Tuesday, May 23, 2006

And on a more upbeat note

Taylor or Katherine?

Katherine or Taylor?

I don't vote - I'm not even sure if we can here in Canada, but if I were able to and since Chris is gone now, my vote would go to Taylor.

And how lousy is it that it runs against the season finale of Lost. Well - Lost it will be though.

'til later


Kerri Wall said...

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor!

Otherwise, I quit. And I mean it this time! I will quit for good!


Valeen said...

Unfortunately we can't vote, Kristie. I've tried before. Uhm .. that might defeat the purpose of it being 'American' Idol now that I think of it. LOL

I'm at a toss up - I think Katherine has a wicked voice but Taylor did much better last night.

Kristie (J) said...

Now see - I didn't think we could vote either but I had a discussion with a neighbour about it and she said she voted before. I didn't want to argue but I thought to myself she must have meant she voted in Canadian Idol.
I think they both have great voices too but since *sigh* Chris is gone, Taylor just has such an appealing infectiouness about him. And he did get me way back when he played the harmonica when he found out he was 'in'.

Anonymous said...

It was very, very hard to get through to vote for Taylor last night. Constant busy. I only got through 10 times and that was 3 hours after the voting started.

Kerri Wall said...

I didn't get through until 11:17! And then only once.


Avid Reader said...

I didn't vote and could have but most of the people that I wanted to win, didn't so, I hope Taylor wins. He's a good guy.

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