Tuesday, August 22, 2006

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One Forbidden Evening by Jo Goodman

I seem to be getting my fiesitiness back and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Right now for example, I’m holding myself back from bopping our neighbour on the nose! I wanted to sit on our deck for my morning tea and he has had this generator running all morning. The really loud generator that is disturbing the peace of the morning!

So I came in and decided to write this.

I was checking out the Chapters website for the picture when I noticed this review

If I could give this book less than 1 star I would. This is the first book by Jo Goodman that I've read and it will be the last. The characters spend so much time talking that you get bored with the book and you just quit caring. If you want a guaranteed good read, grab a book by Lisa Kleypas or Julia Quinn, both great writers that keep you interested up to the very last sentence.

Booo, hisss! Someone left this review on the website. I objected to the whole thing. Being a great fan of her work, I thought, “characters actually talking to each other and getting to know each other – how dare Ms. Goodman write such a thing!!” Well, I just couldn’t let that stand!!! So I counteracted her review with one of my own.

I have long been a fan of Ms. Goodman and this is another excellent read.

Christopher Hollins, Earl of Ferrin was approached and propositioned by a mysterious woman at a masked ball. Not content to just let her go as she requested, he sought her out. Cybelline, a young widow, was a young woman who had secrets that she didn't want to share.

When Ferrin finally tracks her down, we slowly begin to see that neither of them are what the other thought.

Jo Goodman has a way of slowly, carefully unveiling her characters a little bit at a time until we come to know them intimately. Her writing is rich and deep and very, very good. To me she is one of the "hidden gem" authors of the genre. She is one of the few authors that I linger over, enjoying every word and nuance on every page. I highly recommend this book for those who are tired of the trite, lite historical romances that are so prevalent today. Her writing is sensuous and evocative. If you are looking for something deeper with character, she is a 'must read' author!!

I’ve just finished this book and as per all her work, it’s wonderful. Yes! Her characters ‘talk’ to each other. That’s because her characters are intelligent, have depth to them and don’t suffer the annoying “Big M”. When a problem arises between the Ferrin and Cybelline, they talk it through it and work things out.

I love how Ferrin is introduced as rather hardened rake but instead he is an entirely different character. He is compassionate, intelligent, in fact an inventor. He treats Cybelline with respect and honour. He doesn’t push her or force his thoughts onto her, rather he allows her to come to her own conclusions. When we first me Cybelline, we see her as rather wanton, seducing a perfect stranger at a ball. But once Ms. Goodman unveils her true character, we see a young woman deeply hurt by betrayal of one she trusted the most. Her reasons for doing what she did make perfect sense.

If you like your historical romance only on the lite side, then this one might not work. But if you like depth to a romance, then this one is one to be added. I think Jo Goodman ranks right up there with the best of them, Ivory, Kinsale and the other big names of the genre.

Grade: 5 out of 5


ag said...

welcome back, feisty kristie!
And yes, this one looks like a good read.

Mailyn said...

dear god no! what has the world come to when characters are talking to each other?!?! aren't they suppose to be having sex???

some people are even weirder than me. lol.

nath said...

haha, good one mailyn! Actually, I can't remember the last time I read a book where characters really talked to each other and didn't hesitate to ask questions and talk about their feelings and NOT assume things which lead to misunderstandings. I haven't read thsi author, but with such a great review... I'm probably going back to the book store soon :P

Dance Chica said...

This review does make this book sound pretty good. I think I might check this one out myself. Thanks for the review! ;)

Suisan said...

Oh darn!

I've lost my little scrap of paper with the titles I'm supposed to read.

Dammit, this one sounds really good--going on a new list. Sigh.

Kristie (J) said...

Ag: thankfully he stopped so I didn't have to do tne nose pop. Oops - spoke to soon, the jerk just turned it back on again!!

Mailyn: LOL It's not that I object to lot's of sex (and this one has it) but it's nice when they also develop what's called a relationship!

Nath: She's a wonderful yet surprisingly rather unknown author. I highly recommend her

Dancechica: You'll have to let me know what you think if you read it. I have lots more of hers I can recommend :)

Suisan: I had lists too and kept losing them so I finally started one on a spreadsheet on the computer! Amazon and blogs can be a dangerous/wonderful thing with their recommendations!

Devonna said...

I've never read a Jo Goodman book ~ I'll have to now. I tell you ~ I've gotten so many "new to me" authors since I started blogging ~ it's fantastic!

Thanks, Kristie.

Jane said...

Yeah for you, Kristie J. Feistiness is good for ya. I loved the Jo Goodman book too. It's so far removed from a below 1 star book, it's ridiculous. It makes me want to go post my own review there. I agree that Jo Goodman ranks right up there with the great "writers" of romance. Her characters are thoughtful. Her dialogue is superb and her Compass Club plotting was pretty incredible. If she could only gather up the book at the end. . .

emdee said...

I just finished this, my first book by this author,and I loved it! I shall read her again.

Wendy said...

*damn you Kristie* as I shake my fist in the air. I haven't bought a new Regency-era book in FOREVER - but I think I might have to check Goodman out. Characters who actually talk to each other? What a novel concept....

Amarjaa said...

Well, you've sold me on Goodman. ;) And I have to laugh at the first review. People sure can be crazy.

Kristie (J) said...

Nath: For some reason she just isn't that well known and I don't understand why????

Devonna: One thing about blog reviews - we pick up a lot of new authors don't we?

Jane: Wasn't the Compass Club series wonderful? I was in awe of how she wove the four connecting storylines throughout each book. And what was amazing was they all had such different personalities.

Emdee: this one is good isn't it! And all her other ones are just as good. I've read quite a few over the years and one of the remarkable things I've noticed is her growth as a writer.

Wendy *grin* Turnabout is fair play (heh heh) I got The Nightengale's Song from you. I've cut back quite a bit on historicals too - but this one is worth getting.

Amarjaa: I can accept that some books don't work for some readers the way the do with others, but like Jane said it is so far removed from a less than a below 1 star. Even if the richer, wordier books aren't you're cuppa, I can't see how anyone can't at least admire the writing in this one even if they don't really like it.

sybil said...

Yes wendy go get it!

I loved this book *even liked the end* The characters all bring something to the book without taking away from the h/h.

You can't say they talk too much. I am not even certain if you can say they talk as much as dance using words.

It isn't a fast, get in/get out read, but a book to slow down and enjoy.

Stacy~ said...

I've never read anything by Goodman either but Kristie, curses to you, I think I have to now LOL.

AndreaW said...

Finally, someone else who appreciates the great Jo Goodman! I have been a huge fan of Ms. Goodman for YEARS! I have all of her books and have never been disappointed in any one of them. She writes complex stories that have lots of depth and emotion. If you haven't read her yet, you are missing out! Get thee to a bookstore ASAP! :) ONE FORBIDDEN EVENING is fabulous and now one of my all-time favorites.

romancelover said...

I started this book and put it down after 25 pages or so. It didn't grab me right away and I have a lot going on at the time. I will go back to reading it. I, too, want characters who actually talk to one another instead of just having sex (btw...I'm currently reading...almost done...with a book in which characters only have sex and it's such a struggle to finish it..book was $14, too...) I'm an idiot!