Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The revolving door - will be no longer

It's been a joke in the family in our house for the past few years. We have two sons - 27 & 25 now. First off the oldest moved out a few years ago, then moved back when he ran into room mate issues. Then he moved back out. A year later the youngest one moved out and a month later the older one moved back home. Then the older one moved out and the younger one moved back home. We've ever only had a month of being empty-nesters. Well - the youngest one is moving out in a couple of weeks again - so - I have decided that before the oldest one can move back, I'm going to make it so he can't - heh heh. I love my sons dearly but good gracious at their ages I was married with two kids!!! Our house isn't that big and the little birdlings are too big for the nest.

I have decided to turn the spare bedroom downstairs into my own personal romance library! Yes! Finally I will be able to unpack my boxes and boxes and bags and bags of books. When I feel like rereading an old treasure, rather than having to dig through the boxes in the place where spiders dwell, I'll be able to find them on shelves. Ahhhhhhh the joy of it.

We've decided to try and build them. And isn't that a scary thought for this non-handy girl. So - is anyone reading this has built bookshelves (I know Cindy's Bob built some but we aren't doing built in) any suggestions would be most welcome. I have a feeling I'm going to know my Home Depot by the time I'm done.

My sister is even donating a dehumidifier to the cause - and she doesn't read romance!

And alphabetizing - my heart leaps at the thought :)

'til later


~ames~ said...

YAY! I'm so glad you'll be getting your shelves and you'll really be able to enjoy all your books. They'll be laid out like a feast...woohoo.

And alphabetizing...I love doing that. Anything for me to handle my preciouses.

Bob & Muffintop said...

Great idea, Kristie! Post some photos when you're done! I can't wait to hear about your adventures in Home Depot. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yay! A library of your own. I agree with Amanda: Photos! Photos! It'd be great to have a chronological photographic progress recorded here on your blog. Including a photo of you or your hubby going insane trying to put up a bookcase. Preferably the one with foam coming out of mouth. :D

Marg said...

You lucky, lucky girl!

And as far as building the bookcases go...always read the instructions. They won't necessarily help but it's a beginning!

Tara Marie said...

Advice--if it's just shelving not a unit, make sure you get the shelf braces into studs. If it's a unit and it doesn't seem stable, anchor the thing to the wall.

Alphabetizing--aren't we all frustrated librarians?

Pictures are a must.

Kristie (J) said...

Oh I'm absolutely taking before and after pictures. I already told my sister I need to borrow her digital camera. I've longingly seen others pictures of their books and wanted to post mine - but it's just not the same posting pictures of boxes.

Bev (BB) said...

Several years ago my not ex built me two floor-to-ceiling shelves just for paperbacks in our bedroom out of 2x6s for Christmas. Absolute heaven, although I need about three more of them scattered around the house. They aren't exactly built-in but they are definitely anchored to the wall because they're so doggone tall, narrow and heavy. He could've used narrower boards and gotten more shelves in but I like how solid they are.

Have fun planning and playing.

Bev (BB) said...

Er, that should've been "now ex" not "not ex" even if he is like a knot on a log at times. Oye. (G)

romancelover said...

That's funny, but you're not alone. I have my own apt in SF, but I visit my folks quite a bit and just make myself at home. My parents joke that they can't get rid of me and at times tell me not to come over to "THEIR" house. I've lived away from home since I went to college, moved all over the place to be away from them and now...I'm older and realize that family is really important, so now I just want to see them and...well, I guess, feel like a kid again.

Anonymous said...

I've turned my spare room into a semi-library as well. We took one by ten inch boards and put them wall to wall across two of the walls, three deep. Its fabulous. But I'm already out of room.

My RH built them one afternoon and he simply made some, uhm not sure what they would be named, the triangle things that go underneath the boards to the wall - only he scrolled them all up to look nice. And that's how he anchored them. If that makes sense.

I have mine organized by author, then in chronological order by that author. Its amazing, I love it.

Megan Frampton said...

Oh, so envious! Not of the work--but the room with the books and the alphabetical! Ahh, bliss!

CindyS said...

Squeeeeee!! I'm so happy for you. A book shelf for a book lover is better than diamonds. *cough* Okay, a few diamonds would be nice ;)

Depending on how you want to build a bookcase - are you going to just put shelves up on the walls OR create a box with shelves (like a piece of furniture). Just remember that books are extremely heavy so having enough support so that the middle doesn't sag is a must.

I just bought a book at Chapters called A Space of Her Own becuase it had spaces with bookshelves. Now I want to go out and find pictures all over the web for you. Did I mention I love decorating?

Okay, for budget ideas you can buy a 4x8 sheet of plywood (birch, maple, oak) and then have the guy at the saw cut the piece to your exact dimensions. You might have to leave it overnight for them but having it all the cutting done by them is fabulous.

Another idea depending on budget again is IKEA. Sometimes you just can't beat their prices - You could go to their website to get some idea on pricing.

Squeeeeee! I'm just so happy for you!


CindyS said...

I meant to mention that you can buy shelving in anything at Depot but you can price out the shelves vs. buying a sheet and having it cut down.


Anonymous said...

Your own library? Wow, that sounds wonderful. You're going to have so much fun organising it (surely I'm not the only one who likes to organise my books on shelves LOL).

As a former "revolving door" kid (left home at 17, came back at 21, left at 22, came back at...no, wait. I then went and lived with my sister and her kids so technically not my folks LOL) I can understand your feelings on the kids coming and going LOL.

It's quite common here for young couples to move back with their parents to save for a deposit for a house (house prices are v high at the moment). Imagine having one of your sons and his gf or wife move back in? There goes the privacy LOL.

Kristie (J) said...

Romance Lover & Lanie; That's mostly why they keep moving back - to save money. The youngest one bought his own house - that's why he's leaving. And oddly enough he makes oodles more money than me.

For the bookshelves we were kind of thinking 2 different kinds. The top half of the walls are plaster - the bottom half wainscotting. So they would be regular type bookcases on the bottom and shelves on the walls - well, everyone will be able to see once he moves out and I post pictures. Right now it's just scary 'cause his room isn't the neatest room in the house.

sybil said...

hey wait I might need that room!

hmmm never mind put the books in there first ;)