Thursday, August 24, 2006

I cut the grass today

Ron and I had this deal. He took care of the outside work and I took care of the inside work. Of course it was rather a lopsided deal on my end because he was better at housework than I was so he ended up doing all the outside work and a good part of the inside work as well. Never really seemed fair and he did object sometimes, but overall it wasn't that big an issue. So far this summer the boys have been cutting the grass and the flowers didn't get planted. Ron kept saying he wanted to go to a garden centre and get some but he wasn't well enough to go and I don't know nothin' about no stinkin' flowers (I'm so not a gardener!!! People who know me know this. I'm not even sure the difference between an annual and a perennial. I know that one you have to plant every year and the other comes out year after year but I don't know which is which)
But Brent abdicated the grass cutting (I won't go into that issue) and Ryan has his own house now with his own lawn. He's also working full time, taking accounting classes in the evenings and he has a girlfriend. He's been taking care of the financial details so I don't want to rely on him too much.
So - it was left to me to cut the grass. I don't think I've cut it in about 3 or 4 years - probably ever since we got the electric lawnmower which I loathe with every fibre of my being. We live on the corner of a crescent so the lawn is larger than most, what with front, back and sides. I got the back cut without too much trouble and then moved to the back side section when I noticed the wing nut (I'm guessing that's what it is called) had come out of the one side of the handle and part of the handle was hanging loosely. I walked all over but couldn't see it anywhere. Since I could still run the lawnmower I continued with the damn thing listing. Of course then the damn, frickin' cord became a real issue. I had to stop constantly and move it out of the way since I haven't figured out how to mow the lawn without it getting in the way.
I finally finished, put it back away in the shed when I noticed the flower boxes Ron always planted that never got done this year. I started losing it then. I made it into the house, and once I did, the pain really hit.
This is the first big thing I've had to do since Ron died. In years past, the few times I cut the grass I would proudly announce "I cut the grass. Aren't you impressed?" and wait for Ron to be suitably impressed. He never really was enough to my satisfaction *g* though. But when I got in the house, he wasn't here to boast too.
But I'm going to say it anyway.
"I cut the grass Ron, aren't you impressed?"


Nicole said...


I bet he's watching you now and saying, "yes, I'm impressed".

Nicole said...

I refuse to mow the lawn. I've already told Nick that he'll have lawn mower duty (of course, he also hopes that we end up with a place that requires a riding mower).

Has to do with junior high middle school and my language arts teacher taking out his glass eye. Said eye was lost due to a mowing accident. So I will not mow the lawn. :-)

Wendy said...

It's those "little moments" that seem to be the hardest.

You haven't had the time or inclination I'm sure - but you might want to look into a lawn service. My parents hired a Mom & Pop service (a local guy) who does all the mowing, trimming etc. Mom said it was the best money they have EVER spent LOL. And I can't remember the cost now - but I remember thinking it was pretty reasonable given how much time and aggravation it saves you!

Mailyn said...

I'm sure he is sweetie. I'm sure he is very impressed by you. (^_^)

...and so am I. I can't work a lawn mower anymore than I can cook, or do laundry. it's hopeless so I say "go you!"

C2 said...

Good for you!! :o) Wow, do I hate to mow! Which is why I love my lawn guys. They zip in and take care of it in a fraction of the time it would take me AND they do it willingly (sure, they're being what?).

On an entirely different topic - Dylan over at Sanctuary's Finest just started reading Dreaming of You. You should go and brag on her. :o)

CindyS said...

Way to Go!! I know Ron's impressed.

Time for a gas mower, they are fairly inexpensive but buy one where you push a button to start it.

I should have shown you the beat up tractor mower Bob bought me. I have a blast cutting the grass and trust me, I used to hate it! I started on an electric - the cord thing is a real dance and the worst was when flicking the thing would whip it out of the socket. Grrrr.

Then we got a gas push mower but pulling that rope thing to get it started was sure to get me swearing up a storm!

I like everyone's lawn service idea but I like my lawn tractor too much now to give it up ;)


Devonna said...

I like everyone bets that Ron is amply impressed and I bet he's wishing like hell he could tell you the difference between an annual and perennial.

What is the difference between an annual and a perennial? (I also was born without the green thumbs that everyone else in my family were afflicted with). I think the perinnial comes back every year and the annual you have to plant every year? Maybe? I don't know?

Lori said...

hugs Kristie. He's impressed, you know :)

CindyS said...

Devonna - you're exactly right. Just remember that annuals have to be planted annually. Yeah, that should make it easier ;)

Most of the really pretty plants are annuals whereas some of the weedier looking plants or plants that only bloom for a month are perenniel.


Kailana said...

Man, if I end up marrying the guy I am with, I don't know who is going to do the lawn work or the house work. We both suck at it. He lives at a duplex right now, he is supposed to share lawn duties. The other person doesn't like mowing either.

To be honest, I stick to mowing the lawn at my own house, and I don't do that so much. Gardening, we won't even get into to.

Bookwormom said...

Well, I'm the oddball who loves to mow lawns, I guess. Me & Cindy. LOL.

Honey, IMO Ron's watching you all the time & is proud as all get out that you're coping as best you can.

Kaitlin said...

Perennials come back year after year. Annuals only once a year, unless you're a freakishly good gardener (like my mom) and end up with annuals that keep coming back. :) My mom uses an old-fashioned push mower. She says it keeps her young.

If I ever get a place with grass I'll have to have someone mow for me since I'm deathly allergic to grass pollen. Ugh! Can't breath it in, can't sit in it, can't even enjoy it cuz the thought of it makes me sneeze. :-S

I think Ron is greatly impressed with your accomplishment.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

Rosie said...

I've never had to mow the lawn...thank God!!! I'm glad you shared this with us because...I'm damn impressed!

While Greg does the mowing the flowers are my dept. I didn't get any planted this year either. It's the first time in eons we've been without flowers out front. It's too hot right now, but I've vowed to have fall flowers. I've really missed the bright colors.

Hang in there. I'm really proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie:
He's impressed.......I know I am.
Way to go!