Friday, May 12, 2006

Authors A to Z

I stole this idea from Amanda. Here is a list of my favourite authors A to Z – one each letter. In some cases it was really hard to choose just one – but here goes

A – Susan Anderson

B – Connie Brockway

C – Liz Carlyle

D – Justine Dare

E – Elizabeth Elliot

F – Gaelen Foley

G – Jo Goodman

H – Linda Howard

I – Judith Ivory

J – Tara Janzen

K – Lisa Kleypas

L – Linda Francis Lee

M – Susan Mallery

N – Kathleen Nance

O – Julie Ortolon

P – Candice Proctor

Q – Amanda Quick

R – JD Robb

S – Anne Stuart

T – Jodi Thomas

Udrew a blank on this one

V – Patricia Veryan

W – Penelope Williamson

Xdrew a blank on this one

Y – Rebecca York

Z - drew a blank on this one

So - if I ever write the definitive romance novel *snort* I shall write it under the name Zaphira Ugalia. That way I will be the only U on the lists!



CindyS said...

And I shall be Umpha Xavieria.

Course, not so romantic to have your name rhyme with diahrea.

CindyS - oh you have to tell which ones you had a hard time with. I'm just glad to see Stuart on your list ;)

Alyssa said...

This looks fun. I may give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Kristie-Just wanted to come by & wish you a happy Mother's Day. Click on my link and it'll take you to a little something to cheer you up. :)

Samantha said...

This is awesome, but harder than it looks.

And who is this Kleypas woman that's on your list? You've never mentioned any of her books before. Any recs? ;)

Kristie (J) said...

Samantha & Cindy: It is hard isn't it? The C's gave me trouble. I also easily could have given Marsha Canham, Loretta Chase or Pamela Clare that spot. Or Tom and Sharon Curtis. H was another hard letter. Lorraine Heath has a number of keepers for me. P also has Patricia Potter. Another favourite R is Karen Ranney.
Oh there's just a whole bunch. And heh heh on the Klepas rec *g*.

Kaitin: That was cute :)

Alyssa: it's harder than one would think to limit it to just one.