Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cynicalality in an obscure way


I’m becoming a cynical bitch at times. I was reading posts at a certain publishing authors message board last night (why I did that to myself I don’t really know) and saw that one of the threads was about the upcoming releases of a new line the publisher is putting out. All these readers were posting about how they could hardly wait – that although they’ve never tried this particular genre before they were just so anxious to give it a try.
Here’s where the cynical bitch part comes in. Would they all be so enthusiastic if it was any other publisher but this one? Because don’t you know if the books are published by fill in the blank publisher they just HAVE to be wonderful.
In light of all the problems authors of this genre’s ebooks getting recognition, it kind of fries my ass that now that this certain publisher is jumping on the bandwagon it will now become acceptable. While on the one hand good, on the other hand what about the pioneers. Let’s hope they are recognized!

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romancelover said...

Somehow I think I know exactly what you're talking about it. I totally agree!

Anonymous said...

I suspect there'll be another thread shortly bemoaning the fact that the books were nothing like they expected *pout pout* *sniff sniff* And there'll be even more of a backlash since now 'they' will be able to say, nose high, "oh yes, I tried those books once. They give romance a bad name. Why, it was porn for women!"

And the rest of us will have to run for cover while another flame war ignites.

Kristie (J) said...

Romancelover: I think you probably know too ;)

Jay: I can so see that happening!!

Tara Marie said...

Should I go over there to make sense of this? It's one board I really try to avoid, the gushing makes me a little sick.

Wendy said...

Ah yes - I'm reading "those" books for review right now. Loved one of them (OK, color me surprised) and this second one (the historical one) isn't making a good impression so far. Stay tuned....

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes. The one with the glittery names and excessive animation.

I would never have visited if not for the negative press in blog land. I had to see what all the fuss was about.

I agree with Tara Marie. Just avoid.


sybil said...

god you people are evol

You do know I will have to go look now. SEE what you make me do *eg*.

Kristie (J) said...

Sybil: well I figure if I'm in a bitchy mood and doing odd things to make it worse - maybe I can disperse it by sharing :)

Tafka: yes glitter does seem to be rule of thumb doesn't it? Of course it's probably partly jealousy on my part as I still can't figure out how the heck to get an avatar of my own.

Wendy: I did read your review and it got me curious to read it - until I noticed the price. Why pay that much for an erotic romance through the publisher when I can get an e-book for much, much less. If they come out with a less expensive price I'll give it a shot.

Tara: well - if you're needing a overdose of sugar with a feel oh so good twist - maybe *heh heh*

CW said...

lol! Well, we can help with the avatar part. :P