Friday, June 22, 2007

Just a quickie

I'm almost packed, and here are the books I'm taking

Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand - Carla Kelly - Regency
Under the Voodoo Moon - Laura Leone - old Harlequin
Night Life - Elizabeth Guest - Paranormal
The Sword and the Sheath - Bonnie Vanak - Egyptian Historical
The Templar's Seduction - Mary Reed McCall - Medieval
Shooting Star - Colby Hodge - Futuristic

And in my purse and currently reading

Shadow Hawk - Jill Shalvis - current Blaze
Castle of the Wolf - Sandra Schwab - Historical

Now of course I won't read them all. But as we all know - you just never know what reading mood you'll be in and I think I have them all covered!

Also - I found a few new or new to me bloggers recently! I love that!

Casee of Book Pimping one book at a time
Chantal of Reading All Night Long
Julia of Julia's Book Corner
Mollie of Biblioharlot
Shelly of Bewitched by Books

Now I really REALLY have to run!

'til later


Jennie said...

All those books for just a weekend! LOL. Always prepared. ;p

Mrs. Drew! Mrs. Drew!! It is delightful. :)

Dance Chica said...

Have fun! :-D

Rosie said...

The books we pack are almost more important the clothes, aren't they? You have a good collection there. Have a great time.

Mailyn said...

Have fun!

LOL at this title: The Sword and the Sheath. Can they be more obvious? LOL.

Devon said...

Have a blast! You packed some great sounding books. I look forward to seeing what you think of them

Jenster said...

Have a great time!!!

ReneeW said...

Yup, at least 6 books for a weekend sounds about right. I hope you try Mrs. Drew. My favorite Carla Kelly. Wonderful book. Have lots of fun!

Julia said...

It is excitment to discover your blog too :) Thanks for introduction :)

Have a good trip!

Chantal said...

Hey, glad to hear you had a good time :)

If we do this again next year, then I hope I get the chance to meet you and Cindy.