Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Weekend - Part 3

So – now we are up to Sunday morning. Again, it was very relaxing. We all read for a little while and then started packing.

It was as this point I ran into a little problem. You see, I over packed and didn’t have quite enough room for everything in my suitcase. I did get it closed – it was mostly books and I had rolled up my clothes into tiny little balls and put them in the carry-on bag. I thought it would be easier that way since I could pull the luggage. Then on that final look around the room I noticed that I hadn’t packed my running shoes. There was just no way those puppies were going to fit into either the suitcase or the carry-on. Well – with the encouragement of Nath and Ames, there was only one thing to do. In a choice between ratty old shoes and brand new book – books win out every time!! So I tossed them. Yep – I threw out the shoes.

Now it’s not quite as bad as it sounds. I had tried wearing them just before our walking/shopping marathon and the hard plastic back of one of them rubbed through the rubber and they were rubbing against my heel. I would have got terrible blisters if I tried wearing them – so I needed a new pair anyway. But I think it struck us all as funny that I would throw them away just like that.

Of course I did manage to find just a wee tiny bit more room for the book Amy was reading and then lent to me – Lora Leigh’s Forbidden Pleasures. Something tell me that one is going to be WAY outside my box ;-)

After breakfast sadly and reluctantly, it was time to say goodbye to Nath and Amy as I was taking the noon train. I left them trying to figure out how to connect with Chantal and it looks like they found a way. And they bought even more books!

The rest of the journey was pretty uneventful until I pulled into the driveway of the house and did a Great Big Huge OOPS. It seems in my rush to leave I had neglected to close the side door – no, not the gender neutral screen door. But the big door, the door that get’s locked at night. Which means that I left the house not only unlocked, but open since Friday morning!!???

And Zina the Not a Warrior Princess has let her displeasure about me leaving be know. The great thing about most cats is you can leave them for a couple of days as long as there is enough food and water for them. But they do have a way of getting back at you though. Non-stop meowing for over an hour, let’s their owners/servants know they are not happy animals. Even though it get’s on the nerves after about ten minutes, I do admire persistence in my wee Zina.

So that’s it! My weekend adventures. Of course still to come is the book list. We’re going to share pics and since I have NO idea how to zip before sending them, Nath sent me instructions.

Last thoughts: It was wonderful meeting Nath and Ames as it has been every time I’ve gotten together with Cindy. Although on the surface we don’t appear to have much in common, both of them are considerably younger than me – they are younger than my sons even(!), I think a love of romance books makes a very strong bond. I’m not sure how to put it except it’s like we are in a very special group where like recognizes like. And I’m so lucky to be part of a community where you can meet as strangers and within minutes, fast friendships have developed.

Ames is thinking of making it a yearly event and I sure hope that happens ‘cause I’d love to see them again and maybe meet even more bloggers that I’ve gotten to ‘know’ in person!

'til later


nath said...

LOL :D now, the post makes it sound really bad, as if we value books above else :D well in a way, it's true... but then, your running shoes were beyond recovery :)

I'm all in for the yearly thing :D There's still some UBS we haven't gone too :D and then, think about it, Kristie, lounging at Cindy's pool :D cool!

Oh, and yeah, that's a major Oups. you're lucky that you weren't robbed or anything.

Rosie said...

You know this is inspiring. Maybe us SoCal people can get together. I know Lori and Holly aren't too far and Wendy too. Who knows?

Thank goodness Zina and the house were okay. Glad you made it home safe and sound.

Holly said...

I agree, it is inspiring. We should work on that, Rosie. :)

Mailyn said...

OMG thankd god you weren't robbed! Glad you had so much fun with the girls.

avidbookreader said...

I've enjoyed reading about you all meeting up. I'd love to hang out if you're ever in Houston, Kristie!


avidbookreader said...

@your house, scary stuff.

Julia said...

I love reading stories travelogues of online friend meeting each other. It just inspired all of us to do that :) Sound like you, Nat and Ames (please forgive me if I spell your name wrong) had great time!

In my world - books is so far more important then other stuff (okay except for TV LOL) *grin*...but so glad to hear you wasn't robbed!

Jennie said...

Thanks for sharing all about the weekend---it's fun to hear about. :)

Old running shoes definitely aren't as important as books!

And I read a Lora Leigh, and she was definitely outside my box. Lol.

Kristie (J) said...

Jennie: yep - the running shoes were disposable - the books no. Although I did get a couple of books I already had. One I noticed before we left and I passed it onto Ames. The other I noticed once I got home *sigh*

Julia: in the summertime they're even more important than TV. I don't think I've watched TV in the evening since Dances with the Stars and Lost finished

Keishon: I was horrified when I got home and saw the door was wide open. I must not have been paying attention at all when I left - in too much of a hurry to get to the train station - where the train was late.
If I ever am there, I'd love to hang out with you too *g*. Unless it turns out I'm deathly air sick or something - don't think I will be - I wasn't 27 some years ago - I want to start traveling more - so one just never knows.

Mailyn: I know I'm lucky!! Ron used to be the one who made sure the doors were locked at night and I don't know how many times I've gotten up in the morning to discover I forgot to lock them. But 3 days is very scary even for me!

Holly and Rosie: You should try and work something out! Of course then the rest of us will be pea green with envy. But it's neat knowing that right from the start - before you even meet, you have such a strong connection going. All you have to do is start talking romance books and all that just met you awkwardness disappears.

Nath: yep - the running shoes were beyond recovery. But I'm still chuckling at the way you and Ames told me to just throw them out.

avidbookreader said...

There are like a million bookstore haunts in Houston. You'd find some treasures, for sure.*g* You know, one of the best things about going to book signings is meeting other readers. I love it. However, glad that everything turned out OK at home but you must becareful!! Double, triple check those locks at night! ---Keishon

Karen W. said...

I'm glad your trip was so great, Kristie! Book shopping with like-minded people sounds like heaven to me! :-) I would have done the same thing with the shoes too! And don't feel bad about the door. I went away for a weekend in Orlando in January and left my front door slightly ajar. :-/ Luckily, the cats didn't go out and the neighbors noticed it the first night and shut it for me.

CindyS said...

Shoes, shmoes, you got others ;) I cried a little on Sunday because meeting everyone was over - I know, I'm such a suck. Bob was all 'did we leave too soon!?' and I was no, I just miss them already.

I have so done the door thing but unlike you I would have gone in with a baseball bat and called out 'I know you're in here and I've called the police!'. Then I would have checked the library ;) On that note, when do you leave for RWA? I'm thinking Bob and I may be in the area ;)

You and I should organize a blogging convention in Toronto but I always feel bad making people come to me.

And yeah!! Nath and Ames and you and hopefully Chantal can come and lounge by the pool. We already have a pool boy - BOB!


Rosie said...

Geez, a cabana boy built in that's mighty enticing. I'll have to ask Holly if MM would do that for us.