Monday, May 08, 2006


Well – just when I think things can’t get worse at the cancer clinic – they do. It’s happening fast. Ron is starting to hurt now. He has never liked taking medication for anything and it’s been a struggle for me to even get him to take Tylenol. But the pain is getting so bad for him now that’s not strong enough. I called the cancer clinic this morning and they agreed to call in an order for stronger pain medication to the pharmacy near us and I could pick it up on the way home. But could they leave it at that? Nooooo – of course not. Some nurse decided that he should go see his family GP for pain medication. That means at least a 2 or 3-day wait to get in. Once we do get an appointment, then it’s usually a good half hour or more wait to actually get in to see the doctor – who is not exactly a warm and fuzzy kind of a guy. He’s more like a “let me look at you; write prescription, next !” kind of a guy. Ron did not want to go this route. He is hurting NOW. TODAY. And this nurse pulls this shit. Not only that – but they called Ron to tell him. Not me!!!!!! Now he’s scared, hurting, scared of hurting more and upset that he can’t get anything for a few days.
I AM LIVID and needing to vent.

Well - apparently they couldn't prescribe the drugs over the phone because they contain opiates and a doctor needs to do that and *surprise* his oncologist is out of town.
I did get him into see his family doctor on an emergency basis. So now he has something stronger to take for the pain.
Still seems like a screwed up system though.


Maili said...

:( A friend's brother-in-law is going through a similar thing, so she asked me to collect URLs for her to read, especially for practical help. I thought you might like them, too:

Online Support
Wellness Community


Megan Frampton said...

Oh, Kristie. I don't blame you for being mad, that sounds ludicrous.

"Pain medication now" seems like a simple enough request. I hope you can find someone to listen to you, and get Ron what he needs.

ReneeW said...

There is no earthly reason he should be made to wait for relief from pain. That's just inhumane. Kick-ass and take names. Seriously. I hope they listen to you and get him what he needs now.

sybil said...

I could understand if they hadn't seen him before... but uh, this isn't NEWS to them.

I hope some of maili's links might help and I hope you are able to get this taken care of quickly.

many hugs to you

Kristie (J) said...

Maili: Thanks for the links!!! Also,someone is coming over tomorrow from the London Hospice, although Ron doesn't know it yet. He's going to be pretty ticked at me - but tough. I told him last week I would probably be doing some things he may not like for his (and my) own good. I was having a Krisite moment at work when the shit hit the fan over this and I posted this one. It was either that or totally loose it at work. I'm letting her out a lot more these days but she is a bit uncontrolable at times.

Megan, Renee, Sybil; thanks for listening to me rant.

ReneeW said...

Good job Kristie. So glad to hear this. Kickass Kristie is going to be an awesome advocate. The hospice people were absolutely wonderful during my mom's last days. Their first concern/priority is the patient and they became her advocate with her care providers and her doctors. Ron may not know what is best right now and the hospice people can help with that. I so admire your strength and pray that you and Ron get the help you need.

CindyS said...

Kristie, I'm sorry you have to deal with this. You would think pain meds would be readily available for your husband. I hope the hospice worker will be able to help with meds and comfort. Ron should not have to deal with pain - ever.



Suisan said...

You're fortunate in finding the Hospice. If there's one thing Hospice "gets" it's that pain medication is ESSENTIAL. Ask if they can refer you to a Pain Management Specialist--either an Nurse Practioner or a GP who's job it is to focus on pain amelioration.

Doctors tend to use pain levels as a diagnositc tool, even subconsciously, so they don't feel the pressure to Get Rid Of the Pain from the moment it beings to ramp up.

Pain Management Specialists are in the business of knocking the pain out at its lowest levels before it ramps up to being intolerable.

Chronic pain and acute pain are incredibly debilitating--it takes engery to fight it off, it increases your heart rate and respiration, it shuts down your digestion, etc.

Let us know how the Hospice visit goes and if they can refer you to a someone who can help you with the pain.

Hugs, m'dear. You're doing a great job, and we love you.


Wendy said...

Doctors (in the US at least) have gotten a lot more gun shy about handing over prescriptions for drugs so easily abused. But like Sybil said - your husband's cancer is certainly NOT news to these people. At this point, it's all about pain management. You should have been give prescriptions well before the pain got to be too much for him.

And good for you calling Hospice. Ron probably will fight you on it - but it's exactly what you're going to need for the long haul.

Tara Marie said...

I'm so sorry your going through this. I'm a bit surprised that the narcotics weren't prescribed once it was decided they couldn't do surgery.

Rant whenever you need, we're all here to listen.

{{{HUGS and Prayers}}}

Dylan said...


I'm thinking about you and Ron, and you're both in my nightly prayers!

Big Hugs,

Avid Reader said...

Here is a link with even more links on resources and more on MD Andersen site that you should check out as well:

If there is more info out there to be found - I'll email you.



Nikki said...

This is horrible!! I am so glad hospice is coming to help. I'm glad you are fighting for your rights!! No one in this day and age needs to be in pain like that!

I pray for you two everyday.

Fight on!

MissKris said...

There was a movied made several years back starring William Hurt, I think it was. I've never seen it but I've heard a lot about dealt with a doctor who became seriously ill. While he was undergoing treatment and all that goes along with it, he found out what patients truly DO go thru when they're terribly ill and it certainly opened his eyes to it. Having worked in the medical field for many years in the past, I know it's hard for people to understand but a job is a job is a job, and even those in health care face the same humdrum everyday-ness of going to work like the rest of us. Truly, for them they really do need to keep in mind that they're dealing with REAL people with REAL illness and REAL pain. With a cancer patient, tho...the obstacles you and Ron are dealing with are terrible...this should be a time when they're bending over backwards to try and make him as comfortable as possible. Go rant and rave and scream at some of the health care givers...bring it up to hospice or whoever. Sometimes they need to have a "wake up" call and I'm thinkin' this is one of those times!! Bless you, Kristie...