Thursday, May 11, 2006

Last Night's Lost

Just ducking in here real quick from work. Usually I do this in the morning but I was still thinking of things to say
That was a heavy duty one. Where to begin, where to begin?

First off – before I go any further - I am still stunned at the AI results last night!!!! How could it have been Chris??? I mean he is the best! I'm thinking a boycott is in order now for this formerly happy watcher. It has to be fixed!!! Elliott is still in and Chris is out? Something is wrong with that picture. I was sitting there in such shock when they gave the results (and urrrggghhh I can't stand that Seacrest dude - always like blaming people for not voting. Thank you very much but I don't need some 100% fake dude trying to pile guilt on my shoulders. Good grief I do that enough to myself!) I forgot to change the channel back to Lost. I had to kind of shake myself and go "right! Lost!"
Anyway – on to Lost. I found that one last night to be one of the most confusing episodes ever. I couldn't make heads or tails out of most of it. I think I must have gone "huh?" almost every 10 minutes or so.
I missed (due to shock) the part where they told Hurley that Libby had been shot. Didn't Michael look evil in a couple of scenes? And I must admit I just about melted at the end when Sawyer comforted Kate. And I don't know if it's just me but I'm really not liking Jack these days!! I always did prefer Sawyer, but I at least also liked Jack quite a bit. Now he just seems to have lost his brains and is ready to shoot from the hip so to speak without thinking. And he's getting very disrespectful of other people I think. Getting a wee bit of a God complex me thinks!

No questions were answered, only many more came up. These will be in random order as they occur to me.

Did anyone else notice that the bunker Ekko and Locke found seemed much more further ahead in time? For example, the message was on video whereas the message in the survivors was on the old reel to reel.
It looked like it had been long abandoned judging by the dust.
Did anyone else notice that the only camera that worked was trained on our survivors’ bunker?
Where the heck did the guy go who was manning the bunker anyway? He disappeared and that was the last we ever saw of him.
Why did John send that message up the shoot?
So why exactly does Ekko still want to keep pushing the button?
Why couldn’t Libby just have added, "shot us"?
The physic in Australia, I take it that’s the same one Rose saw but is that the same one as Clare consulted too?

Hmm – I may have to come back with more questions.

‘til later


CindyS said...

This one was a real head scratcher for me also. Did Jack overdose Libby so she could die?

I didn't even catch the psychic guy as being from one of the other stories but I'm pretty sure he wasn't the one Rose saw because that guy was a healer.

I think Jack has always been the 'science guy' - like Skully on X-Files and he seems to be acting with severe logic and I don't really blame him. Ana was dead and Libby wasn't far behind. The look of horror on Libby's face as she died was so terribly sad - it was like she realized that no one knew what happened.

Ekko thinks that the button in the hatch is important because his brother told him in the first dream he had on the beach. I'm wondering if Locke will continue because like him I would just be sitting there saying, this was all just an experiment and the sad part is that there have been people trapped in that hatch pushing that button for what seems like forever!

The video tape had the date 1980 at the end (copyright ensignia). I loved how Ekko said, we should watch it again (echoing John's words from the first tape).

I'm not sure what to make of everything. Sawyer is again coming in with a softer side even though we know he can be cold hearted. John's faith has been shaken. Poor Hurley. Jack's become manic in wanting to protect everyone

It was one of those shows that didn't have any real surprises in it. I always assumed the hatch was an experiment so seeing that on tape only made me go, uh huh. The Sawyer/Jack thing is always there although it looks like Locke and Jack might start playing on the same team.

Yep, head scratcher indeed.


Dylan said...

I don't watch Lost BUT I'm mourning Chris...I'll boycott with you!

Tara Marie said...

I'm with Cindy, I'm pretty sure that was a different psychic from Rose, besides Rose's was honest, at least with her.

Once again more questions than answers, but it was a great episode.

I loved that Ekko and John both dreamt about Ekko's brother and I was glad to see Ekko open up about his past.

Anne said...

Seacrest can't blame me... I voted a gazillion times for Chris. They rigged the show and it sucked ass. Got a post on my blog, heard that Chris will be on EXTRA tonight and will be invited to sing for a very famous band... can't wait to see who it is!!!

As for Lost... wowzers. I can't wait to see what happens next! According to my DVR, it shows that Michael convinces the other people (Jack and them) to go get Walt back... I think it's a trap. Hmmm.