Thursday, May 04, 2006

Last Nights Lost

Well, I'm up. that's about all I can say. I have to go to work. I hate these f#%$in' deadlines. If it was up to me I'd forgo another day's pay (one of many downsides of contract work - no sick days) but I at least have to go in and see where we stand. And since I'm up and it's Thursday and I was up long enough to watch Lost (and do a wee bit of blog hopping) on to our regular Thursday feature since (finally) Lost was a new episode. Plus Cindy is waiting :)


Boy they are a gullible group. I thought something seemed fishy when Michael came back and told them The Others ran such a poor camp. We already had proof that they were very well organized from Claires story. But did our group of castaways even consider this?
Nope - off they hied to Sawyer to get the guns again ready to attack. And they sure do take the wrong track completely when trying to get something out of him. I'd be pissed off at them too. Do they ask nicely? No - they demand and then burn his reading material. If someone burned my reading material I wouldn't give them anything either.

How could Sawyer fall for the old "I'll have sex with you and then steal your gun" trick? I mean even I knew where Anna Lucia was headed with that one. Although one wonders how hard a hardship it was for her. Sawyer, Sawyer, Sawyer really - Anna Lucia????? Ya shoulda held out for Kate.

I kind of missed who/what Jack's father was after there. Anyone catch that?

And the ending! I didn't see that coming with Michael. Suppose the others brainwashed him?

I wonder if the producers planned that ending for Anna Lucia and Libby all along or whether it might have had something to do with their arrests earlier. Poor Hurley.

And did Michael shoot the guy in the storage room? I thought at first he shot himself but since he's in next weeks episode, I guess not.

And Tara - have you managed to watch the first season yet?

'til later


Tara Marie said...

1. I have not watched one minute of last season. My hubby swears he wants to watch it with me, and then decides to watch something else.

2. Do you think their both dead?

3. I wonder if Anna Lucia realized Jack is "Tom's" son?

4. I've come to the conclusion, Sawyer's hot, but maybe not the brightest bulb.

5. I think Michael shot himself in the shoulder. Has Michael become an other or has he gone around the bend in the search for Walt?

6. Could you see the blonde chick Jack's Dad was harassing? Could it have been Claire? Since I haven't seen last season, I'm not sure about her backstory.

If I think about it longer, I'll come up with more questions but probably no answers.

Kristie (J) said...

Thats what this show is about isn't it? More questions than answers.

I'm pretty sure Anna Lucia is toast, but maybe not Libby. We do still have to find out more about her. Since I haven't liked Anna since day 1, I'm not that broken up about her. I don't think we'll ever know if she knew the relationship between Jack and his father. And since I missed that whole scene altogether - at the house - I'm not sure.

I think Michael is doing whatever the Others want him to do to be with Walt. But shooting people - that's going way to far.

Yep, Sawyer's not the brightest bulb in the chandelier is he?

Dana said...

Jack's dad was looking for his daughter!

I can't say I'm too broken up about Libby or Anna Lucia. I'm curious to see if this Michael being evil thing actually has a point.

Tara Marie said...

Jack's dad was looking for his daughter!

How did I miss this, is it from last season or last night??

Dana said...

It was from last night. He didn't say it very loud so it was easy to miss.

CindyS said...

OMG!! The final scene blew me away!! I was all WTF and having Libby walk in a get shot - I think that was an accident because she scared him but I think he would have had to shot her anyways.

What's funny is when he said he was sorry, I got a niggling in my brain that said he could shoot her but it was only a flash but not only did he shoot her, he killed her!! The other thing is that the viewer (us) got to see that Ana Lucia was redeemed. She was going home to her mother AND she couldn't kill the other. Much like Boone and his sister, they had resolved their problems. I loved Ana Lucia but then I like her as an actress so I am sad that she had to go.

I read somewhere that the actress who is playing Libby had a new role for an hour show next fall so I was wondering what was going on. Libby's story line wasn't finished though so I'm wondering.

Michael shot himself in the shoulder and I think he will tell everyone that 'the other' shot everyone and escaped.

When Michael was talking about them being scruffy I totally believed that he had no clue. Because Henry had said that the leader was a wonderful, gifted man but that he was ruthless, I wondered if he kept the 'riches' so to speak to himself.


And it turns out that Jack has a sister because that was what 'Tom' was saying to the woman. 'She's my daughter!'. etc. There is a young girl that was taken by the others, wonder if that will be his sister but then, Ana Lucia would be the only one to pair them.

I swear, I could go on and on!!

Oh and the woman was not Claire, I got a clear look at her on the porch.

What am I going to do when this show goes on hiatus!! Squeeeeee!


CindyS said...

I DVR'd Good Morning America because it said it was going to error a deleted scene from Wed. LOST (it was just Hurly and Libby running on the beach) but the actress who played Ana Lucia was there and she said that she knew when she signed on that it would only be for so many episodes. She didn't tell any of her cast mates this but I figured that when I first saw her because she is more in movies than TV.

CindyS - no really, I'm not obsessed!

Kristie (J) said...

OK - so if Michael really doesn't know about the sophistication of the others, then why did he shoot Anna and Libby?

CindyS said...

Ooops, I meant to say that when he said they weren't sophisticated *I* totally believed what he was saying so I could see how everyone would take what he was saying at face value. Also, he's never hurt anyone before.

But yeah, Michael knows lots of somethings now ;)