Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ect. Time

For the past few weeks I've been watching the most astonishingly good show!!!! I've watched American Idol for the past few seasons but about 3 weeks ago I started watching Rock Star Supernova and I'm amazed at how good it is. Dave Navarro drives me bonkers and every week I think "do up your shirt dude - you really aren't all that even though you seem to think you are" and whatever I say about Tommy Lee would make me eligible for slander. Jason Newsted is rather boring but I quite like Gilby Clark. My sisters would say it's because he has long hair (and they are probably right *g*). And while Brooke Burke is a bit bland, she certainly is attractive and much much less annoying than Ryan Seacrest *shudder!*
Watching this show makes American Idol or it's sister show Canadian Idol pale in comparison. What makes it so good is the amazing talent of the rockers trying out for the lead singer job. These people, at least the ones I've seen are really really good!!! Their voices, each and every one of them are fantastic. In watching AI there are always singers that aren’t all that good, but each week I’m thinking I don’t want to see any of the performers go on Rock Star. Their stage presence and presentation, their energy is phenomenal. When I watch the first performance I think I want to see that one win. Then I see the next one and think the same thing. And then again and again with each one. What is also so good to see is how they really seem to appreciate the talents of the other singers – well except for Dilana’s rant, but since I missed that part it didn’t bother me.

And their music selection!!!!! Nary a Barry Manilow or Neil Sedaka in sight. Rather I find it an excellent mixture of rock music I used to listen to; The Police, Billy Idol, Areosmith with the current rock music of today. What I find most astonishing is that even with many of the current songs they sing, I may not know the title or the group, but I’ve heard the song before. I guess it paid off to have to listen to the music my sons listen too.

When Brent and Ryan found out I was watching American Idol, they groaned and rolled their eyes and teased Ron unmercifully that I was making him watch it. But when I happened to mention to them in passing that I was watching and really liking Rock Star Supernova, it turns out they watch it too. We’ve had a few real good talks about who did the best job, who should win etc. I didn’t think I would ever really agree with them music-wise. It’s been most enjoyable. I don't know - watching this show somehow makes me feel like I'm not quite as old as I sometimes think I'm getting!

I didn’t watch the first one with INXS even though J.D. Fortune, a Canadian, won and now I’m wishing I had.

I know I’ve gone overboard with superlatives here, but this is one heck of a good reality show!!!

As to whom I want to win, well, Lucas. Or then again Magni is great. Of course Ryan is excellent, as is Delanna. Storm can really belt out a song. Toby is first-rate too!

‘til later


What I forgot to mention is also how much I appreciate the international flavour of the show. Lucas is from Canada which is relatively speaking, just up the block, but Magni is from Iceland. Iceland!! Fancy that. And Toby is from Austalia and Zayra is from Puerto Rico. I really like that aspect. And as far as the voting goes, it seems to be that it's based much more on talent or compatibility with the band than on what state/province or city the one trying out is from. That always drives me nuts about the Idol way - that you should vote for whomever lives closest to you rather than on talent. I've never been tempted to vote in Canadian Idol or American Idol (although I don't think I can vote on that one) But I did try to vote on Superstar via their website. I couldn't seem to figure it out though. Of course I wouldn't have known who to vote for anyway. I probably would have voted for every one of them which would have negated my votes really.


Devon said...

It's so rare (and nice) to find a show that everyone can agree on :) I watched the 1st season of this, and I loved it. Perhaps its b/c I'm more of a rock chick than a pop fan, but I thought the people sounded so much better than on AI. I haven't gotten into it this season (schedule conflicts). I have to try and check it out.

Kailana said...

The weird thing about the winner of the INXS version of the show, is he is friends with my boyfriend. I didn't watch, but sort of knowing the person that won was cool. Better than the fact that George Canyon is neighbours to people I know. The sign for that town now is "Welcome to Canyon Country". blah. I don't watch any of those music shows, but my friends are addicted to "Big Brother". So much so they won't go out when it is on, which sucks for me when my day off falls on a "Big Brother" day.

ag said...

oh, I hope this show makes it way here. I'm getting a little tired of the idol formula.

On a brighter note, a dance talent show The Dance Floor will be hitting local telly soon, and it's def going to be a breath of fresh air.

Rosie said...

I haven't watched any of the Idol type shows or this one either. It amazes how many of them and their clones that are on TV.

My secret guilty show I watch? DANCING WITH THE STARS.

It can get pretty cheesy, but each week I find myself tuning in.

Devonna said...

I watched the show last season too. The singers then were great also. I've enjoyed it this season ~ although, after the first show I wasn't sure if I would because it didn't have the same vibe as last year. But, I got hooked fast and my favorites have changed the longer I watched the show.

I had to agree that JD was the best choice last season ~ although he started out pretty rocky. He made enemies really fast and had to overcome that ~ I think more than anything he was understood.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristie we watch supernova every tues and weds as a family and we all like it. Kevin thinks magni will win although we like Lucas sometimes he is weird how turns away from the crowd and watches the band.(I thinks he is nervous) Ryan is getting better he own song was great, I like watching Toby but you know I have a thing for accents(lol) So we wait and see. Glad you like it. Kevin thinks Zyia should go solo and more pop. Talk to you later.
Lori Berry

emdee said...

I really love this show. The performances kick ass and it is true balls to the wall rock!

Dylan said...

You know Kristie, I have tried so many different times to catch this show, but I can never do it...something always comes up and I always miss this show, but I did watch last years INXS one and was a big JD fan...

CindyS said...

I was a Marty Casey fan from last years INXS but JD really fits INXS. Last year I came to it late so there were only 6 people left and that is about where my comfort level seems to be. The perfomances were fantastic and yeah, all rock. I actually downloaded all the music they played on the show and made up a CD of the music. Awesome songs that you forget that you loved.

I didn't watch this year because I saw Tommy Lee and my head just about blew off. I'm not sure any singer should be listening to the advice of that man - child, whatever ;)

Oh, and I refuse to watch AI (saw it the first year and was fun but then same 'ol, same 'ol and the music!! Ugh.), CI, any talent show of any kind. I'm 100% the Amazing Race. Yeah baby!!


Kristie (J) said...

Devon: It has been very interesting comparing notes with the boys. And I don't even know if I'll be able to watch AI after this show - the music is so much better. And I think it's more honest

Kailan: your boyfriend knows J.D. Fortune? Cooool. Like I said I really wish I had watched the first one

Ag: looks interesting! We have a few dancing shows here but I haven't watched any of them. It was shere boredom that I happened to catch Rock Star

Rosie: see note to Ag. I've heard that Jerry Springer will be one of the next dancers on Dancing With the Stars. That should prove to be......interesting

Devonna: I have no idea who I want to see win. I think they are all so good. It's the next day now though and I see it won't be Ryan

Lori: I'm kind of leaning towards either Magni or Delana. It's a very slight lean though. We must do coffee!!!

Emdee: It is "rue balls to the wall rock" isn't it? And I'm really eating it up!! Even the kicking out show is good 'cause they still have lots of good music. I thought Lucas was great last night singing with the band.

Dylan: I've been checking out the website and been trying to watch past performances but haven't quite figured out if you can do that. I'd love to watch some of the earlier performances that I missed. I really recommend this one - despite Dave Nararro and Tommy Lee

Cindy: I hear you about Tommy Lee, but if you just ignore him (and Dave) the show is really good - and the music is fabulous! They sing all kinds of new and classics. Last night Storm even sang a Beatles song!

Bonnie said...

I've been lurking at your blog for a while now. May I offer my condolences on the loss of your husband, and how much I am enjoying (if that's even the right word) your walks down memory lane through the years with your husband. Bless you for sharing, may it help you in your healing, and may it be a comfort to others who have walked a similar journey.

What finally brought me out of lurkdom was your mentioning RockStar:SuperNova. I *love* this show! I'm a total rock chick at heart, so it's been far and away better than any AI or CI could ever be. In fact, happy to admit I've NEVER watched a complete episode of either of *those* shows! LOL

I was hooked with RS:INXS last season, being an 80s gal & still mourning the loss of such a talented vocalist like Michael Hutchance. Side note: the evening it was reported he died, I was working part-time at a local music store, and I got on the loudspeaker to announce his passing over the whole store. I felt like a news anchor ... LOL!

But what I've liked the most about RockStar is that the contestants come on the show already pre-chosen. I can't *bear* to have to listen to the wanna-be's! I guess it's too many years having to listen to "special musical guests" in church ... with renditions that would curl your toes & make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. YIKES!

So I totally appreciate the musical-tude of these contestants. I would have to say that last year's season seemed a bit more exciting than this year, maybe because an established band was looking to recreate something old & create something new. And I'd buy tickets to go see them. Don't know if I could say the same of icky Tommy Lee if he was to come thru town ... LOL! Although, I gotta agree - Gilby Clark could leave cracker crumbs in my couch any day!

My wish - that Magni would win. He seems to have the chops & the maturity. Although Lucas gets the hometown vote, as I *am* Canadian too!

Here's to some hopefully KICK-*SS competition over the next few weeks!

And thanks for this blog, it's always a part of my daily blog reading!

— Bonz

Lori said...

How did I miss this post yesterday? Rockstar is the only reality show we watch *g*. Love it! And although I thought the contestants were more talented and less image-oriented last year (I was a Marty fan), I must admit that they definitely picked a good group and fit for this particular band.

And Kristie, I must disagree - Jason Newsted is anything but boring - I adored him in Metallica! Perhaps compared to Tommy Lee and Gilby Clark he's less... colorful, but definitely not boring :)

Kristie (J) said...

Hi Bon(z)nie: Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read about life with Ron and me. It helped SO much writing about him; the good and at times the not so good. Marriage is a real journey and ours ended way to soon.

I kind of caught Rock Star by accident. I haven't been reading much and although I have a whole wack of movies I want to watch, the desire isn't there at the moment either. And I still can't watch the Jays - I really miss that but since they are doing awful at the moment - well. So I was channel surfing and happened to land on this one and was hooked. Like I said - I really wish I had seen the first one since I love the 80's music too. And I kind of think it's Magni for me too although I do like Lucas. And I like the fact that here in Canada we get that extra half hour bonus :)

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the welcome! I neglected to mention last night that I have also appreciated your book reviews as much as the sharing of your real life. Even as I adore books with a HEA, I know that sometimes in real-life, the "true" story begins after the "HEA". And that "ever after" can be far too short a time.

Blessings on your journey ...

— Bonz

Kristie (J) said...

Lori: Metallica is one of the bands that my sons listened to that I was tempted to ask them to "turn it down" But now, I'm finding I like their music :) I don't know who any of the members are, and I'm not sure who Gilby Clark came from - they told me but I forget, so I bow to your superior knowledge of them *g*.
But I do think Gilby is still the cutest :)

Lori said...

LOL Kristie! Here's your heavy metal lesson for the day :)

Tommy Lee is the drummer for Motley Crue, Jason Newsted is the bass player for Metallica, and Gilby Clark was the rhythm guitar player in Guns 'N' Roses.