Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Weekend 0r Why I threw away my shoes

I've seen this authors books before and always wanted to try one

I've never heard of this author but I was still under the spell of medieval times

And still under

And - yep, still

Uh huh - you guessed it

Sigh - still. But Cindy bought her!!

So I had to buy two - right?????

And yet still theyweren't out of my system

Ah!!!! Finally!

But now I had something else in mind

I've never tried this author before

And this one was a forgone conclussion when I saw it on Sybil's blog

I've read a number of Donna Kaufman's books and enjoyed them

And I've always wanted to try one of Alison Kent's single titles and the price was right!

Now back to historicals!

We have pirates

And I'm not sure what category this is. I call it Americana

Then a few Harlequins

I like her single titles

And I haven't read a Nocturne yet but this one looked interesting

A few former autobuy authors I haven't read in a while

Don't know why I stopped reading Sandra Brown - but that will change now

And while I've given up Nora's trilogies, I still love JD Robb and I like Nora Roberts single titles

And this one is a new-to-me author I've been wanting to try

And I read a book in this series and enjoyed it. But the cover of this one is awful so what a better time to buy than at a bookstore I only make it too once every few years?

And another new-to-me author

And finally we come to the final book - other than the ones that were duplicates

And this is why I didn't have room for shoes

Boy - that took a long time to do ;-)

'til later


C2 said...

Wow! And I thought Cindy made a haul! My goodness, who needs shoes?? LOL

Jennie said...

Very nice haul, Kristie! That cover for Completely Yours is the man tittiest man titty I have seen in quite a while. He has bigger boobs than me. Sadly. And it's just a really bad cover---who thought that was a good idea? And what drug were they on? Lol.

Mailyn said...

OMG that's a LOT of books! LOL

CindyS said...

23 books! And you were trying not to buy too much!

The cover of Southern Comfort - yum. Read that one because I have a feeling the cover is going to sucker me in but if you say it's not worth it I may be able to keep my dignity ;)


nath said...

this is a great haul!! but you know what, it's all because I ended up staying 2 extra days in Toronto that I have more books than you... otherwise, you'd had have the biggest haul! Oh man, I dread the moment I'll have to upload my booklist LOL :P

nath said...

wait, wait, wait! I knew it! didn't you have more books than that? Like our last trip to the World's Biggest Bookstore? Because I don't see the new Alexis Morgan!!!

Lori said...

Wow - what a haul!!! Of the ones that I've read, I liked them all. Some were fluff (like the Smythe with the big man titties *g*), but all enjoyable. I do like Karen Kelley a lot. And I love Sylvia Day, except she uses the C word over much, but... and then... well, as I said, quite a haul. Seething with jealousy over here.

Wendy said...

I have several of these in the TBR. I've read a couple of HH titles by Charlene Sands and enjoyed them (The Courting of Widow Shaw & Winning Jenna's Heart). She also writes for SD, and the one I've read I wasn't that wild about. Great hero, snotty heroine.

Chantal said...

Awesome! Let me know when you read Enslaved. I have that one, too.

Kris said...

Wow, everyone is getting stacks of great books, I am so jealous.