Saturday, August 19, 2006

For Suisan

Who is once again bringing up that controversial subject. Who does she really want?????

My love of all things pirate runs long and runs deep. I even roped my youngest son into it many years (and years) ago.

I obviously couldn't talk him into the boots.

Psst - just don't tell him I posted this. I don't think he'd be too happy these days if he saw it *grin*. I think his friends would probably make fun of this adorable little guy.

Now I'm off to watch the first one, so I can see if she really is onto something or not.

'til later

1 comment:

Suisan said...

*wriggling in delight*

But let me know what you think after you see the one in the theatres again. Not that the First One on DVD is a bad way to spend an evening either.

*still wriggling*

(Made you watch it, made you watch it!)