Monday, May 29, 2006

Cindy's Questions - My Answers

Question: Would I trade my Canadian citizenship? If so, for what country and why and if not, what is so great about Canada?
Answer: Well, I don’t think I would give it up. While not overly patriotic, Canada is home and if I gave it up, then it would be like giving up home. But, if I were a much younger person and a more daring person when I was young, I would have loved to have gone to Australia for a few years. I don’t know what it is exactly about Australia that appeals to me so much, but it’s someplace I’ve always wanted to go. There was a girl at work who went there recently on business and I was pea green with envy! Upon further reflection, I think the Koala bear has much to do with it. I just love those animals! And years ago I read that Australia is the only country that has Duckbill Platypuses. How can you not love a country that has such an oddly named animal?
As to what makes Canada special; well first off there are the different seasons. Even as I’m cursing a blue streak in the winter over having to scrape my car off yet again, there is a part of me that likes winter. Spring and Fall are glorious seasons. I wouldn’t mind less heat in the summer – we’re getting a high of 33° Celsius today which is in the 90’s Fahrenheit.
We have funny people; Jim Carry (although I don’t think he’s that funny) Mike Meyer’s (although I don’t think he’s that funny either) Dan Akroyd, Howie Mandel (now he’s just weird although I used to think he was funny) and many more.
And hockey! I love hockey, even though few Canadian teams make it to the Stanley Cup these days. Edmonton is for a change this year. A good percentage of the players on all the teams are Canadian though – and some of them are pretty hot in spite of their hockey hair and those nasty beards they grow during playoffs. Playoffs in June are too much though. If I ruled the country I’d change that somehow.
And not that I’ve had experience mind you, but I have read that Canadian men make some of the best lovers in the world. Halle Berry might know though. That gorgeous model dude she’s seeing now is Canadian. (wow! Talk about hot!!)

Question: When you go to sleep at night, do you dream? Are they vivid and life like or happy go lucky
Answer: Well – it’s not very often I remember dreams when I wake up. They are pretty normal I guess at the time I’m having them and then for the few minutes I wake up and remember them, they are pretty bizarre. For example, knowing this question, I made a point of remembering one I had last night. I dreamed the city council in the city closed down the only thrift store in the city without consulting anyone. There was one day left to shop and I was in there buying up tons of socks. At the time I was dreaming, yea it made sense. I was just as indignant at the presumption of city council as was everyone else but upon awakening and remembering the dream, I couldn’t help but think “Kristie, you’re weird!”
When I was just a young thing, I did a speech on dreams (no this wasn’t the speech I gave where I fainted in front of the whole class – that was another time). In preparation, I had a pad of paper and pencil beside me so I could write them down before I forgot them. They were just a bizarre then as they are now!

Question: How long have you been reading romance and have you always been a reader.
Answer: Well I’ve always read romance of one kind or another, Mary Stewart, Daphne DuMaurier, Anya Seton etc, but I’ve been doing hard core romance for about 15 years now. I didn’t think it was quite that long but I was talking to someone in a UBS a few months ago about another book store they owned that closed. They owner commented that had happened 10 years ago and I thought “where did the time go?” And yep, I’ve always been a reader, from as far back as I can remember. When I was just a kid, I would “meet” my two younger sisters in the bathroom late at night so we could read together. I remember even back then loving fairy tales. I used to put on fairy tale “productions” in front of our fireplace for our parents. I was the writer, producer, director and star. My two sisters were the underlings and co-stars. That was one of the advantages of being the oldest. I made such a tragic Little Mermaid. Neither of my sisters claim to remember those times, but I think they are just jealous that I always played the lead.

Cindy, Cindy, Cindy – Question 4. Who knew you had such a cruel streak in you? What a choice you have given me. Although has anyone else noticed that’s two blogs in a row now that she’s included David Hasselhoff? Cindy has a cru-ush, Cindy has a cru-ush!
Answer: So – you are making me choose. Well it’s a tough one. They are all so gorgeous!! But let’s see. The blank look in the eyes of every single damn John Desalvo picture (thanks Fiona for the name – I’d forgotten it) makes me think he wouldn’t make much of a conversationalist. He would just gaze blankly yet lovingly over my shoulder the whole time so he’s out. Fabio – despite his overwhelming sensuality *can you hear the snort from here?) never (never ever never ever) has “done” it for me – as I keep telling my husband. Besides, let’s be serious here for a moment. Any guy who get’s felled by a bird is not the manly manly kind. So *till snickering at the remembered bird incident* Fabio’s out. Which leaves David Hasselhoff. Sorry to steal your guy Cindy, but he’s the winner. I think I pick him if only to knock him to the ground and demand why he inflicted Pamela Sue Anderson onto the world (sigh – yes I know she’s Canadian too).

Question number 5. I’ll have to ask for a reign check on this one – I will do it – promise!!! But I’m at work and they won’t allow me into many of the sites where I can find pictures that will undo the damage Cindy has inflicted on us all. (I'm trying to find one of Halle's beau as he is pretty fine). Plus I have to get this posted quickly so all of our eyes are spared.

'til later


CindyS said...

First, you are a fine lady for finally answering the questions because my eyes hurt from the pics at my blog!! I think I actually blushed a little when you said I had a crush on David Hasselhoff - oh wait, that was a stroke ;)

I'm horribly patriotic but Australia would be my answer also - funny thing but I think they are much like us in healthcare and government. I think it's the kangaroo and the dingo that got me all gooey.

My dreams are so vile - usually murderous in nature which is very upsetting. I can also have such realistic dreams that I can wake up and not know where I am. I still wake up and look around and think - oh thank God, I did get married and am out on my own!! (most of my dreams involve never leaving home or highschool - ugh)

Now you are the opposite of me because I didn't like to be the centre of attention - who knew Kristie was born for the stage!

Yep, I thought maybe DeSalvo but I think he may actually be too in love with himself so that would be a weird day - but maybe I would just read and he could go mope ;) Fabio - ugh - and his voice - double ugh. Hasselhoff - yeah - maybe he would be funny in a scary kind of way.

Thanks for playing Kristie!


Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: I thought the Hasselhoff crush thing would give you a chuckle.

And trust me - the only stage I've performed on was the little on in front our fireplace *chuckle*. I'm known as *the quiet one* among most people who know me. It's that shy thing don't you know.

And I think that's one of the appeals of Australia. Despite being on the other side of the world and having nifty accents, I think they are a lot like us - well, they have better swimmers now. But we were both members of the British Commonwealth - I'm not sure if they still are or not though. And we don't have some of the nifty animals they do. Although we do have beavers and moose and polar bears.

Anonymous said...

They are still part fo the Commonwealth, Kristie.

Oooh ... nice pix of the dudes.

Wendy said...

You forgot beer. Canada has great beer! LOL

Kristie (J) said...

Wendy: Aaahhh our beer - yes it is pretty good and how very wrong is it that we pay more for it here then you do in the US due to our nasty over taxation!!!! Arrrgggghhh

Ag: Thanks I wasn't sure if they still were or not. But didn't they dump the Queen as their head of state? We still have her here (as the head of state) that is.

Anonymous said...

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