have to going to take a page from some bloggers. No new books until I've read 50 of the ones I have! Can I do that?

Cindy: I'ts almost like books have become my "go to" thing - replacing chocolate! And it is just SO MUCH fun coming home to parcels for this 'scared of her own mail' reader

C2: Well - I started Midnight Man last night and haven't got to the meat of it yet - but I'm liking it so far. Good enough that I anxiously waiting until I can get home and sit outside in the steamy weather and read a steamy book!

Nath: LOL - Oh I still have lots more I want to find. There can never be enough bought books *g*. Most of my list though are older - thus the panting for UBS's

Lori: It wouldn't be quite so (scary) except for the other haul I got on Sunday. Add them together and I scare myself!

Casee said...

Hi Kristie! I've seen you around various blogs and decided to check out your blog today.

So did amazon send each book in a different box? They always do that to me and my husband thinks I do nothing but order from amazon all day long. *rolleyes*

Kristie (J) said...

Well hi Casee - Welcome!!! Nope this time they all came in one box. I was actually kind of surprised. I figured the LMR Midnight books would come in one and the Leslie LaFoy book would come in another. I suppose it depends on whether they have them all in or not.
Of note - I just heard yesterday from Amazon that some books I ordered back in July of 2006 were delayed (no kidding!) and am I still interested? I couldn't find a place to reply yes - cause they weren't even showing anywhere, so I sent an email to the help desk. I heard back today that they were no longer available through Amazon although I could order them through an independent through Amazon (and pay those shipping charges? No thanks!) But Amazon were also going to credit me with extra for being so patient and since they felt bad. Thus - I will be ordering more once I get enough of a pile for free shipping again.
Ahhhh - the cycle never ends!

But I bet even though your husband thinks that - it must be fun to get so many "presents!"

Kris said...

Wow, great haul. I have never read LMR, but i have heard great things about her books, I just am not sure where to start. Please let us know what you thought of those after you finish them. :)

ag said...

nice haul you have there. I'd be interested in how you find Kresley Cole. I've got her 'Hunger' on my TBR, and looking forward to getting bitten by the hunger.