Friday, October 10, 2008

I've been meaning to do this for a while!

One of the really great things about Blogger Appreciation Week, was the thrill of finding even more new or new to me reader bloggers. And I've been so excited to find some of them. I haven't updated my Blog Hopping sidebar for a bit - I always plan too - but I'm easily distracted. But I do have some of them saved as favourite so I can find them. Here are a few new or new to me bloggers

Barbara of Happily Forever After
Now I'm not just saying you have to visit her blog because I happened to be the lucky winner of a gift certificate when I suggested her friend Jen try the Stephanie Plum books. And again not just because I have a Very Strong Feeling she's going to be the Newest Crusader (she ordered North and South and plans to watch it this weekend - with her husband!) And it's not because she also just got a copy of Broken Wing and is going to read it. Nope - it's because her's is a great blog and I'm so glad I found it!!

Sayuri of Book Pron
She's another new-to-me blogger whose blog I love to visit!! She just did her first real review and may I just say she did a Great Job!! And the fact that she did it on Mr. Perfect - one of my favourite books, even makes it better. She's given some wonderful quote in there. Made me see again why I love this book.

Beth of Just An Average Carpool Queen (formerly known as Beth)
I love her blog too. Funny story though. I'm a 'jumper'. That means when someone comes up behind me, I jump! When I hear a sudden noise, I jump. She has a play list on her blog. I know this! Yet every time I visit, I jump when it kicks in *g*. And another odd thing about Beth's blog - she has two avatars walking and no matter what song is playing - fast or slow - the two avatar people walk in time to the music!! I don't know how that happens???? And she has 2 Keithe Urban songs on said list. Did I tell everyone I saw him in person? Yes, I know. I did. But it's fun to repeat it.

Lady of the Review of GoodBooks, BadBooks and Every Book in Between.
Now I don't know if you all know this - but this our own Kaitlin - only this is her review site. And while she changed her header AWAY from Richard (I know! I don't get it either) the one she has now is pretty darn good. I wouldn mind waking up to see him reading next to me!

Heather of Heather's Reading Romance.
She has quite a challenge she and some of her friends are doing. They are planning on reading the AAR Top 100 Romance Books. And since I've read over 90% of them, I'm looking forward to some reviews of some Pretty Darn Good books!!!

So that's just a few of my latest finds. I'll do this kind of thing again 'cause there can never be enough.
And in that vein - Wendy - Superlibrarian has an EXCELLENT post up at Romancing the Blog and some great advice for us reader bloggers.

(and update. I'm going into unchartered waters here. I just started reading Broken Wing for the third time!!! This is a first people)


azteclady said...


No, let me repeat: WOW

And *waving* nice meeting you, ladies!

Anonymous said...

Kristie, first let me say I'm happy you found me, it's great to have a fellow Lisa Kleypas Fan :) And someone always ready to give a great recommendation. (You can NEVER get enough of them) Word of mouth is huge in this business, authors are lucky to have someone like you on their side.
Second, wow, I'm very honored that enjoy visiting my blog. Thank You :D


Jace said...

Great job, Kristie. With this list, I'll be doing some blog-hopping soon. :-D

Amy C said...

I was hoping Broken wing would arrive yesterday, but the bookstore never called. So it looks like I gotta wait until Monday!

Wow, three times already! You've got me so freakin psyched for this book!

Wendy said...

Hey, thanks for pimping my RtB post. And yeah - update your sidebar LOL. I updated my feed reader the other day, mostly by grabbing new reader blogs off your sidebar and I missed these. Added them now....thanks!

Lady of the Review said...

Aw shucks. :) Thank you, Kristie! I feel so special now! he-he

Sayuri said...

Aww thanks or the mention Kirstie. I feel so honored!

PS. I too have bought Broken WIng. It's on it'd way now! Woot!

Heather's Books said...

I love Beth and Heather's blog. I have had them on my blog list since I started blogging. They make sure that I stay up to date.