Saturday, August 26, 2006

I had me one busy day yesterday

I decided in preperation for the library I want to build, to move all my books into one room. And since a great many of the books were here in the computer room, I would take them all downstairs where it's going to be. Now the computer room was also supposed to be a spare bedroom. It has a bed in it, but it was entirely useless. The bed was covered in books and clothes and other assorted odds and ends. When Ron went on afternoons last year, he was still asleep when I left in the morning so the bed still had clothes on it. And books, and bags of books and boxes of books lay on top of it. This had proved to be a problem in the past when Lisa needed to stay over for one reason or another. She lives out of town and works here in the city so sometimes she needed a place to crash. I would do this half-assed job cleaning up, but it was never really finished and I'd go to sleep guilty, knowing the room was still a mess. And I haven't mentioned the boxes of books under the bed!!
So, I went out the other day in order to get ready and bought 2 of those plastic 3 cabinet shelf units at Walmart, 3 more of those deep tubs and a laundry basket.
I haven't catalogued or even really made note of the books I have for years. I knew I had a rather large TBR pile but it wasn't until yesterday I saw it was *and I so hate to say this* out of control. I both the plastic cabinets in no time at all. I wanted to keep those ones upstairs. Then I started piling TBR books on top of them. Then that was full. So I started using one of the tubs I bought. I tell you I was starting to get a bit nervous at how large the pile was.
The books in the boxes and bags went downstairs - thank goodness Brent showed up for a bit so I put him to work carrying some of them down. I didn't open the boxes too much except to make sure they were filled while trying to reduce the number of boxes and convert the books in bags to boxes. That was a real tough job let me tell you! Every box I opened had at least one or two books I needed to reread. I found Lord of Scoundrels for example and the Hellion. Not only that, but I found 3 very very old Kleypas books that she wrote when she was first starting out. Most people have never even heard of them before - I'll be anxious to reread those puppies! There were a whole lot more I was very reluctant to assign to the basement. There were also boxes and boxes and bags and bags of books under the stairs. Now many of these were those huge plastic bins that hold three rows of books and man were those suckers heavy! At one point, after I uncovered yet another box of books in one of the closets, I actually groaned and thought "nooooo, not another box!"
So! Now I have all my books located in one room except for the TBR's. Next giant taks - ALPHABATIZING!!! I have a feeling that's going to take a couple of days as I uncover some of the best of the best. I also managed, and this was just a brief cull, to pull out 2 small boxes of books for trade. I know there are a lot more where those came from!!
Grand total *drum roll please* 42 boxes, 3 bags in the basement, 1 box of TBR,s and 2cabinets full of TBR's upstairs!! Yep, I have an addiction all right! *Oh - and one very sore back!*
I need to get those book shelves going - and fast! I'm planning to take before and after pictures.

'til later


sybil said...

I wanna play with kristie's books!

Kaitlin said...

Kristie-LOL at your description. Oh, believe me I know about having major boxes of books. When I was moving out, I had over 40 boxes of books to go thru. Moved with 28 and came home with 8. I've downsized to favorites only. I don't have TBR's, because I read all the books I buy immediately. I can't imagine having TBR's. :)

Congrats on organizing though. That's super impressive. :)

Devonna said...

Holy buckets ~ you're ambitious! Sounds like you've got lots of fun ahead.

And I agree with Sybil.

romancelover said...

3 very old Kleypas books? I want them NOW...give them to me! LOL...what are the names? I can never find names...I see a few on ebay sometimes but I always forget to jot them down. I'm always outbid...argh!

Robin said...

I simply refuse to count the number of books I have, for exactly the reasons your post reveals.

I'm one of those Kleypas readers, though, who loves a number of her really, really old books. Even though the writing was not polished (count the number of times she uses "suddenly," for example -- it would make one hell of a drinking game as long as you have lots of alcohol on hand), there was something edgy about a few of those books. For the most part, I paid big bucks for them on eBay or or Amazon (20 bucks for her first one, Where Passion Leads, I think). At least one was set in America, and one has a sort of Western theme and is a time travel, IIRC. I'll be anxious to see how you think they compare to her more recent Avon offerings (her early books were published by Onyx).

Rosie said...

When I was single I started with a bookshelf and always kept the books in alpha order by author last name...just like the library. I got queasy thinking I wouldn't be able to put my hands on a book I wanted to re-read and would have to hunt for it. Fortunately the habit stuck. Now I have 7 floor to ceiling bookcases full of my "keepers". In our shed *wince* I have 5 huge plastic tubs with my old Krentz, Brockway, Kleypas, Roberts, Robards, Johansen, etc. books I loved and couldn't part with.

Yeah...I sooooo understand addiction. One word of advice. I went through all my books (every one!!) two years ago when we remodeled. DON'T OPEN ANY COVERS!!!. As soon as you start doing that you might start reading the book and it might take you *clears throat* alot LONGER to alpahbetize and put the books away.

Good luck...I feel your pain!

Wendy said...

I have all my books in boxes too - and believe you me, it's really easy for the TBR to get out of control that way. Since the books are all stowed away, they're not "out" smacking you in the face. Not so much TBR anxiety that way, and of course I keep buying books. Bad Wendy, bad.

And shocking revelation here for a librarian - but my books aren't alphabetized. I have them stowed in Rubbermaid totes by "genre." So I have one tote for category romance, one for contemporary/romantic suspense, a couple for historicals etc. Heck I even have one tote reserved just for hardcover and trade paperback books. I keep telling myself that will be one I tackle first - but have I done that? Of course not!

CindyS said...

Alphabetizing made my last library feel scary! I will group books by one author together but I make sure they aren't in alphabetical order. That way, about once a week I end up running my hands along the spines of my books looking for one specific title. It used to keep my from buying more than one copy of a book. Now, I can't see them and I'm lost in the bookstore!

Way to go on moving all those boxes!! All in one room is a great start!

Can't wait for the pics.