Monday, June 11, 2007

More Recent Reads

One of the things detractors or people who don’t read romance (and this would include Lisa) say is romance is all the same. Guy meets girl, they fall in love, problems arise and then everything is solved. Basically this is probably true, but I’m sure you can say the same thing about any genre.

But these next two books couldn’t be further apart in style, writing and overall tone.

The Preachers Daughter by Cheryl St. John


An untouched woman……

Lorabeth Holdridge longed for life and experience! Cloistered by her strict father, her world was confined to chores and prayer. Her chance of escape came when she took a job as a housekeeper to a boisterous family. Lorabeth reveled in her newfound freedom. And when Benjamin Chaney visited, she felt the stirrings of her first crush.

A hard-bitten man…

Jaded and cynical, Ben found it hard to trust, though Lorabeth’s sweetness soothed his battered soul and taught him joy. But he would have to face the demons of his past to find a glorious future in Lorabeth’s arms!

Why this one: I’ve been reading Cheryl St. John’s Harlequin Historicals for years and I’ve always enjoyed them; some more than others of course, but she is an author I don’t want to not read.

Level of Steam: No danger of burning yourself

My Thoughts: This was a gentle, tender, heartwarming story. I have (or did have – I shall have to check the ‘library’) The Doctor’s Wife but I’m not sure I read it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it is still there so I can see Ben’s beginnings. He is another one of Ms. St. John’s wonderful heroes. He is the town vet, a respected, caring individual. Yet he doesn’t seem to see himself in that light. He was scarred by his childhood and is afraid to really ‘feel’ anything.

Lorabeth is adorable. She is kind and giving and incredibly naïve. In some books this could be annoying, but not in this one. She has lived her life under the strict control of her humorless preacher father and when she sees an opportunity to escape she leaps at it.

There isn’t anything earth shattering that happens in this story. If I had one word to describe it, that word would be heartwarming. It’s just about two people, inexperienced in life, finding each other and falling in love. Ben has more obstacles to overcome due to his horrible childhood but he is healed by the tender love of Lorabeth.

I’ve been reading Cheryl St. John for years. I have many of her early books. She has never failed to deliver a good story.

Grade: 4.5 out of 5

And now be sure to visit Sybil. She is doing a Cheryl St. John day. I only ducked in briefly – work don’t you know. But now I’m curious to see everything she has to say.

Midnight Man – Lisa Marie Rice

Blurb: Interior decorator Suzanne Barron’s new tenant is the most dangerously sexy man she’s ever met. Navy Commander John Huntington, a former SEAL (aka Midnight Man) works best under cover of darkness. Within hours of meeting him, Suzanne has wild, ho-holds barred sex with John, then panics at the depth of her passionate warrior. Suzanne doesn’t do sex like that. John is definitely someone she needs to avoid for her own peace of mind. But when killers come for her, Suzanne knows she can turn to only one man, John will guard and protect her body. But who will guard and protect her body against John?

Why this one: I’m not quite sure why. I’d seen it mentioned a number of times as being pretty good and when it came up again at AAR (of course now I can’t find it) for discussion, I just decided that I needed to read these ones so I ordered the whole series. Plus it’s the first print copy of Ellora’s Cave I’ve bought. I have a few e-books by them, but they don’t stock them here so I figured I’d order them online

Level of Steam: It’s gonna burn you and burn you good

My Thoughts: Now this one on the other hand, was completely different. I’ve heard about Lisa Marie Rice and I think I have another book by her – again a check with the ‘library’, but if I do, I haven’t read it yet.
Unlike the rather Beta male Ben in The Preacher’s Daughter, John is alpha. Very, very alpha. A former SEAL, he left the service due to a busted knee and opened his own security company. He is checking out an old refurbished building owned by the heroine, Suzanne and is instantly consumed with a massive case of lust that slowly turns into love. And even though he was a super alpha type hero, John had something going for him – enough that I found him very interesting. Suzanne was a bit too much of an innocent. I liked her mind you, but they just seemed a bit unevenly matched. I’m glad I got these and I’m already almost done the next one – Midnight Run.

Grade: 4 out of 5

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ReneeW said...

I loved The Doctors Wife but I didn't realize it was connected to TPW which is on my TBB list. Many of her books have the 'healing power of love' theme and she does a fantastic job of them. I have this LMR book somewhere in my TBR. Sounds like just the thing when I'm in the mood to read something hot (which is most of the time).

Mailyn said...

My problem with romance isn't that it's "the same" because I agree that most genres ARE the same! Some books [in any genre] are just better written than others. It's just the cliche stuff that has me up in arms. But I do looooove my faves like LORD OF SCOUNDRELS. I so wish I'd run into another great book like that one! Or like Stuart's A ROSE AT MIDNIGHT. That was one very tortured man without all the added cliche stuff that a lot of writers put in. Anne needs to write more historicals!!!!

Tara Marie said...

Love Lisa Marie Rice, the Linda Howard of Erotic Romance

Rosario said...

Love Lisa Marie Rice, the Linda Howard of Erotic Romance

Yep, that comparison is right on the mark. Or maybe a combination of early Linda Howard and Shannon McKenna.

Tara Marie said...

Rosario-I've never read Shannon McKenna, maybe I should start?

Kristie (J) said...

Renee: I went to look for The Doctor's Wife last night and grrrr - couldn't find it. I'm hoping it's in another one of 4 or 5 *wince* boxes I haven't unpacked. TPW is about the younger brother of the heroine in TDW

Mailyn: Well I know of another book that you might enjoy. It's an older one and the mystery isn't the best part of it, but it is one of my favourites. You are now on the list!

Tara Marie: She is good!! I finished the second one and I'm reading the third one now. And I DID find another books she wrote! Port of Paradise. I'm pretty sure Jay sent it to me a while ago so now I have one and a half more books by her. And that is a good description of her writing.

Rosario: It is a good comparison with Shannon McKenna - but I think I like Ms. Rice better.

Tara: not Rosario - but my favourite McKenna is her first one - Behind Closed Doors.

Kris said...

These both sound great, thanks!

Rowena said...

Both of those books sound pretty great, especially the one about the ex Navy SEAL, I wanna read that one for sure!