Monday, May 01, 2006

The Cave Dweller in Me

I can't believe you haven't read/seen/watched/eaten/heard that

In many ways I consider myself a hip ‘n happenin’ granny. Well – I’m not technically a granny. Neither of my sons has yet to meet that special woman – but I could be one. Of course then they would probably expect me to granny-sit. And for me these days babies are cutest at a bit of a distance. I fit into the age range (shuddering at THAT thought). I like books with lots of hot sex in them and while technologically I feel a bit of a dinosaur, even the fact that I have a blog makes me more advanced than many. I’ve read profiles and ages of your typical blogger and I don’t fit it. But in some ways I live in a bit of a cave. I was listening to the radio the other morning and Timewarp Dance came on. And it occurred to me that although I know the song, I’ve never seen the movie. So – here are five of some of the things I’ve missed while being in that cave.

Movies I’ve never seen:
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Pride & Prejudice – in any of its incarnations

It’s a Wonderful Life
Schindler’s List

Books I’ve never read:
Pride and Prejudice
The DaVinci Code
Any of the Harry Potter books
Little Women
Anything by Stephanie Laurens

Television shows I don’t watch:
Desperate Housewives
Grey’s Anatomy
Any of the CSI’s (although I have watched a couple of CSI New York – I’ve always liked Gary Sinise)

Food I’ve never eaten:
Most type of pizzas
Hot barbeque wings
Wendy’s Chilli
Any kind of Mexican food other than one or two tacos

Music I’ve never listened to:
50 Cents
Beyonce (although I did like Destiny’s Child)
Michael Buble
Anything from Cats
Black Eyed Peas

So, any other cave dwellers out there or am I alone in the cave?

'til later


erika said...

Yesterday I finally saw the entire children's classic Charlie and the Chocolat Factory movie. In the past I would catch a bit of the movie and continue to channel surf. The Ompa Lumpa song is still in my head!

Kristie (J) said...

I haven't seen the Johnny Depp one yet although I've seen the first one with Gene Wilder a number of times - it was one of my kids favourites. That and the Neverending Story.

Anonymous said...

Kristie, are you sure its a cave you've been living in and not New Zealand? Cos that list is eerily similar to mine LOL.

I've never read (nor intend to read) the Harry Potter books. Don't see the appeal of House (sorry, but Hugh Laurie is and will forever be Prince George in Blackadder the Third LOL). Have never eaten Mexican food (oh no, wait. I have had nachos once or twice LOL).


Giselle said...

I can relate to a lot of your list but no Mexican food?!? That's a travesty! No enchiladas, chilaquiles, shrimp a la diabla, flautas, guacamole, burritos, taquitos? I'm not talking some watered down Taco Bell gringo version ;) I'm talking real Mexican food. Please, Kristie, get thee to a Mexican restaurant pronto. You're killing me here!

Tara Marie said...

Well, I hope I'm not old enough to be a hip granny, but I've got the cave next door.

I've never read any of the Harry Potters and don't feel the need to either.

Clueless when it comes to pop music.

The last movie I saw in a theater--Curious George, before that it may have been The Blair Witch Project.

Though I'm with Giselle, you've got to try Mexican, we eat a lot of Mex/Tex-Mex in our house.

Nicole said...

You've got to try Mexican food. If nthing else, a really good chicken quesadilla (it's perfect for food winmps). And Wendy's chili is nasty. Tried it once. Never again.

Well, I'm pretty much with you on the music. I never listen to popular music stations anymore except for the rock station. But I do like some of the music from Cats.

Samantha said...

I'm with you on most of the tv shows. I've only seen house and CSI and both are my additctions. Well CSI:las vegas is the FL version I don't like.

Valeen said...

Well, I have to say there are some on your list I haven't read either.

I've never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Casablanca, Its a Wonderful Life or Schindlers List. I've also never watched any of the scary movies, like Saw, etc that seem to be the rage right now.

I've never read Pride and Predjudice or the DaVinci Code. I also don't read anything written by JAK, or anything that isn't romance.

You really should catch a few episodes of House! Its really good.

Megan Frampton said...

I've never seen ET or Titanic.
I've only read one Nora Roberts book, and that was a J.D. Robb.
I never pulled an all-nighter at college.

Anonymous said...

Kristie, Kristie, Kristie *shaking head*. It's a travesty, it is. :)

I'm with you on most of the music and the TV shows, but the books? I dunno what to do with you. LOL! I'm a huge fan of the HP books, though not of the movies. Little Women is one of the first books I can remember reading on my own. Shame shame! *snicker*

As for Mexican food? Oy! I'm a huge fan of Mexican food. *sigh* I guess if you don't have a good one next to you, it's okay, but still! Experiment!!!

But, I can't say much about myself. I've never travelled out of Oregon or Washington. Have never ridden in a plane or a train.
Will NOT eat sushi or anything else fish related.

So, everyone has their own quirks. :)

Kerri Wall said...


No Grey's? Come on! If there is anything you are missing out on it is that.

But you are not alone! Even those of us 'hipsters' out there (and yes, I am tooting my own horn!) can't seem to do it all:

I watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers so many times I wore the tape through to the point it broke! Literally. Therefore, I felt no need to watch Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany's or any other classic.

I am a middle school teacher and I have never read Harry Potter! *gasp* (shock and awe, people, shock and awe)

I only eat tacos (when referring to Mexican food) because I prefer Cuban food (mouth is now watering for some yuka and fried plantains).

Black Eyed Peas are on my ipod even though I will NEVER admit that I sing along to "My Humps".


Nikki said...

Kristie, I love your blog. I can't wait to look at it everyday to see what new things you come up with.

I have never seen Casablanca, don't care to. I read one Harry Potter book and that is it. No more, I'd prefer romance.

I only watch Lost, American Idol and Amazing Race. I don't have time for TV. I would rather be reading anyway. I tried House and Grey's but just couldn't get into them. Oh yeah, in summer I watch Big Brother and Rock Star.

Got get some Mexican food, girlfriend! You are missing out!

Anonymous said...

Um...I'm sure you are a hip "someday" granny, but it's 50 cent.

The only thing I can identify with is your book list. Never read those either, and don't intend to with the exception of Pride and Prejudice which is on the TBR pile.

Oh and Firefly. Never heard of it.


CindyS said...

Hey, you get lonely, I'm two caves over and I have never been 'hip'. I have lived my life trying not to be in on what's 'hip'. Macarana? Vomit.

I'm glad to know that Casablanca has not been seen by every living thing on the planet because I haven't seen it and have no plans to. Actually I have seen parts of It's a Wonderful Life and last summer I decided that I needed to 'man-up' and watch Schindler's List - I don't think I'll ever get over the horror and I don't think you should watch it at least for a long while!

Food - Ohhhh, to never have to eat pizza. I would kill for that but after Christmas this year I have decided I don't need to eat pizza anymore - gives me horrible tummy cramps and throws my body chemistry out of whack. Thing is it is a Christmas tradition to eat pizza on Christmas eve.

Oh and no sushi - ever and Mexican food would probably kill me ;)

I'm with you on all the books except the last one where I read one of her Cynster books and never picked her up again!

The beauty of TV is I don't watch re-runs so over the summer break I will watch House and any other show I didn't watch during the normal season.

I listen to Top 40 music so I have heard most of 'em.


Rowena said...

Hey Kristie,

I haven't watched any of the movies you listed or read any of the books you listed except for the SL books, I read three of her books and then gave up, Vane's story was so stupid.

I haven't read the Harry Potter books nor have I watched any of the movies besides the first one so I'm way out of the loop with those ones...

...I don't know whether to feel like a granny myself since I'm only 25 and my daughter is only 7 and my list seems really close to yours, I'm goign to say that we're not granny types, we just have better tastes in books, movies and tv...

Although, I DO watch Gray's and House, LOVE those shows...I watch Gray's EVERY Sunday but House whenever I'm in the

Great blog sweetums! ;)

Jennie said...

I'm sadly non-hip, and I'm still in my twenties. :) Especially about music--when my friends start to talk about popular music, I just smile and nod. I'm also with you on the Mexican food--not really interested.

But Kristie, you really should give Harry Potter a try. The first two are just okay, but if you get into the third, you'll be hooked. They are the ultimate escape books. And P&P is one of my all-time favorites.

ReneeW said...

Kristie, we are about the same age and I'm somewhat amazed. I watched all those movies (except RHPS) and read all those books (only one Laurens, that was enough). But I'm with you on all the TV shows and the music and the food (except Mexican - LOVE Mexican). I'm still shaking my head about P&P though *sigh* (what am I going to do with you?). So that makes me a partial cave dweller I suppose.

My two kids are both at the age to make me a grandmother *shudders* (I'm too young!!!) and both of them are fairly serious about their current loves. So we'll see. Still a ways away thankfully. And when the time comes if anybody, and I mean ANYBODY, calls me 'granny' they'd better duck, because something heavy will be flying their way. There's got to be a 'hipper' name than 'granny'.