Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm leaving shortly to spend the weekend with Lisa. She lives in the country and she's been wanting me to come out and stay for a few days for quite a while, but of course I couldn't earlier. I visit her every so often - just to get away, kick back and relax. And she bought new high thread count sheets for my bed. I just recently discovered that high thread count makes for much more comfortable sleeping!

Ryan and his girlfriend, Lisa and I went out for dinner. It was quite nice actually.

I'll be back Sunday night to continue.


Kailana said...

I hope you have a wonderful time!

Wendy said...

Have a wonderful trip Kristie! And happy belated birthday.

Marg said...

Enjoy...and thanks again for sharing your story with us!

Marnie Myers said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kristie!
I have really enjoyed reading your blog and have been touched through your story.
I lost my mother/best friend 7 years ago, 8 years December 29th. You would think that after these years it would be easier..Think again.. Time does help to heal but your heart still longs for what it doesn't have.. I have recently started seeing a Doc(shrink) because I started having panic attacks which the Doc thinks they started as a result of me not 'dealing with the loss of my mother'. I guess you could just say that I put it out of my mind and that is the worst thing you can do! It catches up with you, boy does it ever.. One thing my Doc says is that I HAVE to say GBye to my mom, she is gone now.. Have I officially done that? Nope but at least I am even contemplating saying goodbye because I have never been able to even talk about her in a pasttense sort of way..I am rambling here but I want you to know that your blog has helped me to recognize that I need to pay some type of tribute to my mom. I am not sure how I will do that but I know it must done. Here you are helping me and I should be offering you sentiments. Know that your blog has helped someone who needs to deal with their problems that result from losing a loved one..
I look forward to hearing your ramblings about a couple who dearly loved each other thru thick an thin..If you ever need to talk email me, Iam sure we have some stuff in common..Losing a husband/wife or mother/father can be very devestating to a person.
Have a great weekend and GodSpeed to you!

CindyS said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kristie! I think it is wonderful that you are getting away for the weekend.

I hope that you have some peace and quiet and a nice visit.

I can't wait to hear more about the life you and Ron lived and the pictures are wonderful! I know you need to blog it in your own time so no pressure. I just love this story because it is absolutely one hundred percent true and those kind of romances are the best kind.

Love Cindy