Saturday, August 19, 2006

I discovered something interesting late last night

Although I hadn't been blogging much myself, I was still reading everyone else's blog. But it seemed no one else was blogging either. Where ever I went, fellow bloggers were still on the same blog. I wondered for example, why Karen S was so cruel to us all as to leave 'those pictures' up so long. (I'd link directly but it would go straight to 'those pictures" *shudder* and for anyone who missed them, well *shudder again* you're lucky. For anyone who did - you know what I'm talking about) I thought how odd that everyone seemed to be on vacation or brain blog dead at the same time. I was missing my daily blog fix. Then for some odd reason while on Tara's blog (who has now left us for a while) I hit refresh/reload and ta da. There were a couple of updates that I'd missed completely! So then I did it to everyones blog and was astonished at how many updates I had missed. I never had to do that before!! Glitch in the system I guess. So now I have to go play catch up. Now if only our Maili would check in *sigh*

And a thank you to Nicole (and Nick) for helping me finally getting a nifty avatar on my profile.

'til later


Dance Chica said...

Yeah, that's happened to me before too! It's always such a surprise to see the things you've missed. lol.

CindyS said...

Do you visit Nikki's Romance Book Crazy? I haven't seen a new post since the Black Ice review and was wondering if my computer needed it's cache wiped. Everyone else's has been going fine so maybe she's on vacation or taking a break.

I keep finding new and interesting readers blogs - I always wondered how you could visit everyone on your sidebar but I've discovered more and more blogs and now a good 10 of them aren't on my sidebar. Still, it can take me hours to visit everyone. Course, I don't stop talking so that might be the problem ;)


Kristie (J) said...

I see Nikki hasn't updated for a while. There are more I visit too other than those I have listed. I really need to add them too. I love finding new readers! The more the merrier :)

Bev (BB) said...

I'm having a similar problem with my Bloglines subscription to Dear Author. It took about a week for me to figure out there hadn't been any new posts from them and I knew that wasn't right. What's really weird is that when I have Bloglines check it comes up with new posts. It just doesn't want to show them to me as new updates.


ag said...

hmmm, bev ... the problem you described could be due to a delay in pings.

Last week, I went in to check my technorati linkages and discovered that the it hasn't been pinged for a while, so I had to grab the ping configuration code and add that. Haven't checked back yet ... maybe I should.

Bev (BB) said...

I think Dear Author may have changed their feed info because I unsubscribed then added the domain back to Bloglines and now I have updated posts. Happens occasionally.