Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I've been tagged by Devonna on 20 things that annoy me (today).

1. My neighbour and his damn generator
2. My neighbour and his damn generator
3. My neighbour and his damn generator
4. My neighbour and his damn generator
5. My neighbour and his damn generator

(I was really annoyed with him this morning!)

6. Ridiculous reviews on Chapters web site
7. I would say the price of gas, but it's down right now. But what does annoy me is thinking that 95 cents a litre is "down"
8. The price of parking downtown
9. Having to turn the air conditioning on at 5:00 'cause it's too hot in the house
10. Electric lawn mowers
11. Looking at really long grass
12. Trying to get open the shed that is probably full of spiders, not being able to and then deciding to cut the grass with an electric lawn mower another day when it will be even longer
13. Losing yet another pair of glasses!
14. Summer construction that is on all the roads you need to travel on
15. Spam email - I really don't need a penis enlarger thank you
16. Settling down for a night of TV watching and discovering there is nothing you want to watch
17. (not so much annoying as scary) looking at the piles (and piles and piles) of books I have to organize
18. Putting a book that I'm almost finished down and not remembering where (also goes along with 13 - that forgetful thing
19. Finishing a really good book
20. Trying to decide what to read next when there are piles and piles of books that are calling to me, each one yelling louder than the next "pick me! pick me!"

Let's see now, who else might be annoyed

OK - anyone who has a mad on.

'til later


Devonna said...

I can empathize on

1 ~ Except it's my neighbor and his damn mower, right when I'm settling in to a good movie




17. ~ have you seen my linen closet?!

20. ~ I'm reading a really good book right now but can't concentrate on it because I have another one screaming at me to read. Problem is, I don't want to quit the one I'm reading now.

Valeen said...

95 cents???

Is it really sad for me to say that you are lucky? And that's cheap?

We are at 1.10 and its supposed to be regulated. The only reason we are there is b/c they called a provincial election last week and the Premier dropped it at the same time. It was 1.19 before that.

Crazy. Absolutely effing ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristie:
If you need a hand organizing books let me know. :-)

Mailyn said...

LMAO at 1-5!!!! I hate stupid neighbors like that. Ugh.

Oh and picking up the next book is sooo hard when you have a few good ones to read. :-(

Kailana said...

I am with Valeen, our gas is 1.12! I think... Oh no, gas changes tonight. It better not go up, I need some. (We are regulated too... come on .95!)

Nicole said...

People who drive ten miles below the speed limit.

People who don't use their turn signal.

Can we say I've been having some driver issues?