Saturday, August 26, 2006

Moving right along on the book shelf front

Egads, I went to *gasp* Home Depot today!!!! Now that is a momentuous thing for me. While I worked in a lumber store a number of years ago, I never actually paid attention to their product. I just rang it through and noticed some of the rather *ah* good looking contractors. But rather than book cases, Lisa suggested we just build shelves against the wall. See halfway up, the walls are stucco and there are columns of wood running up them every few feet. So we are going to run wooden shelves from one wood column to the next. That way we won't have to try and nail into stucco. The advantages to this are the room will look a lot more open than if it was just book shelves. We figure we can fit quite a few on the shelves. Then if I need them, I can put shelves along the bottom. And the cost will be considerably less this way. I told Brent what we were planning on doing and he laughed and he laughed and he laughed. Now I have to do a real good job just to show him!
So we went to Home Depot to pick out lumber - we didn't buy it yet, we just looked, brackets and other stuff. Wow - that was surreal.
The lighting in the basement isn't that great so I also got a floor lamp ("which I put together myself" she said).
I'm going to take pictures this week for a before and after thing now that I have descent lighting in there.


I went looking for the old Kleypas books 'cause some of you wanted to know which ones I had.
Where Passion Leads
Give Me Tonight (I think that's the western time travel/reincarnation one
Forever My Love
I'll do a reread since it's been a long, long time since I read them and review them - keeping in mind I don't think Ms. Kleypas really acknowledges them anymore :)

Of course they were in about the 7th box I looked in and I also brought a few other upstairs too. MUST! STOP! DOING! THAT!

'til later


CindyS said...

Never heard of those Kleypas books. Super score!

I can't believe you went to Depot and didn't buy anything. I always tell Bob, Depot is not a browsing store, you either buy something or I'm not going in. Course, when you are going to Depot for the third time in the same day you get like that ;)


Kailana said...

I think the shelves are going to look nice. I look forward to seeing them when they are done!

Jennie said...

Built-in bookshelves usually look nicer anyway. Can't wait to see some pix. :)

Mailyn said...

Never heard of those either. Must be like the first books she ever wrote.

Gawd I need to do something about space in my house as well but I SUCK with a hammer.

ag said...

Those books sure sound alien. Bravo for organising a library --- wow, pretty impressive word, that.