Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Love when this happens

I just found us another reader blog, Sandie. And guess what she read, although she didn't feel the cravin' for Craven *sigh*, But I have hopes with Nicholas.

I saw it Bam - it just took me a bit longer :)

'til later


ReneeW said...

Yay, another reader blogger!

Noneya said...

:shuffles forward from the back of the blogroom:

I humbly offer my apologies for lack of lurve for ol' DC...but, he just doesn't do it for me ya'll...

Renee offered another read I am going to try to find!

Back to reading...yeah!!

Kristie (J) said...

Sandie *grin* not everyone feels the love for DC. And as for Renee's suggestion, I hope not before you give Nicolas Kenleigh of Ride the Fire a shot I hope. Just think DDL of LOTM heh heh. It's wierd but every time I mention that book, I hear the soundtrack of LOTM very quietly playing in the back of my mind.

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